Friday, July 26, 2013

View From My Make-Up Table

If you were a beautiful butterfly on my shoulder, because you know butterflies just flock to my shoulder, (inserting something from my highschool yearbook with a few JK...jk! And for those of you who don't know, that's Just Kidding), this is what you'd see.

I was filming a make-up tutorial for the makeup look in I had on in the How Get Flawless Airbrush Looking Skin Without An Airbrush Video!
So many of you gusy were asking for a tutorial for the look I had on, which is the current look that I can't stop doing! 

I love it, it looks so glowy and has a beautiful "nude, smoky eye", and the lip color is just like a mixture of all kinds of things, but you'll see it next week!

And this is all the makeup I laid out to do this look!
Yes, it's a lot of make-up, but you asked what I put on! ha ha ha
Sometimes I don't even do tutorials for looks I have on, because I'll used like 12 different shades for my eyes, from 4 different palettes, and to show in a tutorial that's just too much stuff! ha ha ha ha

If you missed the "airbrush" tutorial, you need to see it, it just might change how you put foundation on forever, without an airbrush too:

Happy Friday Hugs from your homegirl, Kandee


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