Friday, May 25, 2012

Make-up with Allergies

UGH! Allergies are not on my "like" list. It feels like I have mosquito bites on the inner corners of my eyes! This is the make-up I put on...ha ha ha ha or more like the "missing make-up"...
All I put on was some concealer, a little powder, and mascara...but I think I had rubbed it off by this picture..and my lipgloss ran away too!
This is the face I want to make when my eyes are itchy! ha ha ha ha
My right eye feels like I got punched in it!
 I hear it's allergy season and other people have been saying that allergies are really bad this year.
And so this is how the makeup look I'm going with. If I put any eyeliner or anything else on, it just gets rubbed off and looks bad! ha ha ha
 And if I don't put my eyedrops in....(I got Similisan Allergy Eye Drops at Whole Foods, that have worked wonders for my eyes!)...I want to scratch my eyes like this! I type this my eyes are totally itch free and I have happy eyeballs! Hooray!
It's just made is virtually impossible to film a make-up tutorial- the skin around my eyes has been so tender, swollen and sore! But I do have an ULTA shop and tell (AKA haul) on the way!!!!

Huge eyes, I mean hugs, kandee

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Unknown said...

Yep! Allergies here too! My eyes don't bother me but my left cheek swells up really huge like the Pillsbury doughboy.

iloverocknroll said...

Aww that must suck!!!

Anonymous said...

I had allergies so bad I was covered in hives, I normaly never have allergies but this year it did, my face was even swollen around the eyes. Had to get a shot to make the swelling go down. I hope your allergies go away soon!

Anonymous said...

Take care kandee.. Get well soon .. Love anita.

Unknown said...

Kandee, please take note of this, it made my life so much easier living with allergies.
My big sister told me to drink "apple cider vinegar" 1 teaspoon in some water twice a day. I don't like the taste but my goodness it works, and for all sorts of allergies too. You should be able to get in America from health food shops. Do a search on it ;). I suffer badly from heyfever, itchy eyes, Throat, ears, headaches, stuffy head, the whole works, this year I can actually enjoy the outdoors again, I don't care if its not yummy, I can have a normal life again. It's natural too, so no nasty chemicals.
I hope you get better soon. Xxx

Anonymous said...

I appreciate that because I suffer a lot with allergies as well. Thanks for the tips

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