Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Ten Year Hair Cut

Yes, it's throwback Thursday, but this might not seem so throwback-ish.
Because this picture was taken about 10 years ago.
And right when it took me forever 10 years to grow my hair back....I go and cut it almost the exact same way! ha ha ha ha ha ha
Yes, this picture was also 10 years ago, if you can't tell my my same Boy Scouts Of America shirt, I was in love with at the time.
I got it at a thrift store or vintage store, I can't remember because it was 10 years ago...
I actually still have it.
Maybe I'll start wearing it again.

But there you have it, my "10 year hair cut"...ha ha ha ha

You have no idea how much faster I get ready now!

But as I wrote on facebook yesterday:
With short hair, there is no waking up with "sexy bedhead", you just wake up with "scary pokemon hair"!

pokemon in the mornings, kandee

PS. I would appreciate it soooo much if you guys would go vote for me, I'm in 6th place, and need thousands of votes to move up. (you can vote once every 24 hours from different devices, cell phone, computer..if anyone has a people that could vote to help win, I know you guys can!) PLEASE VOTE FOR ME HERE! A million thank you hugs!

*I can't thank you guys enough! YOu votes yesterday moved me from 21st to 6th! You guys are so awesome! Thank you!

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