Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's a Shirt Attack!

SO, this may be the last of the shirt-lessons, for now! (I 've got more ideas)
but I will be having a busy work week.....lots of hours for a short film shoot ...I'm gonna try to record a lot of videos tomorrow and then have them loaded so I can just upload them throughout the week....and I'll try to post pictures from the shoot...and me slaving away! ha ha ha ha ha
I've got some cute ideas for turning t-shirts into skirts, which I've already been donning! hee hee hee

so bust out your scissors...and away we go!


niea999 said...

This tee is sooo cute !

Have a good week and happy rest time also !

I can't wait for next video ^^


Aberdeen said...

I love these! I have really gained more skills in fashion, because these little shirt tutorials have sparked a passion for sewing my clothes again!

MUAH! Can't thank you enough!!

Aberdeen :)

Ariel said...

ahh theses are amazing ideas..i love all of your so glad i found you...i cant stop watching your videos....i was wondering if you had any good ideas for prom makeup?!? the last year you go is the one you wanna look the best at =]... and your the best person to ask so..if you have any tips or ideas that would be so amazing!!!
your the best!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kandee!
My name is Alina, I'm 22 years old and I'm from Portugal (a little country in Europe). I'm a hairstylist student.
I'm just writing to you to say how much I love love love your videos! I've allways loved make up, but since I saw your videos, I've been improve my make up. I can't get out home without my make up on.
I HOPE that you keep going with your videos! I LOVE THEM!

Top Notch Swatch said...

These t shirt ideas are great thank you.

ann marie said...

hey kandee
i tagged you (:
check out my blog

Anonymous said...

Hey Kandee!
I was wondering.. since you have a lot of amazing make-up videos, do you have any ideas or tips for redheads with fair skin? I'm a redhead myself so.. sometimes it's hard to find the perfect colours.
Hope you can come up with something. I would be so grateful. (;

Lots of love,

Karen said...

I love these tutorials :D Check out my blog ;D

Anonymous said...

Hey - I just wanted to tell you that I've just watched a bunch of your videos, and I think you are fabulous! Thank you so much for the amazing tips and tricks! I am a faithful follower from yesterday and on... :-)

Living Well said...

Hi! I love love love your youtube videos! They are amazing and so inspiring! I've truly revamped my whole makeup routine and skincare because of your fabulous videos. I was wondering if you would do one on Katie Holme's makeup on the cover of Glamour. It is so chic and perfect for Spring! Have a fabulous night!

Anonymous said...

Victoria Beckham Makeup Tutorial please

Jaclyn said...

Very economical! Can't wait for the next videos. Your makeup tips have improved my look a lot. Thanks so much for making your vids

Anonymous said...

i miss your videos :)

hope your having a good week !!


Vicky said...

Hey Kandee, i'm a big fan of your makeup videos. I'm brazilian and i'm starting a blog with all kids of tips for girls, and i was think of post some of your videos there (with credits and links of course). Is that ok?

Sweet Lemon Honey said...

Hi Kandee, I just came across your videos and they are amazing and very informative. I love love love your video so please continue what you are doing! After watching a bunch of them, I really think that you look like you're in ur early 20s or even less! If possible, could you please do a video on Nicole Richie look? Thanks for all the great tips!

Chazity said...

ive cut so many shirts lol
when do we find out who won your contest

Anonymous said...

Love your tutorials!
i have a request could you please make a video on fake tan? & what colour is you hair btw? xo'

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