Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Emergency Hide A Zit Trick

SKIN 911! This is how to hide a zit, blemish, mountain of grossness, on your face when you're out and about....
See how good ol Zitster is saying hello on the LEFT...and then hide and seek, "zit where'd ya go?"...

And yes, I post pictures like this of me on the interweb. Yes, that's my zit, in it's bleeding, weeping, and swollen state, the night before I made this video. Yeah, no need to comment on how I look with no make-up, I see myself every night like that! ha ha ha
 So get ready to watch the video as I show you how to do a "vanishing" trick on your zit, but here's what you need to make a this disappear:
COCONUT OIL- I used it to not only soften the skin, but it will help repair and heal the infected skin, as well as fight the bacteria causing the zit.

TOOTHPASTE- any brand, but I used Tom's Peppermint Toothpaste:

CONCEALER- I used my RCMA palette 
(the reason I love RCMA is because it was designed for tv and film, it doesn't contain any lanolin, mineral oil, fragrance, or petrolatum - all which have been known to cause some pretty ugly reactions on the skin!)

AND any face loose, translucent face powder...

Now come let me show you how to hide those ugly beasts:

And if you want to see our KANDEELAND shoe make-over...CLICK THIS

huge zits, no......huge hugs, your kandee

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