Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How To Cut T-Shirts Part 2

hi to the bestest, nicest people in the world! You are all so wonderful!!!

my days have been totally lifted by your kindest of kind words! Thank you truckloads!!!

So, my gift to you is this Halter Top T-shirt Cutting Video....that didn't fit in the last one!

So get out your scissors and shirts and prepare to cut and style!!!!

Gigantic love to all of you!!!! I honored that you all want to see what I make!


Unknown said...

I totally stole some of my husbands old t-shirts to practice on, this is awesome, thanks so much!!!!! I can dig out some of those ill-fitting shirts I was going to give away!!!

Anonymous said...

So cool! I went out and got some shirts today from goodwill and tried it out. I love it. turns it into something of my own. I even used bleach to splatter it and iron ons to jazz it up a little : )

misslawstudent said...

aww what you wrote in this blog made me smile!!! you seem like such a nice person!! You deserve all the kind words!! :)

and i practiced cutting up some shirts i got today at a thrift store and already have 5!! its addicting! lol

thank you sooo much!!!!

Aberdeen said...

LOVE this look. We all love you!!! XO

Valentina said...

Hi kandee.. I'm from Chile and I see your videos of make up .. I love it .. But I want to make u a questions.. What color of eye shadow can I use if I am brunette.. my skin is brown.. do u understand me? I hope u can answer me.. I speak Spanish.. so, sorry if i don`t write very well. Ok.. Bye! :) My e-mail :

LindseyC said...

Hey Kandee-
I just wanted to let you know that you totally inspired me. I am currently in the process of enrolling in the Make-Up course at Empire Beauty School. I am glad to see a make-up artist doing so much!

youngblo0dkp said...

So I made the halter top, but I'm really not sure what to wear under it?

Anonymous said...


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