Wednesday, February 27, 2013

3 of the Craziest Make-Up Packaging Ever!

Everyone needs a little fun added to their day...and these crazy makeup packaging...are pretty smile worthy!
#1. you gotta love the Paul & Joe Cat lipsticks! (I'm not sure how it would feel on your lips, but I just think it's awesome!)

#2. The Bootie Babe Nail Polish - as you can see, it's booty shaped nail polish! Bwaaa ha ha ha

#3. And if you didn't get enought Cat-ness with the Paul & Joe,  Tony & Moly have Cat Chu Wink , Cat topped lipstick tubes and lip glosses!
Would you buy any of these?
Or have you seen even crazier packaging...share below if you have!

Hope this added some fun to your  day....ha ha ha
Cat lipstick, kandee

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