Monday, May 14, 2012

My Mother and our day...and the new Pinterest!

 This is my mama, Shannon. And this was our mothers day brunch that was delicious!
This was the Vanilla French Toast with berried and homemade whipped cream with baguette bread! It was A-to-the-MAY-ZING!!!!!!
They need like a Pinterest just for food, and they should call it TASTEREST- and I would post this picture there! ha ha ah

Me and my beautiful, 3 days-past-her-due-date, sister, Tiffany. She is so beautiful, like all pregnant mama's that feel big...but are just full of beautiful-ness!

We had such a wonderful day.
And my Blakey (who is 4), melted my heart when he translated what he wrote on my mother's day car:
"Happy Mother's Day my beautiful angel. I love you with my whole entire heart, my angel."....
and my heart melted completely.

If you want to see my favorite lil' feets on mothers day....and a special little video- CLICK HERE TO SEE MY KANDEELAND BLOG.


see what else I put up on the interweb:


Karen said...

Hi Kandee,

Check put the foodspotting app on iTunes. It's very similar but you can upload pix of food and rate the restaurants :)


Anonymous said...

Mmm looks yummy!!

Anonymous said...

The frenchtoast looks sooo yummy, kandee! I hope you had an awesome day with your family. My 8 year old and I just adore you :) she would sit and google you to find you online since she was 4. She loves to be creative like you and simply enjoys your fun ways. Thank you for being an awesome role model!
Mommy & Xiomara

Anonymous said...

There is a site just for food like pinterest it's called foodgawker

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