Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Thank You For Touching Our Hearts Talia...

This precious girl, Talia Joy or better known as TaliaJoy18 on Youtube, battled cancer for almost half of her life. This little diamond of a girl, just made people fall in love with her, I know I did. With a spunky spirit that inspired people all over the world, she was an inspiration for those battling cancer and those just battling to get through their day. Her Earthly fight is over...and I hope she's dancing around Heaven.

When I got to finally meet Talia, I just wanted to put her in my purse and keep her! ha ha ha Her twinkling eyes and her little soul that was filled with so much determination and sparkle, a sparkle that will never be forgotten. As I read through our last conversation on facebook, I just wished I could've said so much more, told her so much more, but that's how it always feels when someone has been taken from this Earth before we're ready.

This world is full of  heartache, hurt, disease and disappointment. I literally felt like throwing up after seeing several awful, disgusting, and heartbreaking news stories involving brutal deaths of 2 little ones. This world is overflowing with sad and awful things, and heartache all around.

 Talia did not let cancer take her sparkle, cancer let her reach millions, cancer became her platform to touch and inspire people battling cancer and just battling life, to remember to, "just keep swimming". God can use what we think is a big problem, to be the very thing that will allow us to reach other's hearts. Talia reached many hearts and will never be forgotten.

I know when my dad was taken from this Earth last year, I wanted to run, fly, do whatever I could to just see him again, and I knew I wouldn't, until I went to heaven. Someone had written on my facebook that their grandma told them, "Sometimes God picks his flowers for Heaven, when they are at their most beautiful in bloom (on Earth)"...and remember how her loss, allowed her to comfort my heart with those words.

Talia is free from her earthly struggle,  pain,  fear,  and  any looming depression that pops it's ugly head up in life, no matter how positive or happy we all try to be.

I want to send prayers to Mattia, Talia's sister, and her mom, Desiree. I pray that God will wrap them in His heavenly comfort and hold them, with strength...I know the devastating pain of losing someone when you're not ready for them to go.

And you know, that in Talia's little spunk, she would not want everyone to be sad, she would want everyone to "JUST KEEP SWIMMING"...

I want to share something that comforted me and might comfort Mattia and Desiree:

"The Lord is near to those who are broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.Psalm 34:18

I know there are many people who have a lost a loved one, and I know that pain too, and we can live on in honor of that person, to live life more fully in their honor! To celebrate and be thankful for each second and minute we had to enjoy them.

Something I  gained after losing my dad, was that I could then, comfort others who had lost someone with the comfort I gained from the Lord, and share that wisdom and love with another hurting heart...
I remember when I was driving home with my dad's car full of the last load of his earthly possessions, with tears running down my face, I had the windows down to dry the tears and my face. A song came on the radio, and spoke to my heart, and became the song of my heartache over my dad...
I want to share it with you guys, it's called "Where I Belong" from Building 429. It reminds us, that this Earth is not where we belong, the things in it are not what's important,  it's our choices where we put our joy, our faith and our hope...and our real home, heaven...if we have trusted in Jesus as our savior:

Extra hugs to everyone reading this, and extra-extra huge hugs to precious Mattia and Desiree...we were honored to have known your amazing little sister and daughter. Thank you for sharing her with us all to love too!

And to finish on a funny note because I know that's how Talia would've wanted it....Talia told me this was one of her favorite videos I've made...the rainbow face video, if you wanna see it, click here. I'm so glad I made this silly video, even if it was just because it made Talia smile.

And always remember to "just keep swimming".....

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