Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July Went A Little Something Like This:

 This was my festive red, white and blue outfit of the day...
*tank top I DIY-ed in the morning
*stars and striped bandana (I got at Zumiez)
*red slip-on Vans
*polka dot shorts that I can't remember where I got them, they are old

Ellie had on her Mini Harajuku dress I got from Gwen Stefani's collection for Target, which I bought last year and knew she'd fit in this dress one day! It's sailor/patriotic cute!

We headed to our favorite little town, Genoa for the Reno Philharmonic that was playing in the park. They played songs from some of my favorite old movies, like, An American In Paris. People sat with blankets and chairs, and brought fruit plates and cheese, picnics and our favorite was the ice cream truck:
 I had gotten 5, but as you can see my little "leader" already took hers for the walk back!

Ellie sitting with my grandpa (My mama's dad, and Ellie's great-grandpa) listening to the music.

Me and my grandpa...if only I had gotten more of his Danish genes, and had blue eyes! Who would've thought my Alani would get blue eyes like him!

Then we headed back up to the lake (Tahoe that is)...we stopped to get Rootbeer Freeze's and Milkshakes at The Snow Flake, drove around the lake a bit while Ellie took a nap in the car...

And look at the amazing Lake Tahoe sunset... it just kept getting more beautiful by the second...

We had some mexican food for dinner....and watched some fireworks...

Where did everyone else celebrate?!?

And if your day, was like ours, and filled with a heart that was missing a loved one, I send you extra hugs and love, your virtual best friendy, Kandee

If you want to see our "extra 4th of July Celebration" CLICK HERE TO SEE IT on my other blog KANDEELAND. (which is less about beauty and style, and more about my daily life! ha ha ha)

And if you wanna see a little of what it was like packing for the beach the other day, watch my latest video:


PS. I have a special Birthday Suprise video that should be up later today too! Check my youtube HERE to see if it's up yet!

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