Friday, February 8, 2013

I saw David Beckham...and some other stuff:

 This is what I look like in London with no make-up on...ha ha ha
And yes I did see David Beckham last night!!!
We were eating at a place called The Cow. No one got any pictures with him, but did talk to him...I was to scared to go with them...he did look much younger in real life!

 Pretty flowers and a cute little door...

I had tweeted out about doing a meet up today, but everyone said they can't make I'm going to do one next week, probably the 14th, is that a good day for everyone?!? Let me know below?!?

I can't wait to hug you all in person!

And if you missed it, you've got to CLICK HERE and get your hearts on for Valentine's day!

huge hugs and love and it's sunny here in London right now...hooray, your kandee

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