Wednesday, March 11, 2009

HELP and a big thanks!!!!

I wish I could really get the perfect words to say how much  my heart feels lifted up off the floor when I read your heart-encouraging, comments!!!! You all have no idea how much they mean to a girl named, Kandee......giant love and hugs bigger than a skyscaper......the kandiest of them all

I also need your feedback help....and especially since you guys, as my followers on here...are so marvelous...I really want to know what you think......

I am growing in this weeks series of character is truly growing larger and patient....thanks for being so wonderful!!!!!
I love you all!!!!
oh...and keep the amazing contest entries coming! You guys have done sooooo great!!!!!


Anonymous said...

i just subscribed to your youtube channel and i LOOOOVE your videos.. you are so creative. it would be awesome if you could show us how you make jewelry/accessories.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kandee! I think it's fabulous that you might go into making makeup brushes. I recently went shopping for brushes at Sally's and also Michael's. Long story short the ones I got didn't work for me cause of odors from the natural brushes and the variety in the paint brushes. I think it would be perfect to have something in between though. I know I would love it. As for more videos, I've been loving your makeup videos ever since I saw one and have been hooked. I like that you are now incorporating other videos about crafts you do in your own styling. I think that's great and super helpful for people like me who's interested in trying new things. Keep those coming girl! You're doing super :) You are very fun to watch and super informative. Love ya! True fan here-- angrylittlelou

Anonymous said...

love the videos! ...but I'd reeaalllyy love to see very basic makeup tips, like general eyeshadow "rules" (if there are any). It'd be fun if you had tips for people with deep-set eyes, asian eyes, close eyes, etc. too.
Good luck if you decide to start a brush line! My favorite brush of all time is the small MAC angled brush (#22, i think)

Anonymous said...

i would buy your brushes as i use M.A.C And there shapes are not always very good also i think you should make and sell accessories , i love your style ..

katie x

Kristina said...

I would love if you did some type of beauty tv show! There's this one on YouTube featuring a YouTube makeup artist named Koran and a makeup artist named Eve Pearl that I really like expect I don't like how she only uses her products (I understand why but her products are expensive and I'm not going to go buy them probably). I'm not really sure what other kinds of beauty tv shows are out there; I love those fashion shows like What Not to Wear and stuff like that but I think you mean more beauty than fashion right? So I don't know what else to really say about the tv show aside from I'd totally watch it!

And for tutorials, I'd love to see a how-to make jewelry; i've always wanted to learn how to make my own.

and for your line of brushes: i'd love to see and i would most likely buy them as long as they're not super expensive (i haven't yet bought any MAC ones because they are a bit pricy for me). but just in general, if your gut thinks it's a good idea to start a brush line then go with it! 'cause we only live once. :)

Anonymous said...

i have been a subscriber to your channel for a while now, and i would LOVE to buy brushes made by you!!! Would like to say that you are incredibly talented, and it makes my day every time i see that you've made a new video!!!

cindra said...

You are amazingly talented person. I always get excited when you post a new video, so I'd love to see more. Yes to jewelry! I make my own stuff aswell, so it would be nice to see how you do it.
Much love to you!

Unknown said...

Girl I love you makeup video's, you have taught me sooo much. I would like to see more on like the eyeshadow application, blending or any tips on applying eyeshadow. I would LOVE to see you in making brushes! I have commented you to see which is your fav brushes and all, So hell yes I would love to see just about whatever you come up with, I think you are so very talented and please don't stop!!!!

Anonymous said...

can you make a tutorial on the Bollywood look? something similar to Aishwarya Rai, dubbed the "most beautiful woman in the world" thanks

Anonymous said...

Hey Kandee, I think the brush line is a great idea, but remember that many people have found companies such as crown brush that offer brushes at pretty rock bottom prices so if you have your own line, you would have to factor in investment, time spent, research, branding, marketing, packaging..if it seems feasible then go ahead. On the other end, there are so many high-end cosmetic companies that sell brushes at insanely high prices and do well to get customers, so that could work in your favour too! Good Luck and i hope your venture goes well.

bdimeglio said...

Hey Kandee!

That would be so awesome to come out with your own line of brushes...and maybe your own makeup line?? ;) I would buy everything!
I would love to see more videos!! Here are some ideas I have:
-Different hairstyles techniques/cool hair accessory ideas
-I would love to see one on brushes you presently use and love
-Jewelery/accessory-making!! This would be so awesomely amazing :)
-Your favorite finds at lower-end shops (Walmart etc)
-Anything style-related: cool and unusual outfits/layering...
-I'd love to see a video on how to correct under eye circles (purple/blue undertones, and very dark circles that end up looking ashy when trying to conceal them...)

I think you are absolutely fantastic! Since watching your videos, you have rekindled my passion for makeup and thus sort of redirected my future professional plans, so I can't thank you enough! I am so excited to see your new videos, you're such a fun and lovely girl!


Anonymous said...

i would love to see some hair tutorials like loose feather wave i dont know but i would love to see how you do different hair styles. Also how about a hair story video like the what products you use, hair colour and how you keep it healthy etc. Just giving you an idea! & btw thank you so much for answering my question about really red lips! xo'

Anonymous said...

I think your videos are awesome and helpful! You have a bright personality that makes people smile!!! I have learned SO many tips on make-up by watching your daily videos......thank you for supplying them to us :) As for brushes, I currently purchase mine from Michaels....and have had pretty good luck with them. I try to stay on a budget, especially with my make-up products, because Lord knows I love the stuff!!! LOL

Is it possible to maybe do video's on models showing tips, techniques and colors that enhance certain eye colors? I would be very interested in seeing your suggestions for grayish/blue eyed ladies like myself :)

I look forward to visiting your blogspot every day, just to see your latest post and or video's. Your cheerful personality is magnetic :)

Best to you,

JamieRebecca said...

i'd love to see style videos!! jewelry, makeup, and clothes! include ur friends!! love that idea! honestly i'd love a self tanner detailed video. i've bought some but i'm scared to try it! and anything twilight themed! yeah i'm one of those dorks!

WinterBlossom said...

Hiya. I found your blog and then your videos not that long ago. I LOVE your videos. They are by far up there as the best on youtube. You've already taught me lots of helpful tricks, shown me new things to try and suggested lots of cool prducts, and I've only watched a few so far!. Thank you! I know making vids takes time and effort so I'd really appreciate any more make-up vids you did. I'd love to see some with bright colours and perhaps a bit more "wild". :) I'm sure the brushes would go down well. If you use any drugstore make-up would love to hear your opinion of those kind of cheaper products. thanks. :) xxx

♥ KiKi said...

I would def. buy your brushes. I am constantly looking for the perfect brushes. I love your videos, and I love seeing your makeup looks sometimes I can watch them over and over they're awesome. I also loooooove your anchor necklace its beautiful I think it would be cool to see how you make your accessories. Good Luck!!!

Anonymous said...

I would love to buy your brushes but I'm not from the U.S so unless you'd go international, they'd be out of my reach :).

A suggestion: any hair tips for girls with blunt bangs. I feel pretty limited hair-wise because of them but i love love love them so I'm not getting rid of them any time soon :).

xoxo, M

MsRitaJanay said...

I really love the ideas you have! ALL of them, theyre great! You should definately do the jewelry and t-shirts too! Im always trying to find more creative ways to wear the t-shirts that ive had for awhile and NEVER wear lol!

Anonymous said...

OMG I would love the idea of new brushes. Its so frustrating, I have different brushes from different companies and the hair falls out, or they are not very soft. So keep us updated if you decide to go that route. I would definatly be interested in trying them out.
As for video ideas, if you could do some more hair styles (rockabilly, pinup) and more fashion ideas, that would be awesome.
Also if you could do maybe a 2 part video one with a Gwen Stefani hairstyle and then makeup. That would be great.

I just want to thank you for all the time you put into these videos. It helps us kandee followers so much. I tell everyone to come to your blog, I love it!!! Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

I defiantly agree! I am SO interested in a makeup brush line from Kandee!!! I'm so excited. I'm a freelance Make up artist in little ol Utah haha And you're tips have helped me SO much. You and Kevyn Aucoin have brought me to where I am today. Thank you so much dear! hugs and kisses! You're amazing! Stay gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kandee,ok so here is some ideas from me :D
1.Make up brushes could work,I like i.d bare brushes,Sephora brushes but I own only one or two..The other brushes I own from estee lauder I got them with special promotions but usually bloggers do not have so much budget to spend on make up they usually go for drugstore items..So what will ur brushes price range or quality ru gonna own a shop or sale them only online..Share with us more details about what u have in mind.Love u XOXO

Anonymous said...

2.I like Tim Gun's make over show so maybe u can do something like that but more make-up look related :D

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of a new brush line. I'm always so worried about the animals that are used in making my brushes and you mentioned looking into their ethical treatment. That would be sooooooo amazing! My favourite make up brush is my Laura Mercier smudge brush. I love that thing! Thanks so much for all your videos. I look forward to them every day! I'm obsessed with all things beauty, hair and make up related so they're always my faves but I do like your styling tips as well. I'm still super looking forward to the video you mentioned doing on how you organise your pro kit. I'm forever trying to perfect mine! R xxx

Jamie said...

Hi Kandee! I totally think that you should make your own line of brushes! I mostly have MAC brushes but since I lost my job a few months back I have been on a serious budget so I had bought a couple Sonia Kashuk brushes at Target and to my suprise they are pretty good brushes. I am sure you have already researched them but if not you should.

The tutorial I would love to see is how you make jewelry. I was making earrings a while back but I ran out of ideas and I was limited on what I knew how to make. So please broaden my horizons you are so much more creative than I am! haha! Anyways have a fantastic day! I cant wait to see the videos and your new brush line! :-)
PS. I would totally buy your brushes! :-)

Anonymous said...

I would totally buy your make up brushes!
i have to agree with ahchappar & d0bbyssock (on you tube)
i love ur shirt videos too i cut up like 3 and add my own lil twist in the back lol. It would be awesome if u came out with your own make up line as well n_n i would totally dump eBay lol && the T.V idea sounds great it could be a how to T.V with multiple How to like in shirt wise,make,tricks to fix or do things,accessories xD
love yah kandee

Anonymous said...

We need more colours!
I love neutral colours but its nice to use some colours too and would like to see a wider variety of looks with different colours.

The ideas of having a bit of a basic skills tutorial would be very beneficial. Outer V's, creases etc.

Kandee brushes would be super! I know its kinda a nice idea of having so many brushes for everything. But I would like 1 flat shader, one for blending another for this and that. So you dont have to carry 100 brushes with you if you know what I mean.
Im from Australia so I guess going international may not be on the books as of yet.

Anyways, thanks again.
Maybe some looks inspired by some more darker skin tone ladies?

Much love, Karen

Aberdeen said...

Brushes? Why not? It seems like there's a definite niche that needs to be filled.

As for your videos, it seems like you have loads of good ideas to pick from, and I'm indiscriminate!

I guess I LOVE how-to videos of any kind, especially if you're doing it.

I'd like the opportunity for video responses instead of posting pix in the just seems a little more natural flow of info.

Maybe more people would be involved and that would be cool.

I love everything you do! I'm your biggest fannnn!!!!

Anonymous said...

Makeup brush idea is great!
Here's what I want to see in the market:
-100% cruelty free & eco-friendly
-Distinctive packaging, not just another old boring black, natural or cheap plastic handle. Something we can totally identify you with. Someone on YT mentioned Ed Hardy-ish I think. I think that's great idea. Like some kind of wild etching or something that goes with your image.
-Permanent portion of sales donation to charity.
-Good quality is must.

Obviously the cost is important, but I think people will pay the money if they like what they see and they know what exactly they are paying for.

I'm no makeup brush expert. You obviously need to do a lot of research and work, but people already love you. Set your goal and I'm sure you'll do great. We are here to support you. Only thing I caution you from doing is that if it's makeup brushes, just do makeup brushes. I'm sure once you become established you can pursue other means, but I think you should go ahead and start with one signature thing and really get known for it before you do anything else.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kandee!
I love your videos. You should continue the pin-up make-up look. Do more hair and style videos too. I heart them all.
I would be interested in your brushes. It really depends on how much they would cost though. I was actually just looking at brushes on the internet yesterday (I need some more eye brushes) on crown brushes web site, just because they're inexpensive. I would love to buy some better quality brushes from MAC or someplace else, but I'm a student and therefore, am poor. I guess what I'm saying is that price is the biggest factor for me, but if you're brushes fit into my budget I would buy them.
I hope I helped! Keep making videos because we love them!

Anonymous said...

As far as brushes go...
I am always on the lookout for good brushes. However, I'm not really interested in "mass produced" brushes like private label resale or wholesale-quality brushes (someone mentioned crown). While I definitely think those things are good for the price (other than some people marking them waaaay up) - I think the market is glutted with mass produced brushes right now.
As for video suggestions - I'd love to see some lessons on the "anatomy" of a makeup look. For example, how to pick shadow colors/finishes that go together (lid, crease, highlight, etc.). How to pick good colors for your skin/hair/eyes. How to accentuate different eye shapes. How to pick blush colors. Stuff like that. Basic stuff, but it can be demonstrated in a unique way.

Anonymous said...

I'd love too know more about face primers. I'm a sweater and I always end up with out any foundation at the end of the day.

&& I'd also love to know what eyeshadows work for my dark brown eyes and my medium complexion.

I'd love the brush idea ... go for it.

Anonymous said...

**SPRING BREAK HELP!!!** Can you do a video on makeup and hairstyles for the Beach. I hate going to the beach with no makeup and a plain ponytail because we always end up going straight to dinner or to have drinks and I feel frumpy! Also, I have seen alot of celebs wearing accessories with their swimsuits and I want to spice it up. HELP!!

Anonymous said...

Do videos of yourself shopping in the thrift stores - like what you look for and then we can really get the "before and after" effect. I go into thrift stores and get overwhelmed and don't even know what to look for but I know there are tons of "treasures!"

Anonymous said...

i absolutely love your videos - i really think you need to keep making them!! your makeup tutes are so much better than the majority of ones on youtube & i'm always really excited to see what you do next!

I think you should keep making makeup vids, inspired by celebrities, movies, new makeup collections; your tutorials are amazing, and you need to keep making them!
plus, how about reviews of new or interesting cosmetic products? like the way people make haul videos, but from a pro's point of view?

as for the brushes, I think this is interesting, but i'd be more interested in makeup itself - maybe there's a makeup item you could start with and go from there?

also, did you hear about lauren luke in the UK? she's on youtube as panacea81 i think, but she literally started churning out how-to video after how-to video (inspired by celebs, music videos etc), and now she's just been given a beauty column in a national newspaper here, and is getting her own makeup line!
I think the key is that if you keep making videos and making videos, they're so good that once your following is big enough, the people with the money will come look for you, so you won't have to take a financial risk at all! If you got this many subscribers in such a short period, think what would happen if you were making videos more often!

Just my two cents - but KEEP GOING, you're fantastic!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I would love to see how you would do a Barbie make up since you do such great work :D
My name URL links to a great Barbie pic that it would be so cool to see your take on!

You rock!

kss328 said...

Hi Kandee,
I happened on your videos by accident and really like your style. You are a great role model because you show that fashion should be fun, and style, individual. I used to be part of the fashion world in NYC, and admire when I see this. Your personality is so bubbly and friendly, there is no question that you love life and have joy in what you are doing. I think you should continue to do videos and expand into other areas of style and fashion, not to lead but to inspire, which is your way. Many cosmetics companies got started with few products, and perhaps a limited range of brushes is your beginning; it does sound like you have done extensive research to add to your working experience. Every success to you... you go for it!

kss328 said...

Hi Kandee,
I happened on your videos by accident and really like your style. You are a great role model because you show that fashion should be fun, and style, individual. I used to be part of the fashion world in NYC, and admire when I see this. Your personality is so bubbly and friendly, there is no question that you love life and have joy in what you are doing. I think you should continue to do videos and expand into other areas of style and fashion, not to lead but to inspire, which is your way. Many cosmetics companies got started with few products, and perhaps a limited range of brushes is your beginning; it does sound like you have done extensive research to add to your working experience. Every success to you... you go for it!

kss328 said...

Hi Kandee,
I happened on your videos by accident and really like your style. You are a great role model because you show that fashion should be fun, and style, individual. I used to be part of the fashion world in NYC, and admire when I see this. Your personality is so bubbly and friendly, there is no question that you love life and have joy in what you are doing. I think you should continue to do videos and expand into other areas of style and fashion, not to lead but to inspire, which is your way. Many cosmetics companies got started with few products, and perhaps a limited range of brushes is your beginning; it does sound like you have done extensive research to add to your working experience. Every success to you... you go for it!

Jenna said...

Hey Kandee, would you be able to show how to create Leighton Meesters look from Gossip girl, she always looks so radiant without great amounts of like coloured eyeshadow etc (which i don't like using!) I love your videos, i've purchased far to many new products on the back of them! :) Jenna Xx

Anonymous said...

Hi, I subscribed to many make up artis's videos on youtube but your videos are the most detalied perfections I have ever seen. I especially like your last video when you precisely explained where to use concealer, highlighter, brownser powder etc. I would like to know more about the brows. After using the eyebrow pencil or a little eyeshadow, do you use anything to fix it? Someone mentioned that she uses hairspray but I would like to hear your opinion.

thanks for your videos and please do more smokey eyes. I am having trouble finding my "outer v" so I always look like as if someone gave me a punch.

kisses from Hungary

Anonymous said...

Your THE BEST, AWESOME, COOL, FANTASTIC, #1.....UMMM you get the point. The brush idea is fantastic I would love to buy your brushes being that I trust your opinions so much and a veagan brush would be great. I would love to see more makeup vids althoug I do like that you put a spin on things. For your show maybe you could give people celeb makeovers. HUGZ AND KISSEZ!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kandee, I've been watching your vid's for a few weeks now randomly came across one while streaming youtube for how to do faux-bobs...anyways I love your vid's very informative..even gotten a few compliments on my make up and hair thanks to your tips...So yeah I came across your latest vid and to answer your question(s) as I was saying before I came across your vid from youtube and I don't know if you'd be interested but for hair tips when I found the faux-bob it was and the guy gives a lot of info on how to do celeb hair styles or just day/evening looks in easy steps...However I really liked your faux-hawk which I tried and my bf LOVED...I'm very much into eighties stuff and you bring it back with trendy twist which is amazing!!! So um, yeah for vid ideas anything style wise or hair wise any tips and tricks on getiing funky accessories vid would be kool I love trying out your tips..And lastly I'm all for the make-up brushes I actually have 1 which I cut out from a paint brush and use it all the time and I'd like to have a set that comply with your values on animal cruelty and stuff and also would make it much easier to follow along with your tips...OK one last thing just an idea you could always post a few things of yours on auction perhaps open a ebay page to raise money for your investment, but just an idea...cause as you said you used to make jewelry and I'd be interested in purchasing some if that helps towards your investment...
(first comment just making sure I said everything that needed to be said thanks for reading)

Onna said...

OMG Please do everything you have just said! You're so goo dat what your do and u always have awesome Ideas! I would love to see a tv show with you! My favorite shows atm are 90210 the city and the hills! I love the fashion hair and make up on these shows I think they are fab! I think doing a line of brushes would be awesome! I would definitely buy them!!! Thanks for all the videos you have done - but please do a natalie portman make up look! Also I would love to see more hair style and jewelry videos - thats sounds awesome! I entered your contest - thanks for doing that! You've really inspired me -I want to become a make up artist so badly - I have had such a tough year and I haven't had a passion for anything but now I really want to do this so anymore help on that would be great as well! thanks!

Have a great day!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kandee!

I love watching your videos on youtube. I find them so help. I normally don't comment (I know, shame on me >_<) but I couldn't help but comment this time.

I've been watching your youtube videos since you first got started and I'm really happy that you've received quite an amount of subscribers. However, at the same time, it's best to take caution. If you want you makeup brushes to sell well then you should wait until you receive more fame on youtube. Even now, there are many people who are unaware of your videos. So you should wait a while. And in that time, you should use the help of your friends to deliver high quality videos. The reason why you haven't skyrocketed in the "youtube super fame" is because the lighting and the low video quality makes it difficult to see your true abilities. Although I can't clearly see how your make up looks like, I have extreme confidence that they are superb. Yet, some people are not sold. I assume your friends in TV/Film may have better equipment for you to use to really broadcast your skills.

Additionally, it's also very important to budget wisely. Although, I know you love your subscribers and followers, don't make the brushes if you won't make much profit out of them b/c that'll hurt you in the end. You should ask a consultant and plan the costs (EVERY LITTLE DETAIL) and benefits. Furthermore, it's extremely important that you research your competition. MAC brushes are of great quality but with pricey tags. Yet some are willing to pay for them because they're durable. You want to build up your reputation and your brushes too. Definitely make sure that your brush design is top notch and the quality even better. Ask your fellow makeup artists on what kind of brushes would they like to see and your viewers too. And perhaps you can ask to get featured in a magazine or get connections so you have more publicity. For instance pancea(I forgot how to spell her username) is very lovely and has major advertisement through BBC.

Overall, PLAN WELL.

Hope everything goes well!

- amyamyaims123

Anonymous said...

hey lovely,

I think that the you making your own line of brushes is an AMAZING idea. You know so much about make up that it just shows in your videos, and you are by far the best guru in youtube, so i would def. buy them. All i would request would be good quality but not as expensive as MAC.

Also please more styling shirts videos, the 2 you made were so very helpful :)

also maybe a favorite product of the week...were you tell us,,what you think of the product, like a mini haul video or something of the sort.

and of course since your my fav make up artist, more make up videos.

but most of all

Jewelry making videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) that would be greatly appreciated!

your amazing!! :)

Anonymous said...

Kandee, your makeup and hair looks so good! I would LOVE for more makeup videos, because they are of course my favorite, but also more style and maybe even a jewelry one, because I LOVE the anchor necklace you made! Also the tv show thing is really cool, and so is the idea of brushes. I love my MAC ones, but they are so expensive! You're doing a great job and I appreciate the better lighting in the more recent videos. So keep all of it up, girl, its fantastic. PS, I've been saying prayers for you, if anyone knows about going through tough times, its me, so hang in there babe!

Anonymous said...

I would love it if you could re-create the holly madison look from the girls next door. Her makeup is good and I would like to see that. But what I would really love to see is how to get that hairstyle, with the ringlets at the bottom and smooth on top. Also, what is your opinion of Cinema Secrets and mineral cosmetics like frontface or fyrinnae? Also what do you think of Paula Dorf's aka Cosmetics Cop?

Anonymous said...

Totally go for what's on your mind. I think that would be a great thing to do to get out there. I would definetly want to buy brushes also think about those who cant afford the MAC prices of brushes. About the channel you should continue doing the make up stuff, add a bit off fashion, tips and tricks. Anything GIRLY. Even the jewlery designs.
Wish u the best

Anonymous said...

hey kandee
i love your youtube videos personlly i would love to see more hair and t-shirt ideas even thought i love your make-up videos. can't wait to see what you come up with!!!!!!!!!!!

Kat said...

Kandee you are the bestest! Thank you so much for your wicked awesome videos, they help me so much. Ok, so now for the answers to your questions...

1. I would sooo buy your brushes!! Brushes are something that totally frustrate me -- they cost so much, there's so many of them, and most times I don't know which one to use. Help!!

2. I vote for more make-up and hair videos (maybe Gwen Stefani? and more pin-up stuff!), but I'd also like to see other style type videos. And if you could tell us things like your fav new products or old classics, that's helpful. Oh, and I know it costs $$$, but a better camera would help us see exactly what you're doing in the videos -- a lot of times it looks all smudgy and off color.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and time! You have such a beutiful spirit, it really shines through. Not to mention the fact that you're a total knock-out :) Loves ya!!! Mwah! xoxo

Anonymous said...

More hair and clothing videos would be nice. I would love anything really :) Everything you have shared with us so far has been a great help and I have learned something from every video.

Unknown said...

hey KANDEE!!!

I have became your #1 fan. Not kidding. I can't go a day without logging into my youtube account just to see if you posted a new video it has become a daily routine. I know im crazy but I love make-up and that's what I want to become A MAKE-UP ARTIST.. I would always do all this research on tutorials until I came across yours I haven't done any more research. What you do is amazing you have so much talent.

About the BRUSH idea.. I think it's great and you should def. go for it. I would totally buy them if they're not that expensive. I also have a suggestion if you want to look into it, maybe you should make your own make-up palettes and sell them as well I know I would be very into that i love searching for new colors to buy.

I love your style, personality && all the knowledge you share with everyone. You are great.


your #1 FAN (hehe)CATALINA

Nancee fan of Kandee said...

Hi Sweetie, in my research to find a good brush I founf that most of my friends and family all have the same problem... they don't find what they need or they are just too expensive... so if you can make good brushes for a good price count me in for at least 15 sets... I'll buy them for my friends and family. You know the best advertising is word of mouth so it will get out and you'll have a high demand for them. I love your way of teaching us and you make it so simple. I would love to see some chunky jewelry done, maybe bracelets, rings and necklaces. ALso maybe a video dedicated to the art of contouring and if you need a model I'm close by in the 310...

ta, ta for now

Jill said...

I love your blog!!! I love all the makeup tips and tricks. I totally think you should make brushes!! I like mac brushes the best and I have tried others that I am not that big a fan of. I would love to see a brush that you designed since you work with them so much. I love all the post just keep them coming!

One question, in one of your videos you had on an anchor necklace, where did you get it from?

Anonymous said...

hi kandee!

i think coming out with your own line of brushes is a great idea!! who knows brushes better than a makeup artist? i think a set of high quality, affordable brushes packaged in a cute and eyecatching way would do so well! :)

i also wanted to know if you could do some more makeup videos! mebbe something inspired by Barbie by MAC, classic pinups like jayne mansfield or a young elizabeth taylor, and because i'm asian, an asian look :)

thank you!
xoxoxo y :)

p.s. i'm a jewelry designer as well... i'd love to see your designs!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kandee! I would definitely support you in buying your makeup brushes! I love all your videos and I trust you with your skin tips, hair, and makeup knowledge :) Anyway, I would love to see some more funky but wearable hairstyles and t-shirt cutting! I loved them have been trying them out :)

Anonymous said...

i would definitely love to buy your brushes, as long as they are avialable for a fair price :)
good luck i love your videos!!!

Anonymous said...

Jewelry making YES YES! I am so trying to learn to make bracelets, cuff style or bangle bracelets---but any jewelry making advice or instructions would be great!

Green Lady said...

Hi Kandee! I just started following your blog and watching the youtube videos and I love them! Great Job! I am going to be going to Costa Rica soon and I don't want to take a huge amount of cosmetics and such, so I was wondering if you would have time to do a video on a fresh makeup look. What products do you think would be good to take to a tropical beachy location that would have long stay power and a natural look? Thanks so much for all the videos thus far! They are very helpful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kandee... Would love to see how to make jewelry. When u did the video of our closet and were talking about all the pieces you made, I was sooooo impressed. Would love to figure out how to do that. At the moment I am in love with statement pieces - big and bold colors (like the yellow anchor necklace from your video). Hope to see some videos soon Take care and a BIG thank you as always for all the fab advice!!

Anonymous said...

Kandee you are so sweet, I love to watch your videos as your excitement and enthusiasm really shine through, it's inspiring! I would love to see some brushes from you, something good quality with cute, funky, Kandee style handles would be fab! I would love to see some more jewellery and style videos as well as makeup too. Thankyou! Rhiann x

Anonymous said...

yes yes yes ive always wanted to know the insight on brushes.the different types of hair, shapes and y its so important and what r the benefits of specific brushes.thank u thank u thank u.

Anonymous said...

Surely i definitly buy your products... i love your videos, i love your makeups.. i use lot black dresses etc... so i love to see a basic black makeup.. i like a drmatic type but not to much... Girlll you rockk. seriouslyy thankss a lott for all the videoo..

kingdom said...

hiiiii!!!!i looooove your make up!!!you've helped me a lot..I'm a make up artist and I work for Bobbi Brown!I really love the make up old porcelain dolls had!I do it on myself (red hair helps)'s so theatrical..I want to see how you would do are amazing!thanx so much!kisses!!

Anonymous said...

ok, so i watched your video about the make up brushes and yes you would invest your money and time but you already are known on the web so all your viewers would probably be encouraged to buy. i was also thinking about how you said that a lot of the mac make up is discontinued...what about starting your own line of make up after the brushes since you seem to have favorite colors and have like different "looks" which can categorize your make up. since your name is creative (kandee) you can use that since everyone knows you by that. by the way, i learned about you in my fashion marketing class, we watched your video on how you became a make up artist and now i was basically spending my time watching your videos. i realized i need to invest in brushes. i was wondering if you have something other htan fake eyelashes to make your eyelashes seem fuller because mine is really thin. i use lancome make up because the cheaper kind give me an allergic reaction and make my eyes burn? thanks! you really are an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I just want to say love your videos, I have a request about styling, I've got some bad scars on the upperside of my lower arms. I don't want people to see them, they are so ugly, so I wonder if you got any ideas how to cover up, (saw you got some kind of "armwarmers"?) Maybe you make them your self? and make some kind of video or other ideas?, so I still can wear t-shirts and tops over the summer.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kandee I was wondering if you could do a video on how to cut your own hair with lots of layers and also bangs Thanks so much can't wait. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS great job! and keep up the good work

Jen said...

Heya Kandee,

I <3 your you tube videos i think after watching your i understand contouring a hell of a lot better! (to the point people not think I'm actually good at applying makeup)

I think a line of brushes would be ace if you do them you should find a way to market them in with your tutorials. When i buy makeup brushes i always worrying I'm buying the wrong sort for the job ect.

(make sure the ship to the UK as well)

Id like to see more makeup tutorials using brighter lip colours ect i wear a lot of fuchsias and fire engine red lipstick and aside from just regular lined slightly cat eyes i have no clue what to mix it with.


Sherri said...

Hi Kandee! I love your videos and think you are amazingly beautiful. My request/feedback is: I am 54 years old and STILL love makeup! I watched your video with your mom and she is classy and beautiful. I wondered if when you do videos you could comment on whether certain colors, textures, glimmers, etc. would be good, bad, etc. for the 40's to 50's. There aren't many videos out there for this age group. Or maybe do videos, for example, for "women with hooded eyelids, mature skin etc. I also think it would be a great idea about the makeup brushes! Keep the videos coming! THANKS!

Meg said...

Hi Kandee!:)
I subscribed to your youtube videos! and I LOVE them, I have learned so much stuff! You are Awesome!and such and inspiration.and just Love your style!! :)

If you ever make a line of makeup Brushes(I Hope you do)I would totaly buy them!!! :)

Moon said...

Only because you ask for it I will apreciate if you put some makeup tutorials for woman with dark skin. Examples:
* Halle Berry
* Jessica Alba

I love your videos!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes! That would be so cool if you made your own line of brushes :) That would be an investment I would be so happy to make because I trust you and I support you in what you do here online so I would love to help kind of in another way by buying your products.
You are beautiful Kandee!
Since this was a while ago I don't know if you are still wanting to do this but if not, I think it would still be cool if you did a video on brushes and how to use them or what they are best for. Or maybe just basic brushes everyone should have! :)
Thank you for everything! You do more than you know for so many people!!

Unknown said...

I just discovered you the other day and have been watching all your videos and loving it! I am trying to improve putting makeup on other people (I work at a makeup counter). Can you please make some videos that show you applying MASCARA and EYELINER on OTHER people other than yourself (even though you are so pretty and have beautiful bone structure) and easy on the eyes. I always have problems with the liner on the person's right eye (I am right handed) Any tips? I also feel nervous that I'm going to irritate their eyes. Also, please, please, please, find some people as models that have specific features of their eyes that make it trickier for makeup like very saggy eyes (older people) or someone with super deep set eyes. You get the picture. This would all help any aspiring makeup artists! Thanks You and I also think you should do the makeup brushes. I would buy them because there is so much room for improvement in the brush business and you definitely know your stuff!!! Good luck!!

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