Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Ahhhhh......we went to the Louvre....
and it was closed....and it was pretty cold! ha ha ha
My favorite new addiction:
(not a real person...but the cafe that has the best bakery...for ECLAIRS!!!!!)
and yes there was a Paul at the Louvre!
these were super-sized Macarons....
 and earlier I had to take a pic to show you guys all these phone cases......
 I have a hankering (and no self-control)...for more ECLAIRS!!!!

Oh, and yes I will be back in London on Valentine's Day, what better day than the day of love to get to meet you all! I think it will be from 6-8pm and details on location coming soon...either the Westfield Mall or at Jon Bell & Croyden (if I can still do it there) or if anyone has any brilliant idea, comment below!

Hugs bigger than the Eiffel Tower, your kandee

PS, CLICK HERE TO SEE  who was jumping all over the LOUVRE.

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