Friday, February 22, 2013

Pink Passports and Eye Candy Treats

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could order custom colored passports...this is not a passport, it's a passport holder, but I love it! (I got it at TJ MAX!) It holds 3 passports inside and your boarding passes!

Next eye candy delights....look at these Doc Martens (I saw this at the TOPSHOP on Oxford Street- it was the biggest Topshop ever- there's a restaurant in side, a hair salon, frozen yogurt and cupcakes, an eyebrow threading's MASSIVE!)

and then welcome to drabsville...
this is the colorless picture of me and the no make-up on my face
(yes, I instagrammed this baby)

Happy Friday everyone!!

Who didn't see the video I uploaded might come in handy one "zitty" day:

huge hugs for Friday....
and always remember:

"People who are not going after their dreams, will almost always discourage you from going after yours! Go after them anyway!"

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