Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My new hair and Pixiwoo!!!

 Finally I took a pic with my new shortest hair! ha ha Any shorter and it'll be with a razor! ha ha

And look at the lovely ladies in my picture!!!! Yes, I got to film with the amazingly Pixiwoo sisters, Sam and Nic. Who I just adore...their make-up skills are incredible and they are just the most awesome, sweet and genuine girls...we are now British BFFS!

If you want to see some of their awesomeness on youtube, click this!

They had cupcakes for us to eat...
And the space where we filmed was so beautifully lit with skylights, white painted brick, and the most beautiful shutters, I just wanted to move in there!

I had the best time filming with them! I'll keep you posted when our videos will go up!They were just so fun and sweet!

And back to my hair for anyone who was waiting to see it!
Here's me with my new, even fresher and shorter hair...on my way to blog...

a close-up, but not really of my face...and my "tomboy" shirt is kind of fitting  my hair....
I told you guys I was feelin' that Rihanns short-ness! ha haha Not the same Ri-ri cut, but shorty still.

London time I've already been up all day here...and going to film with more's like youtube bonanza over here right now!

hugs and love from me and my short hair (which I love....! It reminds me of my old short hair days, but then my hair was even shorter! ha ha) to you, your kandee who wishes she an accent from here

1 comment:

Allana said...

Lovin your shorter hair! I think you can pull off literally any hair style :)
Looking gorg as usual!


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