Saturday, May 19, 2012

Stop Sign Flowers and the Saturday Random 5

Ok, to kick off this weekend right....
I had to show you guys this awesome-ness.
Check out the stopsignflower to visit the brilliance of this idea. Basically a guy's daughter got a knitting kit, he had to learn how to teach her how to do it. He thought of knitting these "stop sign flowers" and put them up around San Diego.
And I love it!

Ok, now to the business at hand-

#1. I wish I made shoes because no one seems to be able to make cute shoes that are comfortable.  Bring on the failed attempt to buy a pair of sandals- if they were cute they hurt my feet, if they were comfortable, they were ugly as sin.

#2. I love them smell of real roses, but I don't like "fake" rose scents.

#3. I played the Hammered Dulcimer, when I was little- if you don't know what it is google it. I know it's kinda weird. But I like being weird.

#4. I think my one beauty product I couldn't live without would be black eyeliner. ha ha ha ha (my favs are SMOLDER or FELINE from MAC and PERVERSION from Urban Decay or drugstore the Kohl liner from L'Oreal)

#5.  And, I'd like to add that I'd like to make bathing suits too, because I would design bathing suits that would look flattering on every body shape...not just mannequins or super models. Reasons why I run straight into the water. ha ha ha ha

"If stress burned calories, I'd be a supermodel"....ha ha ha ha ha too bad stress does the opposite! ha ha 

what are you up to this weekend!?!?

can't find a cute sandal even when I tried,

PS. Did you see my yacht yet!?! ha ha ha ha ha ha CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT- it's awesome!



Anonymous said...

Could't agree with you more, shoes and bathing sutes that really fit AND looks great are rare. Any designers out there with cool ideas? :)

Like your blog à LOT :)
Swedish hugs/ Maria

Anonymous said...

Your the sweetest person in the world!

Lissi said...

I have wide feet from ballet and no cute sandals either!! The puma ballet flats are super cute and comfy. But it's not opened toed. I would look at them if I were you. :)))

Saumaria said...

I make swimwear!!! Maybe we could collaborate something :) .my contact info is, and you can also like me on Facebook to see different styles
I make custom suits as well and would love to make a kandee suit!!! Have a great day!

Jennifer LoveMarque said...

There a company that has a machine that sees the shape of the body through ur clothes and they make a flattering bathing suit in the color and style u like, I saw it on "MIRROR, MIRROR" on the Live well network :) I forgot what it's called though. I wish I could have a couple of those XD

hellokittymac101 said...

Kandee I just have to say I watch ur videos and read ur blogs everyday and u always make very happy.Whenever I get free time ur the first thing i want to read about or watch. U are the most positive inspiring person ever!!! I can't wait to see what u come up with next.

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