Friday, March 6, 2009

Sexy Victoria's Secret - Adriana Lima Look

YAY! This is my first LONGER video...

so I can show you extra, fun tricks that I usually have to cut out!!!!!

There might be some ads popping up, but that's part of the deal with the longer videos!!

So here's the inspiration pics.....

here's just to show you, the power of make-up and good lighting....
no one has bags under their eyes in good lighting....
I still think she looks pretty without the make-up!

and here's the goods (what products I used)
FACE: laura mercier foundation (golden beige)
LM concealer duo in SC-5
MAC Studio Fix powder in NC-35
MAC creme highlighter in SHELL (pearly-pink highlighter)
and you can use BENEFIT's duo highlighter "10"
MAC blush in BLUNT (dark bronze-brown) and ANGEL (soft baby pink)
EYES: Victoria' Secret Eyeshadows in: SNOW DROP (a frosty white), In the Buff (light nude-ivory color), SILVER LINING (a silvery-light blue-grey-cloud color), and CHAMELEON BROWN (a chocolate brown)
MAC eyeliner in PHONE NUMBER (a dark steel-greyish color) or you could use dark brown or black
CARBON (black) from MAC
Black Mascara from The Body Shop
LIPS: lipliner in BUERRE from MAC, with a baby pink frost like PRETTY PLEASE from MAC or CUPCAKE from Victoria's Secret, and Victoria's Secret Shinning Kisses Lipgloss in EVA (a sparkly pale bubble gum pink)

I promise we are gonna get back to video voting!!!
oh, do you guys have any good ideas for contests??? I have some really fun goodies from "Kandeeland" that I want to give to you guys!!!!

Have the best it's the best gift we can give away!!! smiles and sparkles, kandee


Aberdeen said...

Yay! More Kandee time...hehe.

I think some cool contest ideas would be either:

a) Best re-invented T-shirt idea (vid response).

b) re-creating one of Kandee's looks ( you choose)

c) best healthy skin tips

I dunno..just threw some out there.


Anonymous said...

Hey !
big yay youre a partner now!

So i would love if you could so a alexa chung look ( link above)
would be great

lots of love from switzerland

chiara <3

Anonymous said...

Hey i really glad you can make extra long videos but i was just wondering i have really bright red lips and whenever i try and do a nude look it doesnt last that long before the red shows up again! do you know any good nude colours to help? thanks <3

Jenna said...

Hi Kandee, i can't seem to find that victoria secret palette and i really want to do this look! can you suggest mac alternatives? Jenna xx

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting the adriana lima look!!! I love her!! thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Any ideas on how to find colors that flatter? I'm useless at the old cool/warm tone trick. I like using random brights as the mood hits, and they usually look nice...until I see pictures.. Then it's obvious it was sooooo not a good look for me..

Anonymous said...

Please do a Taylor Swift look!
Her eyes are the same shape as mine so I think it would be really helpful.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kandee. I LOVE your channel! I do pin-up looks all the time (in fact I'll be getting some of my own videos up soon). I was hoping you could help me out. I have very deep set eyes which causes me to have DARK circles under my eyes, that I can't really seem to fix with concealer. Do you have any tips/ tricks/ or things to avoid for deep set eyes? I don't mind if you can't find a model to illustrate things on, I just really need to do something about these circles!!!

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely gorgeous even without makeup... stay real, girl!

Anonymous said...

You're a stunna! Omg!

Anonymous said...

you are so pretty!

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