Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I didn't even know what day it was....

due to my lack of sleep....confusion as to what day it was dropped on me like a 2 ton truck...
every night I've fallen asleep with lights still on and still in my clothes....that's what early morning call times will do to you...and late night shopping trips for the next morning.....
oh sweet production....I miss the whole crew of actors and production people...I made some great new friends...and I really miss not having to cook or clean up meals...Hot food served up at all appropriate meal times...and someone else cleans it all up! HEAVEN!

Here;s some pictures from all the fun to be had on set....shot near Squaw Valley, California... (the Olypics were held there many a year ago)....I miss everyone...and I miss running up and down the snowy mountains all day fom set to the trailer....and my snowmobile rides, and I miss all my new pals....here's me "pulling" a broken arrow out of Sandy Danto's chest (he does the best Chris Farley impersonation ever...he's really a stand-up comic-actor)..and everyone was yelling for me not to step on his Squibb (a bloody packet that explodes to look like a gun shot him)...ha ha ha

me and actress Monej Cruz....and Timothy V Murphy...one of the "bad guys"...he was the bad guy in National TReasure 2....I just that recently toome helping Special Effects Make-Up Master, Thom Suprenant, hook up the tubing and blood pump for the stabbing scenecowboy have to eat too...and wearing period piece sunglasses too!

I've gone over my allowed amount of photos...ha ha ha ha...i've make a sequel tomorrow!

Monday, March 30, 2009

back in black.....or pink

today is the first day I've logged onto my computer in a week!!! oh sweet keyboard tapping....
I'll post some cool pictures from the set and some rad products that I have become quite smitten with.....
and i;ll be back like arnold.....

Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's a Shirt Attack!

SO, this may be the last of the shirt-lessons, for now! (I 've got more ideas)
but I will be having a busy work week.....lots of hours for a short film shoot ...I'm gonna try to record a lot of videos tomorrow and then have them loaded so I can just upload them throughout the week....and I'll try to post pictures from the shoot...and me slaving away! ha ha ha ha ha
I've got some cute ideas for turning t-shirts into skirts, which I've already been donning! hee hee hee

so bust out your scissors...and away we go!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Shirts Alive! Shirt Cutting Part 3

Happy weekend!
Here's a lil' somethin' to keep you hands busy over the weekend...
You'll need:
1 ill fitting-or-lack-luster-shirt
Your body to model the shirt


And a quick shout-out to KYM for the awesome envelope decorations and the goodie package she sent me!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

2 NEW Hair Do's - pin-up and funky twist


so I found something really cool I want to share and tell:

this is by TIGI...it's the DRY SHAMPOO from the ROCKAHOLIC collection...and this stuff is so great!!!


if you don't want to wash your hair every single day...just spray this at the roots....AND HOORAY....it smells good and absorbs all the oil...leaving you with texture and volume..

because you know hair looks the best when it's a day dirty...

so on with the show...starring yours truly...one beauty school graduate...with a masters degree in teasing (teasing hair)! ha ha ha ha

what you need:

bobby pins - rubber band- hair spray (i used PAul Mitchel WOrked-Up working spray) and a creme styler (I used SEbastien's Crema Styler)


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Style: T-shirt Cutting How To (halter top)

make-up brushes down everyone....ha ha ha
scissors and shirts up...well not that way...ha ha ha ha

get your fav old t-shirt, a pair of sharper-than-the-average-scissor-fabric cutters.....and we're ready to rock n' roll......

and here's a bonus picture of your truly.....I call it.."this is how I blog, this is how i blog".....and in the morning...and with no make-up, and crazy mornin' hair.....

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cheerleading Championship Make-Up

this is an emergency request:
Joanna and her college cheerleading team need a look for the championships....so here is a fast, easy, and cheap look for competition and/or stage make-up...
which looks weird for everyday, but fun for show and the distance from the stage to the people who are far away in the audience....
the teams colors are red, white and blue...so here it is

and here's what colors

I used:
FACE: L'Oreal True Match Foundation in w4 Natural Beige
and Laura Mercier SEcret Camoflague Duo in S5
EYES:....golds (I used goldmine from MAC and kitten from Stila)
a steel-blue like (Knight Divine from MAC) or covergirl makes a great steel-grey-blue
black shadow....any brand (i used Carbon from MAC)
medium chocolate brown (i used Espresso from MAC) you can use it to shade crease and for eyebrows

FAKE LASHES: duo glue and ardell lashes..you can use 2 sets..one long one....and then a shorter fuller set on top..like the DEMI WISPIES

CHEEKS: a hot pink blush any brand (or use a cheap hot pink eyeshadow as blush!)
LIPS: red lipstick (NYC makes a cheap red), I used Russian Red from MAC
and a real shiny gloss...you can dab red glitter to the center of the lips too!

FUN GLITTER: dab lipgloss, highlighter, or concealer under eyebrows....and on cheekbones...
take gold glitter (like from the craft store) and dab it on the gloss or concealer..which will hold the glitter on like glue....with your finger

Knock em' out Joanna...and her team!!! Tell us how you did and send a picture of all you girls made up!!!!

CONTEST RESULTS ARE COMING UP....I GOT SO MANY PICTURES, I'm still trying to open all the files and see them!!! Everyone looks so great...I wish I could send everyone something, because everyone really looks fantastic!!!!
have the sparkliest monday of the month!!!! kandee

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bollywood - Arabic Make-Up

hi everybody!
here is the video I did to try this look out on myself before I had my BOLLYWOOD shoot....
this pictures I took don't fully show the details on her make-up but maybe when I get teh photos from the shoot, I can post em' up here....

here's what i used:
FACE: L'Oreal TRue match foundationin golden beige
laura mercier duo foundation in S5
MAC loose powder in LIGHT


Black waterproof eyeliner in ENGRAVED from MAC

ShadowSense by SenseCosmetics you can order at: http://www.celebritylipstick.com/


long lasting shadow from www.celebritylipstick.com in Sandstone Pearl

Urban Decay shadows in LAST CALL (dark sparkly plumb), GRIFTER (light glittery lavender)

MAC shadows in SMUT (dark-dark purple-blackish glitter) and CARBON (black)

MASCARA (L'Oreal Double Extend Tubes in BLACK)

LIPS:i have been addicted to this lipcolor for the last several days.....

it is long-lasting lipcolor by SenseCosmetics you can get it at http://www.celebritylipstick.com , and Kelly is wonderful!!! She picked out the perfect colors for me.....for a sexy nude mouth....then you put their amazing gloss on to seal the deal.....you will be a lipjunkie too if you try it!!!! (i used PINK LEMONADE in this video)

LipSense is amazing....i have been wearing it for the last several days....it stays on so stinkin' well....I slept with it on and woke up with it still on....no peeling or crackling like other brands....I used PINK LEMONADE & PEACHES and CREAM...they are my fav for nude colors..then you put this super-long-lasting lipgloss on....this is my new fav lip stuff!!...talk to KELLY at celebritylipstick.com)

YEAH..and I'm thinking maybe we can everyone vote who should be the winner of the contest...???? I'll post em all next....everyone did an awesome job!!!! wow!

Friday, March 13, 2009

in the closet....

today was a day....that left me lying in my closet staring at the ceiling....
cleaning my house like crazy....
not wanting dinner...
standing in the shower for a very long time...just staring out the glass wall...while hot water steamed up the room.....cause' I didn't want to get out....
I have a fun video for the BOLLYWOOD LOOK that I will post tomorrow...for sure...
just don't have anything left to do it tonight.....so check back...it'll be here..welcoming  you with glittery arms......

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bollywood Shoot


after...poor thing could hardly open her eyes with those gigantor eyelashes on....she had to work so hard to look up for me..ha ha ha ha

today I had to do some bollywood-inspired make-up for a shoot....

here is what I captured, so you could be the butterfly, on the wall with me....

I did a video for this look, but It's 1:15am, and it takes me a good hour to load, upload, type all the content...and I have a really big day tomorrow...
I'll get it crackin' tomorrow......
but here's some views from my camera...look at the size of those lashes..they look like the ribs that get placed on The Flintstone's car that knocks it over! ha ha ha ha ha

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

HELP and a big thanks!!!!

I wish I could really get the perfect words to say how much  my heart feels lifted up off the floor when I read your heart-encouraging, comments!!!! You all have no idea how much they mean to a girl named, Kandee......giant love and hugs bigger than a skyscaper......the kandiest of them all

I also need your feedback help....and especially since you guys, as my followers on here...are so marvelous...I really want to know what you think......

I am growing in this weeks series of events...my character is truly growing larger and patient....thanks for being so wonderful!!!!!
I love you all!!!!
oh...and keep the amazing contest entries coming! You guys have done sooooo great!!!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


dearest make-up loving diary.....
I meant to do a special request of Amy Lee from Evanescence, for a model who needs this look for a shoot......
I had a very difficult day....which required the most amount of tears to come out of eyes, in a long time....
which left my face, puffy and puffy, and red and watery...not a very good canvas for make-up....
I actually am going to have a very busy week, filled with some things that will be making my character grow.....like a mama eagle that takes her baby up in the air and drops it so it learns how to fly.....
I will be trying to post what I can for this crazy week...send your love and prayers my way.....I can definitely use them this week....
so here's YOUR MISSION if you choose to except it:
what you need to do:
send me a picture of you with a make-up look that you did from one of my videos...
tell me which video...and me and my panel of judges (ha ha ha) will choose the best one....you can post it on a photo response on YOUTUBE or post a link in the comments below!!!
I'll be posting the pics daily....
contest begins NOW....and will end
next saturday.....MARCH 14th!!!
I hot and precious item from Kandee's personal jewelry treasure chest....and/or a special lil' something from my make-up closet o' wonders.......
THanks everyone for being so amazing!!!! Giant love from my heart to yours!!!! 
Your favorite, won't stick to your thighs, candy...Kandee!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Kim Kardashian (Keeping Up With the Kardashian's E! Promo) Look

Hi everyone!!! I LOVE this look, this is one of my favorites, well, since after I did it!

It's a really sultry, sexy look!!!

Kim Kardashian's make-up artist Troy Jensen, used all Yves Saint Laurent products.....they are fabulous, but a little pricey, so I'm recreating it so it's a little less painful on the pocketbook!

here's the YSL products her make-up artist used:

what I used to recreate this look:

FACE: Laura Mercier Moisturizing Foundation - Golden Beige

Concealer in MAC Studio Fix NC-35

TO CONTOUR I USED MAC's STUDIO STICK in NC-44 (many shades darker than my skin color)

MAC Studio Fix Pressed Powder NC-35

Creme Highlighter Shu Uemura in PEARL or SHELL from MAC

Powder HIghlighter 10 from BENEFIT



eyeshadows...SHROOM from MAC (pale ivory-beige shimmer)

ESPRESSO from MAC (dark chocolate brown)

MULCh from MAC (dark brown-bronze)

CINNAMON from Estee LAuder (taupe-pewter) color

SIN from Urban Decay (glittery black)

CARBON from MAC (black matte)

LINER SMOLDER from MAC (black kohl pencil)

SUper Volume Mascara from THe BOdy SHop


angled brush and CHARCOAL BROWN eyeshadow from MAC

LIPS: Sephora Lipliner in #135 (pale baby pinky-peach)

lipstick from N.Y.C. in Chiffon (pale baby frosty pink)


above is how my own lil' eyes came out!

Have fun glammin' your look up with this hot look....if you have BROWN eyes...like me, this look will really make them glow!!!

Oh, yeah...I'm gonna post the CONTEST next!!!! yay!!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sexy Victoria's Secret - Adriana Lima Look

YAY! This is my first LONGER video...

so I can show you extra, fun tricks that I usually have to cut out!!!!!

There might be some ads popping up, but that's part of the deal with the longer videos!!

So here's the inspiration pics.....

here's just to show you, the power of make-up and good lighting....
no one has bags under their eyes in good lighting....
I still think she looks pretty without the make-up!

and here's the goods (what products I used)
FACE: laura mercier foundation (golden beige)
LM concealer duo in SC-5
MAC Studio Fix powder in NC-35
MAC creme highlighter in SHELL (pearly-pink highlighter)
and you can use BENEFIT's duo highlighter "10"
MAC blush in BLUNT (dark bronze-brown) and ANGEL (soft baby pink)
EYES: Victoria' Secret Eyeshadows in: SNOW DROP (a frosty white), In the Buff (light nude-ivory color), SILVER LINING (a silvery-light blue-grey-cloud color), and CHAMELEON BROWN (a chocolate brown)
MAC eyeliner in PHONE NUMBER (a dark steel-greyish color) or you could use dark brown or black
CARBON (black) from MAC
Black Mascara from The Body Shop
LIPS: lipliner in BUERRE from MAC, with a baby pink frost like PRETTY PLEASE from MAC or CUPCAKE from Victoria's Secret, and Victoria's Secret Shinning Kisses Lipgloss in EVA (a sparkly pale bubble gum pink)

I promise we are gonna get back to video voting!!!
oh, do you guys have any good ideas for contests??? I have some really fun goodies from "Kandeeland" that I want to give to you guys!!!!

Have the best day...smile it's the best gift we can give away!!! smiles and sparkles, kandee

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Emma Watson (Harry Potter Star) make-up

Hi Everyone!!!

I just got home from a shoot on the 23rd floor of a penthouse!!! I was so beautiful.....It makes me want a penthouse and a ranch in the country!!!

I'll try to post some pics from the shoot and the penthouse view that I was trying to sneak! ha ha ha ha

So here is an emergency request, by a lovely girl that has an anniversay with her boyfriend and wanted to know how to do this look!

It's Emma Watson, of the Harry Potter movies, it's a super-easy, look in browns...and yes,m I did wear it to my photo shoot, because I taped it right before I got in my car!

what you're gonna need:
brown eyeshadows (light reddish-browns to dark chocolate browns)
I used...
MAC shadows in MULCH(bronze-brown), CORK( med. red-brown), SOFT MED. BROWN(light reddish brown), VEX ( pearly lavender-patina), SHALE (pearly light plumb)
black mascara
lips...liner in SPICE or OAK (both pale nude colors)
CoverGirl WetSlicks gloss in SHIMMERSHELL
blush...Harmony (a peachy-brown) from MAC

enjoy, kandee...who is very tired.....must go dream a little dream!

hi everyone!!!

i just did a video that was an emergency request for a girl going on a special anniversay date...that wanted this pretty Emma Watson look....I did the video but I'm gonna have to post it when I get back from a shoot I'm going to right now....
It shoudl be fun....a highrise building with, I hope a glammmy look...it's for the cover of a magazine...so I'll try to sneak some pics to show everyone what my afternoon wa slike!!!!!
i feel like I get to take you all with me! hee hee hee hee...I'd need a reallyBIG make-up kit then!!!! ha ha ha ha
kisses and smiles to each and every, one of you!!!!!!!! kandee
I'm off and running!!!!! really!!!! ha ha ha ha

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How To Cut T-Shirts Part 2

hi to the bestest, nicest people in the world! You are all so wonderful!!!

my days have been totally lifted by your kindest of kind words! Thank you truckloads!!!

So, my gift to you is this Halter Top T-shirt Cutting Video....that didn't fit in the last one!

So get out your scissors and shirts and prepare to cut and style!!!!

Gigantic love to all of you!!!! I honored that you all want to see what I make!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

T-shirt Cutting 101 & my style inspirings

Thank you so much for all the kind things you've written to me....it has made my heart feel so much better! Kind words don't circulate enough...so I will thankfully soak up any and all kindness! Thank you so much....

Today kind of had some overwhelming moments...I really tried to be as positive as I could, but sometimes it's okay to just be sad...I had some tears slip out of my eyeballs today...some moments my sister made me laugh...and what's kinda funny is....in the t-shirt cutting video...the black shirt I cut up in the video....I was wearing that when I had my little car-smashing! how funny is that! so now you know what I looked like when I got out of my car that now has a new shape...ha ha ha

so here's the video I made....
you're gonna need some fabric scissors (or just really nice and sharp scissors)
a t-shirt that needs to be re-vamped, renovated, or redesigned
(my fav are thrift store shirts or ones that are ill-fitting and new a make-over)

oh yeah, I did another style shirt too..but it made the video too long...so I'll post T-shirt Cutting 101 PART 2 tomorrow!

thank you so much everyone for sending your love my way!!! I feel it and my heart is feeling like it got a huge hug!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

sorry everyone....

i know i was supposed to post the contest stuff....
i got into a bit of a car accident and totalled my car last night....i'm okay, thank God....but my day is a little busier than usual...ha ha ha ha
i can either laugh or cry...and i'd rather laugh right now....ha ha ha ha
i'll post something a little later if i can....have a great day...and drive super safe.....
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