Thursday, July 11, 2013

MakeUp Artist Secrets: Tips, Tricks, DIY & Super Products

Hi guys!
I'm going back to the old school Kandee, back to my make-up artist roots!
I've wanted to re-do and update some of my old videos and do some more "beauty basics" and tips and tricks videos...
And I thought I'd start with some "make-up meltdown stoppers", "picture perfect skin tips" and a flash back to some DIY home treatments that can make-over your skin!

#1. PERFECT SKIN IN YOUR KITCHEN- When life gives you lemons, make your skin look flawless! CLICK HERE TO SEE MY "SKIN DOCTOR: LEMON TRICK" video to whip your skin into the most amazing before and after, that you can feel asap!

#2. OIL SKIN DIY TRICK- Go grab some Milk of Magnesia.
Not only will this help with tummy troubles, but oily-face woes too!

*swipe it on wherever you have oiliness, or your entire face with a cotton ball
*let it dry- you might look a lil chalky, but that's ok, just put your primer, bb cream or foundation right on top and voila....oil be gone.

#3. PRIMER- it's the glue and the smoother, that covers up large pores, fine lines, wrinkles and all that not-awesomeness.
No need to be confused, a BB Cream is not a primer, but it will make your skin look amazing when you put it on before your fav bb, cc, dd, ee cream. (Just kidding, I totally made up the last 2, or did I!?!)

*I'm kinda' obsessed with the one shown here, at the moment, the Smashbox Color Adjust. For A drugstore option, I like L'Oreal's Miracle Blur, and I think I need to do just an entire video promoted to primers. Silicone, silicone free, etc.

#4. AIRBRUSH MAKEUP WITHOUT AN AIRBRUSH- I've been putting airbrush make-up on without an airbrush for years, because it looks amazing and light and almost like you have nothing on, but perfect skin! Comment below if you want to see a video on how to do it perfectly!
*My fav is Dinair Airbrush Foundation. I like the Dior Airflash, but it's just so stinkin' pricey!

If you want to set your make-up and make-it last forever (well, almost), this is the business! It' waterproofs, sweat proofs, everything proofs your make-up!
Not only was this one of Oprah's makeup artist's secret weapons, but I used to spray this on every bride's make-up I did, and they would even email me back, that even after an outdoor, Summer wedding, full of sweat, usually tears at their vows, dancing and who knows what else....
the would tell me the morning after their wedding, they would wake up still looking good!

This stuff doesn't mess around. I only like the sensitive formula though.

Now come hang with me as I explain some of these makeup tip-tastics, in my new MAKEUP ARTIST SECRETS video:

And hold onto your Caboodles, because I've got more BEAUTY BASICS, TIPS, AND TRICKS COMING UP!

*If you have special requests, too, lay em on me in the comments below!

PS. There will finally be a new video on my KANDEELAND (2nd channel) on youtube today!

Huge hugs and may your skin start to look better, just from reading this, your bff, Kandee

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