Sunday, May 6, 2012

How to turn your troubles into diamonds...

Everyone is born with special jewels in the treasure chest of their heart.
They are jewels that are only yours.
 No one can steal them. Steal their sparkle. Or steal the beauty of them.
Your jewels are your dreams, your skills, the sparkle that only you can bring to the world.

Just like each gem stone is are you and your own special future.
You don't need to worry that your life doesn't seem perfect, that  other people have jewels that are sparkling while you feel like yours are still waiting to shine.

Don't live in the want. Don't wait for things to become perfect. You don't need to feel bad that you don't have Kardashian amounts of money. You don't need to wish you were more famous than Lady Gaga. You don't need to wish you looked like the most current super model.  You have a future that is yours only- and will shine happiness in your heart, more than what "seems" like it's the perfect dream of others. Your dream is better- because it's been custom made just for you!

You are perfect just as you are and only YOU, will fulfill, the dreams that you were born with in your heart. No one else is going to steal your dreams, they are just like your fingerprints- they only belong to you. Yes, other people have fingerprints that may seem similar, but they are unique to each one of us, just like your dreams.

Each day look at the dreams in your heart...let the sparkle of each "dream jewel" shine and light up your face. Know that each hardship, each moment of pressure that you go through- know that each of those moments are just like how diamonds are created- under high heat and pressure.

Everything beautiful and priceless in life, like a diamond- every dream waiting to shine, every future waiting to sparkle- is made under the high heat of hardships in life and with pressure of difficult circumstances that you've made it through.

Don't wish for the easy route- the easy route, the "perfect" route, doesn't become valuable like a diamond, it doesn't shine with priceless beauty. Rejoice with each difficult thing in life, with each imperfect moment that creates the pressure to make your life and dream into a diamond!

People tried to discourage me that being a mom, would make it impossible to achieve my dreams...and my precious little babies, have been just the little diamonds that have led me and inspired my dreams. Don't listen to what other people say- they have no idea what God has put inside you to share with the world. And what God has planned for your future- ain't no one gonna stop!

I love you my precious diamonds. And like me, the pressures of the painful moments in life are the same pressures that make you strong like a diamond, shine like a diamond, and make your dreams sparklier and amazing just like a diamond.

Let the pressures of this world and life,  turn you and your future into the sparkliest diamond around... with dreams that will come true and shine brighter than the north star.
I love you my diamond, your kandee

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Anonymous said...

You're such a positive uplifting person. I love seeing what you have next on Fb, your blog, YouTube. You're awesome

Candice said...

Kandee Johnson this is what I've been needing to hear. I love you so much!!! You are my number 1 inspiration and when it's my time to shine and people are listening they'll ask, how did you get above your demons!?! And I'll say kandee Johnson helped mee!!! And I love your make up you have taught me so much everyone loves the make up I apply and everyday I want to give you a hug and thank you. I hope you are so happy inside because of what you've given to other people! Kim and lady gaga only share stories and take take take...even though I like them they don't give to the world like you do...

JustGadi said...

I'm 28 years old and have 17 month old baby girl I haven't acomplished much in my life. I have always used my " growing up in a violent home" as an excuse but reading ur blogs and watching ur videos made me want to change just enough so my baby girl can be proud of her mama when she grows up.... Just like ur kids will be when they grow up and see everything u have done for them for others but specially for yourself.

Flor said...

I love you Kandee <3

Anonymous said...

This made me cry. Kandee, I wanted to take my life tonight. You saved me.

Anonymous said...

hi kandee
just to say I love your positve attitude! thanks for sharing the happiness and joy!
by the way, can you do a tutorial or give makeup advice for heavy monolided small eyes?

Kristin said...

Kandee you are always so right on. You always say the most insightful things. Thanks for your daily wisdom and kindness.

Amy Nicole said...

You are such an inspiration to me!! Such a positive, outgoing, sweet, genuine person!! And so gorgeous!!! As a huge fan, I love youuuuuuu tooooooooo :)

Briana said...

You're amazing ;)

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