Thursday, May 31, 2012

Did you ever own a pair of these babies!?

This is a Flojo. Pronouned: FLO-HOE

 I had a pair of these when I was little. They may look goofy, but they are as comfortable as a slipper and and squishy as a cloud. Now they are not as goofy looking as some other shoe trends I've seen! ha ha ha

But I'm contemplating buying another pair and making them cool again! ha ha ha
I don't know if these were as popular on the East Coast as they were on the West Coast- they were a popular "beach shoe".

If you feel your feet are hankering for some soft, cushiony, rubbery, foot can help me bring back the Flojo too!

Me and my sister would joke and say it: Flo-joe...just to be funny, But that's about at right as calling a  TORTILLA (tor-tee-ya) a, TOR-TIL-UH.

and for those that are more into sleek black shoes....
may I present FLOJO in black....tres chic, eh!??
and they are only like $21 dollars- see I found em HERE.

Would you rock the Flojo with KanJo? But you have to pronounce the J....KAN-JOE....not, KAN-HOE...that sounds bad. Very bad.

And my mom loves these because she can't stand wearing anything between her toes! ha ha ha Maybe that's why she bought them for me and my sis when we were little?!?

summer sandal time, KanJo (in this case, we are not defaulting to the Spanish J sound...ha ha ha)


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The NOSE of BEAUTY- " JUST SMELL IT!" you all know. I always choose beauty products by 3 things. (in no particular order)
#1. How well they work.
#2. Their ingredients and how they are made.
#3. How they smell.
I don't like to wear things that stink. Who does?!? SO I want to smell like rotting thanks.

So, since, in the video I uploaded yesterday I talked about some stinky beauty products and beauty products that I know some women refuse to wear because they smell so bad- I thought it would be fun to ask you guys 2 QUESTIONS:



 Just off the top of your head..what the last good and bad smellers, that you've tried!

I'll tell you mine:

#1. The worst one, recently has to be that SMASHBOX lipgloss. It smelled awful! I could not imagine wearing that underneath my nose- for any amount of time, I don't care how pretty the color was! ha ha ha OR certain mascaras smell gross to me, I can't think of them off the top of my head because I won't wear the stinky ones, but some have a certain ingredient that makes them smell badsville. Or if we went all out "beauty anything"...once my friend has this "placenta hair treatment"- it smelled to bad I thought I was going to throw up!

#2. Best smelling one would probably go to hmmmmm, I do love the light vanilla scent that MAC lipstick and lipglasses have. And any of the TREAT BEAUTY lip balms, I just want to eat them!

Wouldn't that be weird if they made scented eyeshadow?! ha ha ha ha OK, now comment below your stinkiest and yummiest smelling beauyt products.

the nose, aka kandee

If you missed my video I uploaded yesterday, here it is again:
(click the lil youtube logo on the bottom right hand corner to watch it supersized!) I don't know what's up with youtube videos being embedded- it's just a black square- but click in it and it should start playing....

love, the nose (aka kandee)

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New video and special filming location! Enjoy!

Are you ready! I have a first for you guys!
Here's is a brand sparklin' new video!
I was helping my sister through her labor and delivery of her new baby last week, going to and from the hospital, and dealign with the worst allergies I've ever had- my eyes were so swollen and sore and itchy, I couldn't even put make-up on my face! ha ha ha
BUT finally here is the "SHOP and TELL" (AKA haul) video from what I got my very first time in an ULTA store. An ULTA is kinda like a SEPHORA, except they have drugstore brands, like NYX and L'Oreal make-up to some fancier brnads like Urban Decay, Nars, and Benefit, but not all the higher end brands of make-up like MAKE-UP FOREVER or super fancy like Dior.

But here's what I got! I was so excited for some of this stuff, but some just bombed out! You'll see! ha ha ha And you 'l see why I only have nail polish on one hand! ha ha ha

It feels like I haven't posted a video in years! ha ha ha And it was just one week!

So watch and enjoy my special "filming location" also!
(PS if you click on the youtube logo in the lower right hand corner, you can watch it bigger!)

yay for new videos, kandee

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Monday, May 28, 2012

How- I-wore-my-makeup-in-high-school...

I thought I would give you guys a fun treat because:
A. I was at my gramma's yesterday and was looking at her family photo albums and found this
B. Look at my eyebrows that had never been touch by a tweezer or anything- they are so thick and just straight across! ha ha ha ha
C. That is how I did my make-up every day in high school- except in this picture I wore a darker lip color than I normally did! Normally is was light pink or just clear gloss!

I think I was about 15 in this picture...
Awww, look at my lil' baby face...ha ha ha ha

older and with not so big eyebrows, kandee

PS. My allergies have been so bad, that my eyes were so swollen and sore, the guy at whole foods said he didn't even recognize me! ha ha ha But I do have a fun "shop n' tell" to upload- I'll try to get it up tomorrow!


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Oh My Mexican and Saturday Random!

 Special "Food-ition" of my Saturday Random 5:
This was my lunch yesterday in Santa Barbara, at Los Gallos- it's off of Mission on De La Vina, and it was deliciousness on a plate!

#1. I love MEXICAN FOOD!
(above is the Chicken Flautitas, like regular Flautas but smaller, with guacamole and sourcream and some hot salsa I didn't try)

#2. I am part Mexican.

#3. I do not like hot spicy food, though.

#4. I will eat too many homemade tortilla chips and salsa any time they are in front of me. I can't help it.
#5. My sister used to joke that my Mexican name would be, instead of Dulce, which is the translation for candy, Lupe...and she would call me, Loop De Loop! She still sometimes does and it cracks me up!

Besos y abrazos (kisses and hugs), Kandee

If you wanna see the lil "mannequins" that ate little bean burritos with me, CLICK HERE.


Friday, May 25, 2012

Make-up with Allergies

UGH! Allergies are not on my "like" list. It feels like I have mosquito bites on the inner corners of my eyes! This is the make-up I put on...ha ha ha ha or more like the "missing make-up"...
All I put on was some concealer, a little powder, and mascara...but I think I had rubbed it off by this picture..and my lipgloss ran away too!
This is the face I want to make when my eyes are itchy! ha ha ha ha
My right eye feels like I got punched in it!
 I hear it's allergy season and other people have been saying that allergies are really bad this year.
And so this is how the makeup look I'm going with. If I put any eyeliner or anything else on, it just gets rubbed off and looks bad! ha ha ha
 And if I don't put my eyedrops in....(I got Similisan Allergy Eye Drops at Whole Foods, that have worked wonders for my eyes!)...I want to scratch my eyes like this! I type this my eyes are totally itch free and I have happy eyeballs! Hooray!
It's just made is virtually impossible to film a make-up tutorial- the skin around my eyes has been so tender, swollen and sore! But I do have an ULTA shop and tell (AKA haul) on the way!!!!

Huge eyes, I mean hugs, kandee

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

LOOK at our NEW BABY- well my sister's baby!

 May I introduce, with soooo much excitement....
my new niece, Audrey Faith!
I may be biased, becuase I'm her auntie, but I think she is just beautiful! And I think she has my nose! hee hee hee
(I love Audrey Hepburn, so I feel like her name is so old hollywood and timeless, although that probably had nothing to do with why my sister chose Audrey! ha ha ha ha)

 My sister looks so beautiful to me- not a smudge of eyeliner or drop of make-up, zero sleep for over 24 hours, but the glow of love on her face- made her the most beautiful woman in the world to me! There are no words to describe how amazing it was to be there to coach my sister through bringing this baby into the world! We tried to laugh through labor as long as we could...then I got into labor coach mode and held her hand, looked her in the eyes, counted down her contractions and coached her all the way! I'm trying not to cry as I type this..oh come the tears making it all blurry and I can't see what I'm typing too well....that was probably one one the moments I will add to my "MOST AMAZING MOMENTS IN LIFE LIST" ...
 And here's me, getting to hold her for the first time....after I had gone home to shower and check on my babies, then I had to go back to the hospital and hold her!
she feels like the most amazing bundle of love....
I can't even express how much love I have for my sister and her precious babies--it's like her babies are mine too! ha ha ha ha

proud auntie and sister, with eyes full of tears, kandee

PS. If you wanna see out "BABY BEFORE & AFTER"- and my cool hospital accessory- CLICK HERE!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Sister Had her Baby!

I've been up all night with my sister in labor. I will post more soon...Thank you everyone for your prayers and kid comments!

I had planned on editing a video last night but instead I got the honor and joy of coaching my best friend,
and little sister in labor!

I'm  a wee bit tired and feel like if I try to write anymore, I won't make sense! ha ha ha

one tired, but so excited, Auntie Kandee (yay! now I have 2 nieces!!!)

CLICK HERE TO READ MY KANDEELAND BLOG- where I talk a bit more about our "baby adventure night".....because that's where I talk about mama stuff!

IF you want to see my sisters Youtube channel, click here.
If you wanna see my Youtube channel, click hee-yah.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer Arm Candy

 I love jewelry. I love bold jewelry, big jewelry, bright jewelry, what some people call, "statement pieces". And I love some fun arm candy AKA appendage bling, arm art, bracelets and such.

My new bracelets that I saw and fell quite fond of...are these rubber bracelets that look like chain. Who's tired of wearing noisy metal bangles that hurt your wrist? Soften up for some and go waterproof with these colorful wrist dandies!
They are the Marc Jacobs Rubber Turnlock Bracelets.
 I have on the grey and black....but I know they make a neon pink that I bet looks amazing for a summer pop of color! And I love that bright kelly green color above!

This is a great bracelet for the beach this summer because it's waterproof and so lightweight you don't even feel it!
I love Marc Jacobs's fun, chunky, playful and chic...
I would just pile these on in neon pink or turquoise!

these can be the new jelly bracelets of the 80's!
arm decoration ahoy, kandee

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Monday, May 21, 2012

There's a NEW MASCARA comin' to town!

 Throw your lashes in the air and wave em' like you just don't care- but only the fake ones! ha ha ha
I am a mascara-fan....I love and always have hope that some new formula will finally be the mascara I've been waiting for.

So here's so new lash-anticipation for the New Extended Play Mascara from MAC!
What it's supposed to do:
Give you 16 hours of ongoing black-lash wear!
Curl and lift even downward facing lashes, up to the skies for lightweight lash-lift.
Lengthen and define them to new levels.
Make you find you find a million dollars - just kidding.

And even though it should cling on like a pair of too tight jeans...or a tattoo...
Removal should go like this:
20 second soak in warm water (just hold a warm water soaked washcloth up to your eyes) and wipe them off....
And back to nude lashes, free of all mascara!

The new MAC Mascara - Extended PLay Lash will be available in the US MAY 24th.
Internationally in JUNE.
It comes in one color: Endless Black
Price: $15 USD/ $18.00 CDN
(which, 15 bucks is not so pricey, when some drugstore mascaras are up to $13 now!)

Maybe I'll try it and it might make my favorite video....we'll see!
What your favorite and least favorite mascara you've tried!

blinking lashes, kandee


Sunday, May 20, 2012

How to find Glitterful things in life's messes!

This is your Sunday Soulspiration....
Like a  kick in your "soul pants" to help ya get through the week.

Last week, Blake (my 4 year old), had accidentally spilled some make-up glitter. And when he was explaining what happened he said, "but mama, it's so GLITTERFUL"....

and in that second I thought and said, "you're right baby, IT IS, soooooo GLITTERFUL"...

And that is how all kinds of things in our life can be, that look like accidents, mistakes, mess-ups or the world they may look like "mess-ups", but really they are "glitterful" spills that strengthen our character, make us stronger, and build determination to go after something with all that's in us and not take life or other peoples "no's" for an answer.

Take your past or current "life accident"...and think of Blakey's "glitterful" spill, and how beauty can come from a not-so-pretty "mis-hap".  God will make beautiful things of our life- no matter how bad we think it's a mess! I've had some glittery things found after some pretty "non-glittery"  and rather ugly situations in my life! Never look at the ugly parts...always look for

I love that  saying: you don't become a great sailor, sailing only smooth seas

You become great for having gone through something, not giving up, and for letting yourself become better and not bitter.

So let go of feeling like your life is full of "things gone wrong"...and look at how those very things that "went wrong" can be the very thing that make awesome things in your life "go right"! And start looking for the "glitterful" things all around!

Don't be a victim- be victorious.
Don't be a whiner- be a winner.

Now let's go show this life of yours, what you can do, be and accomplish.
Put the past where it belongs, behind you, and start looking for all that glitter!

hugs and handfuls of glitter, kandee

OH AND HERE WAS MY VIDEO THAT IS MY NEW FAVORITE: (my mom not only does my make-up, but she answers your questions about how i got my name and more fun/embarrassing stuff!)

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Stop Sign Flowers and the Saturday Random 5

Ok, to kick off this weekend right....
I had to show you guys this awesome-ness.
Check out the stopsignflower to visit the brilliance of this idea. Basically a guy's daughter got a knitting kit, he had to learn how to teach her how to do it. He thought of knitting these "stop sign flowers" and put them up around San Diego.
And I love it!

Ok, now to the business at hand-

#1. I wish I made shoes because no one seems to be able to make cute shoes that are comfortable.  Bring on the failed attempt to buy a pair of sandals- if they were cute they hurt my feet, if they were comfortable, they were ugly as sin.

#2. I love them smell of real roses, but I don't like "fake" rose scents.

#3. I played the Hammered Dulcimer, when I was little- if you don't know what it is google it. I know it's kinda weird. But I like being weird.

#4. I think my one beauty product I couldn't live without would be black eyeliner. ha ha ha ha (my favs are SMOLDER or FELINE from MAC and PERVERSION from Urban Decay or drugstore the Kohl liner from L'Oreal)

#5.  And, I'd like to add that I'd like to make bathing suits too, because I would design bathing suits that would look flattering on every body shape...not just mannequins or super models. Reasons why I run straight into the water. ha ha ha ha

"If stress burned calories, I'd be a supermodel"....ha ha ha ha ha too bad stress does the opposite! ha ha 

what are you up to this weekend!?!?

can't find a cute sandal even when I tried,

PS. Did you see my yacht yet!?! ha ha ha ha ha ha CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT- it's awesome!


Friday, May 18, 2012

My Mom Does My Make-Up & Answers Your Questions

Here's the video I had planed on uploading on Mother's Day, but my memory card had other had plans to go bonkers and not properly save the last part of the video.
So here' is 75% of the "20 Questions with my mom while she does my make-up"...
It is so fun, I thought I would just upload it anyway. And my mom tells some "awesomely embarrassing facts about me"...ha ha ha
We could never recreate it again the same fun way!

But if you want, comment below if you'd like to to see another "mom does my make-up" video- the whole thing, next time! ha ha ha ha

I love my mom. I loved the questions you guys asked. And I love this video, even if the end is missing! ha  ha ha ha ha

Enjoy having fun with me and my mom!
*CLICK the YOUTUBE logo in the lower right hand corner to watch it bigger.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012


 MAC is about to drop anchor on their newest MAC Collection- Hey Sailor!
You know and my "anchor love" let's get ready to set sail hit the MAC seas....or at least get ready to on MAY 24, 2012 and in JUNE 2012 for Asia.

I love the striped packaging and I can't wait to see some of the colors in real life.
WHAT's Going to be on deck? Here's some super-sized colors of what I'm excited about!

LIPSTICK SALUTE! Neutral peach (amplified)
  TO CATCH A SAILOR Highly frosted tan (frost) 

Bright yellow red (satin) 
SAIL LA VIE Bright mid-tone orange (satin) SRP $15.50 U.S./$18.50 CDN

LIPGLASS CUT LOOSE White gold with pearl 

Bright tangerine
BLESSEDLY Rich Pale coral 
SEND ME SAILING Bright yellow red SRP $15.50 U.S./$18.50 CDN

THROW ME A LINE! Bright true red 
SHORE LEAVE Light vibrant coral SRP $19.00 U.S./$22.50 CDN

EYE SHADOW CRYSTAL AVALANCHE White with reflects (veluxe pearl) 
BAREFOOT Tarnished gold (veluxe pearl) 
JAUNTY Light yellow beige (frost) 
FEELING FRESH Bright green (frost) 
NAUTICAL Navy Blue (satin) SRP $16.00 U.S./$19.00 CDN
PIGMENT OLD GOLD High frosted tarnished gold (frost) 
NAVAL BLUE Deep smoky blue (frost) SRP $21.00 U.S./$25.50 CDN

EMERALD SEA Kelly green 
BLUE STRIPE Dark navy SRP $16.00 U.S./$19.00 CDN

WATERFAST BLACK Black SRP $15.00 U.S./$18.00 CDN

BRONZING POWDER SOFT SAND Golden bronze with fine gold pearl 
REFINED GOLDEN Finely spun golden with soft pearl finish SRP $24.00 U.S./$29.00 CDN

SUN DIPPED Dirty red tone SRP $28.00 U.S./$33.50 CDN

HIGH-LIGHT POWDER CREW Soft peachy cream with fine shimmer SRP $28.00 U.S./$33.50 CDN
POWDER BLUSH LAUNCH AWAY! True peach (satin) 
FLEET FAST Pinky, golden coral (satin) SRP $21.00 U.S./$25.50 CDN

NAIL LACQUER VESTRAL WHITE Creamy white (creme) 
TOUCH OF RED Bright yellow red (creme) SRP $16.00 U.S./$19.00 CDN

M·A·C TO THE BEACH BODY OIL SEASIDE Dirty blushy pink with multidimensional sparkles MAN RAYS Glowing tan with
multidimensional golden shimmer SRP $22.50 U.S./$27.00 CDN

Peachy nude with multidimensional pearl 
ABALONE See through hot pink with no pearl 

AU ROSÉ Poppy coraly pink with gold pearl SRP $16.00 U.S./$19.00 CDN
BRUSH 167SH Face Blender SRP $34.00 U.S./$41.00 CDN

What do you think?!? Are there any new "sailors" that you want to take home?!

anchors away, kandee

Message in a bottle: If ya want to see more of what I set sail on the high internet your anchor on one of these mates:

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Edible and Amazing Hair- just a spoon full of Sugar!

 ok, so you've heard songs from the 50's about girls with hair that smelled so good you wanted to eat it...ok, or maybe you haven't....
either way...
I want hair that smells so good you could eat it...and now, my sweets...we can!

I know, I know, I already told you guys about these in my April Favorite Video- if you missed it, I'll post it below again...
But, I've been loving these so much, I thought they are worthy of a post just dedicated to their deliciousness.
Yes, the Candy Fixation line from TiGi Bed Head- is amazing! Not only does is smell so good, but it works just as amazing too!
I bought all 5 of these babies:
Tigi Bed Head Candy Fixation Mega Whip - is a light texturizer, that's slightly creamy, but gives a soft piecey look or smoothed look. This would be great for guys hair, too for a soft touchable, matte look- no crispy gel hair look. It gives you "up to 90% humidity defense"- so humidity-frizz hair- BEWARE! SMELLS LIKE: Marshmallow Heaven

Tigi Bed Head Candy Fixation Sugar Dust - got some day old hair that needs some oompf, volume and dry shampoo action- this is your product. Give freshly washed hair extra volume and lift, will help teasing hair too! SMELLS LIKE: Tutti Frutti Grape Tarts

Tigi Bed Head Candy Fixation Glaze Haze- A great smoothing serum (I've been using every day!) to smooth strands and fly aways, help speed up blow-drying time up to 25% (we all love that!) and fight humidity too. Gives great shine without looking greasy. It has a special blend of Rice Bran Oil, Sugar Cane Extract, Cashmere Keratin and Bamboo Extract to add strength and vitality to your hair. SMELLS LIKE: Creme Brulee (my favorite!)

Tigi Bed Head Candy Fixation Totally Baked perfect light whipped meringue mousse, to put in your hair before you blow dry. It gives volume and shape to your hair- to give you the perfect blow dry action. It's not heavy or sticky at all. SMELLS LIKE: Lemon Meringue

Tigi Bed Head Candy Fixation Sugar Shock- This is more sugar than salt- It's like those Salt Sprays that give you that beachy hair texture but without all the tangles and dried out hair.  It gives you boost of volume and that "beach waves" texture, and will help hold the look too. Great for short or long, fine or thick hair too! SMELLS LIKE: Pink Cotton Candy

And studied show that guys love things that smell like look out! You might have some guys chases you and your delicious smelling hair! ha ha ha And your hair will be looking extra amazing! 

Hairs to you, kandee

PS. If you didn't see my "April Favorites" Video where I talked about these for a minute, here it is:

clickity clack on these to see what else I post on the internet:

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Coolest DIY Cell Phone Cases Ever!

 My sister makes the most awesome phone cases for herself!
The pearl phone is amazing! She siad- look at my ugly phone. And I was like- UGLY- are you cray cray! That is AMAZELY!!!!!
I showed her old phone case, that was pretty awesome too on my Kandeeland blog- HERE.
 I had to take pictures and show you guys her awesome phone cover!
Here's how she did it:
Cheapo Dollar Store Phone Cover
Bag of Pearl Beads from Michael's Crafts
A few Swarovski Crystals from Michal's too
(PS. if you don't have the Michael's App on your phone- get it, they have coupons everyday- like 40%- we love it!)
Cream colored puff paint.
Any super adhesive like,
Gorilla Super Glue Impact Tough Formula (it is super strong, in case you drop your creation!)
#1. She glues the larger pearls in a "piled" up formation first.
#2. Then, glued the smaller pearls to fill in the gaps and around the edges.
**** Be careful when gluing around the camera area, so you don't pull any pearl in the way of where you'll take pictures! ha ha ha *****
#3. She glues the crystals on the pearls where they have the holes (since they were meant to be strung on something like a necklace- but not for this project, baby!)
#4. Lastly, she covered all the edges and in between the pearls with a cream colored puff paint.

And voila....a new cell phone stunna'!

I'm still so sad I lost my big "bejewelled phone" case....
I told my sister we could have filmed a a "CRAFT-OFF" and we could have both made ridiculous phone cases and you guys could vote who won!
But since she's due any second with her baby...we may have to wait! ha ha ha

phone cases so big you can use them as self-defense, kandee

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