Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fly Me To The Moon

(ha ha ha you don't get more random than a a picture with a giant Hershey's Chocolate Coin Bank from the It's Sugar store- I already posted this on Instagram -and since you guys told me about the "Kandee Imposter" pretending to be me- this is my ONLY instagram account- so glad you guys knew what that person was typing was not "kandee like" at all! MY ONLY AND REAL INSTAGRAM: kandeejohnson)
Here's my Saturday Random 5 Facts...being typed from New York City...

#1. My hair has gone lighter for summer  - and coincidentally read that going lighter with your hair color shows signs of making people feel happier! ha ha ha if you missed my new video on how I did it CLICK RIGHT HEE-YAH

#2. I hate turbulence on planes. I try to pretend it doesn't bother me, but I still hang onto my armrest. That movie ALIVE about the soccer team scared me for life. If you've never seen it- DON'T! You will be terrified of flying after.

#3. I'd rather be cold than hot. (you can always put more clothes on when you're cold, but when you're hot- you can only take so much off- you can't take off your skin...and that would be gross anyway.)

#4. I usually sleep on my side. I slept in my stomach as a kid, but I can't do it anymore! They say stomach sleepers get the worst "sleep wrinkles", so I guess it's a good thing! ha ha ha

#5. I love macaroni and cheese and cornbread with honey butter A LOT! And if I could have the Butterscotch Pots De Creme from the Restaurants in Nordtroms in Santa Monica...I would be in tastebud heaven!!!

BONUS FACT: You'll see my name and a little tip of mine in the new issue of Cosmo- (page 98 to be exact, hee hee) I'll try to take a pic and post it!

I heart NYC and that is where I'm typing this from (insert a big YAY!!) - I'll be taking pictures and blogging em..yay!
big "carmel" apple hugs, kandee



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness i saw your name in.cosmo and the weirdest thing happened i smiled reeeaaallly huge(like this :D!!) bc i felt like i knew you and u were a famous friend of.mine. Lol i guess thats what.i get for reading both your blogs and watching your videos for years. Which totally isnt a bad thing! Well anyways hope u.were as excited as.i was seeing your name. Lol...u prly were tho! Have a grrrr-ate day!!! :)!!!
Your very happy fandee,
Brandi!! :)!!

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