Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Ten Year Hair Cut

Yes, it's throwback Thursday, but this might not seem so throwback-ish.
Because this picture was taken about 10 years ago.
And right when it took me forever 10 years to grow my hair back....I go and cut it almost the exact same way! ha ha ha ha ha ha
Yes, this picture was also 10 years ago, if you can't tell my my same Boy Scouts Of America shirt, I was in love with at the time.
I got it at a thrift store or vintage store, I can't remember because it was 10 years ago...
I actually still have it.
Maybe I'll start wearing it again.

But there you have it, my "10 year hair cut"...ha ha ha ha

You have no idea how much faster I get ready now!

But as I wrote on facebook yesterday:
With short hair, there is no waking up with "sexy bedhead", you just wake up with "scary pokemon hair"!

pokemon in the mornings, kandee

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

3 of the Craziest Make-Up Packaging Ever!

Everyone needs a little fun added to their day...and these crazy makeup packaging...are pretty smile worthy!
#1. you gotta love the Paul & Joe Cat lipsticks! (I'm not sure how it would feel on your lips, but I just think it's awesome!)

#2. The Bootie Babe Nail Polish - as you can see, it's booty shaped nail polish! Bwaaa ha ha ha

#3. And if you didn't get enought Cat-ness with the Paul & Joe,  Tony & Moly have Cat Chu Wink , Cat topped lipstick tubes and lip glosses!
Would you buy any of these?
Or have you seen even crazier packaging...share below if you have!

Hope this added some fun to your  day....ha ha ha
Cat lipstick, kandee

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My video I uploaded Sunday:

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Hello Kitty Salon...yes it's true.

Hello Kitty hit the scene in Japan in 1974 and made her way to the US in 1976...where I would end up falling in love with her as a little girl, and so did millions of others around the world.

Now, I have a new reason why I'd love to go to Dubai. There is a HELLO KITTY BEAUTY SALON there...and I kinda would decorate my house after it! Just please look at the reception can bet your eyeballs that I will be pinning this picture under "home decor inspiration". The striped walls and those white chairs...ohhhhh man!
And below the area where you can get a "toe-tally perfect" pedicure...
 , or a "kitty-cure" for your nails.

And ofcourse, Hello Kitty towels....
 And what else would be sold but Hello Kitty makeup.
 You know, if I was a little girl (and I lived in Dubai) that I would ask my mom if we could go all the time...well actually, now I'd just take my little girls here all the time, well....if we ever went to Dubai!
ha ha ha ha
even if you don't like Hello Kitty, you've gotta admit, this is pretty cool...kinda, right?!?

hello hugs, kandee

PS If you wanna see my latest video, CLICK this LINKY.

Monday, February 25, 2013

2 Girls 2 Make-Up Looks in One

Have I got a special surprise for you guys!
I have my first collaboration video ever...with my awesome friend, Mindy of CuteGirlsHairstyles and her adorable, bubble, and precious twins, Brooklyn and Bailey.
Mindy, is the hair braiding genius behind the CuteGirlsHairstyles website, where you can learn how to do braids that you didn't even know existed as well as the cutest hairstyles to dazzle people everywhere! PS. She is the one who actually coined the name, Waterfall Braid! You will be amazed at all her cute braids and hairstyles! And make sure you go and subscribe to her youtube channel too: CuteGirlsHairstyles.
Now FYI, their names are revealed by me in the video! 
Now the world knows the girls names, and since they will be starting their own Youtube channel soon, now everyone will know how to find these 2 cutie-pies..the channel will be their names!
Now we wanted to do to easy, simple, cute looks, that were "Teen Friendly" we did two looks...
We did one Taylor Swift inspired look, wit brown eyeliner and red lips, and a more "Rihanna", but a "teen friendly, so it's a little less dramatic than normal Rihanna look, with black eyeliner and hot pink lips.

I want to send a huge thank you to Mindy and her precious girls Brooklyn and Bailey, for lighting up the video with their beautiful smiles and sparkling personalities...this was so much fun!

Now get ready to watch: 2 girls 2 ways... one edgy and one a little more girls and romantic...
First the Make-Up VIDEO on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL:

And now for the Hair Tutorial (and make sure to check out Mindy's, CuteGirls Hairstyles website and Subscribe to her awesome hair-torials!) on CuteGirlsHairstyles Youtube Channel:

And if you missed how to "ZAP a ZIT with 2 crazy items in your bathroom" CLICK THIS!

Huge hugs and hope you liked my first collab videos!

PS. Don't forget if you wanna see what's happening in Kandeeland, CLICK RIGHT HEE-YAH!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

WARNING: This Might Be Too Awesome For Some People

 When you see this beginning of this video you can't tell what this guy is doing...making some crazy drug or what....but what I can tell you, is after you've finished watching this video...
you will be:
and you will know everyone....feels like we all have at some point: like we aren't good at anything...

And that very reason, that feeling like everyone is doing what you're doing, or doing better, or that you're no the very reason that will make you do something different and in the process will catapult you in a new level of amazement..and that is where my friend, Ian Ruhter, who is taking the photography world to new levels with what he is doing, inventing and creating, but that's not even why this video is so stinkin' awesome.
 Whether you love photography, singing, writing, makeup, or whatever it is...
you will be so inspired after this roller coaster of a video...that I am so honored and proud to say, was made by one of my best friends, Ian Ruhter... He's being interviewed everyday, is being filmed for interviews all over the and see why:
now prepare to be watch this video that seems to end in seconds because it's so interesting, may I present, Ian Ruhter's Silver and Light:

He just released the next video in the series... and it's amazing, but be prepared it is pretty emotionally charged, Ian Ruhter's Death Do Us Part:

Ian is the one who took this picture, it's one of my favorites:
And I'm super excited and honored that we are going to work on a project together...I'll keep you guys posted when and what and everything soon...

And Ian did not ask me to do this, but I am, (hee hee) because I am his friend...if you want to buy a prints like these:

 and support him by buying a print, or liking and sharing his video...I just want to support someone making beautiful and inspiring art, in a world that normally just shows awful or disturbing, or things that aren't very inspiring...
if you want to buy one of his prints CLICK HERE:

And I hope his videos inspired you to day, to go after your dreams, or lit a spark of ideas in your mind, that may just change the entire course of your future...
don't let anyone, even yourself limit you, your future or your dreams...

Each set of eyes reading this, each heartbeat, each precious amazing and hear me saying that every day: "YOU ARE AMAZING! AND DON'T LET ANYBODY TELL YOU DIFFERENT! NORMAL IS BORING! REJOICE WHEN PEOPLE SAY YOU'RE WEIRD!"...your kandee

Friday, February 22, 2013

Pink Passports and Eye Candy Treats

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could order custom colored passports...this is not a passport, it's a passport holder, but I love it! (I got it at TJ MAX!) It holds 3 passports inside and your boarding passes!

Next eye candy delights....look at these Doc Martens (I saw this at the TOPSHOP on Oxford Street- it was the biggest Topshop ever- there's a restaurant in side, a hair salon, frozen yogurt and cupcakes, an eyebrow threading's MASSIVE!)

and then welcome to drabsville...
this is the colorless picture of me and the no make-up on my face
(yes, I instagrammed this baby)

Happy Friday everyone!!

Who didn't see the video I uploaded might come in handy one "zitty" day:

huge hugs for Friday....
and always remember:

"People who are not going after their dreams, will almost always discourage you from going after yours! Go after them anyway!"

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Emergency Hide A Zit Trick

SKIN 911! This is how to hide a zit, blemish, mountain of grossness, on your face when you're out and about....
See how good ol Zitster is saying hello on the LEFT...and then hide and seek, "zit where'd ya go?"...

And yes, I post pictures like this of me on the interweb. Yes, that's my zit, in it's bleeding, weeping, and swollen state, the night before I made this video. Yeah, no need to comment on how I look with no make-up, I see myself every night like that! ha ha ha
 So get ready to watch the video as I show you how to do a "vanishing" trick on your zit, but here's what you need to make a this disappear:
COCONUT OIL- I used it to not only soften the skin, but it will help repair and heal the infected skin, as well as fight the bacteria causing the zit.

TOOTHPASTE- any brand, but I used Tom's Peppermint Toothpaste:

CONCEALER- I used my RCMA palette 
(the reason I love RCMA is because it was designed for tv and film, it doesn't contain any lanolin, mineral oil, fragrance, or petrolatum - all which have been known to cause some pretty ugly reactions on the skin!)

AND any face loose, translucent face powder...

Now come let me show you how to hide those ugly beasts:

And if you want to see our KANDEELAND shoe make-over...CLICK THIS

huge zits, no......huge hugs, your kandee

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

like a postcard from London...

My "selfie" picture of the day... in London (well, I'm back on US ground now, but this was from the other day)
Oh London how I miss you and your cute taxis and red phone booths...and so much more...
And here's my outfit of the day, London-style:
leggings- TOPSHOP
denim  motorcycle jacket- TOPSHOP
and these boots gave me the worst blisters...
they are from Jeffrey Campbell (but I'm gonna try to stretch them out because they are comfy, but I just walked wayyyy too much in them) Because they are soo cute!

 How I miss you already London....
 I'm typing this back in the good ol' US of A.....
and I can't believe I was in London....I just wanted to stare at every detail....
 huge hugs from my lil' American self, back in my homeland....your friend, Kandee

Monday, February 18, 2013



Just look at the BEFORE and AFTER above to see the diff! And I covered up that honkin' big zit on my chin!

Now watch and enjoy...please enjoy the "non-editing I did at the end, enjoy my long rambling video's like we're hangin out:

(optional) a skin mattifier if you have oily skin

BB CREAM (I like L'oreal Magic Skin BB Cream)


LOOSE TRANSLUCENT POWDER: any brand will work

Enjoy the speedy-ness you can have and your skin will look amazington! (that's my new word for amazing!)

huge, I mean huge hugs, kandee


Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday things I'm loving in LONDON:

 ahhh yese, I'm in love with my "broken heart" shirt.....I got it at TOPSHOP the other day....
I am also quite fond go BIG BEN....
I just picture Wendy and Peter Pan (my favorite ride at Disneyland) flying around Big Ben...
 and my new ear-"candy" or ear-kandee, I try to cleverly use my "candy"-name-factor as often as I can...might as well use it now to make up for how much I got teased for my name when I was younger...ha ha ha ha
I got this at TOPSHOP too....
and no it doesn't poke into your head at all.....which I'm sure you were wondering!

Happy Friday everyone..from me and my spikey ear to yours...hee hee hee

If I can get im internet to pick up speed I was going to try to upload a new video tomorrow...we'll see it's like "1993 internet speed" right now.....

hugs, your homegirly, kandee

PS. CLICK THIS to see my kandeeland adventure of the day

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be My Valentine...

 Who's ready to let me hug them!!!???
It is that great day of chocolate hearts and lovey-dovey little cards and things....
but I say, you don't need a "special someone"...when you've got me to pout love out through the computer!!! Or you can have a special someone too, I'll still be pouring love in your heart!!! hee hee

BUT if you are in LONDON can let me hug you for real!!!

This was me on the train from Paris....(more pics of our day home HERE)

WHERE: The Westfield Mall in London (Shepard's Bush ) near the far entrance near the All Saints Store- just in the open area near the seating

WHEN: TODAY- Valentine's Day from 6:30-8pm

I can't wait to see and hug you all!!!!!!!!

And for those that can't be there, I send you tons of hugs and soooooo much love through the computer, more than any old Valentine's day card can ever describe!!!

And don't forget....I made this video so everyone could feel a little extra "prettay" on Valentine's Day...OR ANY DAY really....but at the end I tell you  my worst Valentine's Day..ha ha ha, enjoy:

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOve you today and every go share some love and kindness with everyone you see, your kandee

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

a little in love...with Paris good ol' pal Kandee, in Paris....

And only in Paris, would you find some beautiful CHANEL-esque "uggs"...the city that makes Uggs chic like this....
 And ofcourse I had to stop at every candy store and bakery....
and these are meringues (one of my other favorite treats)....
I ate a giant chocolate one before bed....hee hee hee
 and macarons....lots of macarons.....
oh Paris....your air feels gentle and romantic...everything is kissed with beauty...
I could stay here and live on eclairs and croissants.....
huge hugs and goodbye Paris....I shall miss you already....
 I heart Paris.....for reals!
eiffel towers and croissants, your "le kandee"

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Ahhhhh......we went to the Louvre....
and it was closed....and it was pretty cold! ha ha ha
My favorite new addiction:
(not a real person...but the cafe that has the best bakery...for ECLAIRS!!!!!)
and yes there was a Paul at the Louvre!
these were super-sized Macarons....
 and earlier I had to take a pic to show you guys all these phone cases......
 I have a hankering (and no self-control)...for more ECLAIRS!!!!

Oh, and yes I will be back in London on Valentine's Day, what better day than the day of love to get to meet you all! I think it will be from 6-8pm and details on location coming soon...either the Westfield Mall or at Jon Bell & Croyden (if I can still do it there) or if anyone has any brilliant idea, comment below!

Hugs bigger than the Eiffel Tower, your kandee

PS, CLICK HERE TO SEE  who was jumping all over the LOUVRE.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Bonjour Paris!

yes, that is the Eiffel Tower I'm pointing at...
As if Paris wasn't amazing enough...we arrived by train yesterday and it seems that everything  your eyes see once in Paris is such beyond lovely...
and when it was snowing, 
it was like "Paris in Snow Globe"! 
 How about a handful of Eiffel Tower for you!
My precious friend Frany and her sweet hubby Francois got us Cafe Eclairs.... coffee flavored of the most amazing thing I've ever eaten!
yes, the is the how I look when I'm chewing one of the most delicious things in the world!
 Paris is truly the most beautiful city I've ever seen...
you don't need to be in Paris with someone you are in love with...because you just fall in love with Paris!
Every corner, every detail, every building, streetlamp, the eiffel tower, even the trees with their dark black-ish bark, to the snow falling yesterday when we got here...
snow gently falling in front of a little Parisien carousel and in front of the Eiffel tower....
simply froze a moment of beauty from all time in my life...
and I felt like I was in a painting or a movie...
I can't believe I'm here...
I just keep saying, "can you believe we are in Paris!?!?"..."that is the EIFFEL TOWER!!!!".... and more things like that....
It is late here in Paris...and I still am not feeling 100% I'm off to bed... but I hope you have SWEET DREAMS...when you fall asleep later... croissants, crepes, and eclairs, your kandee

 If you want to see my video I only got one hour of sleep the night I uploaded..CLICK HERE.
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