Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New video and special filming location! Enjoy!

Are you ready! I have a first for you guys!
Here's is a brand sparklin' new video!
I was helping my sister through her labor and delivery of her new baby last week, going to and from the hospital, and dealign with the worst allergies I've ever had- my eyes were so swollen and sore and itchy, I couldn't even put make-up on my face! ha ha ha
BUT finally here is the "SHOP and TELL" (AKA haul) video from what I got my very first time in an ULTA store. An ULTA is kinda like a SEPHORA, except they have drugstore brands, like NYX and L'Oreal make-up to some fancier brnads like Urban Decay, Nars, and Benefit, but not all the higher end brands of make-up like MAKE-UP FOREVER or super fancy like Dior.

But here's what I got! I was so excited for some of this stuff, but some just bombed out! You'll see! ha ha ha And you 'l see why I only have nail polish on one hand! ha ha ha

It feels like I haven't posted a video in years! ha ha ha And it was just one week!

So watch and enjoy my special "filming location" also!
(PS if you click on the youtube logo in the lower right hand corner, you can watch it bigger!)

yay for new videos, kandee

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Anonymous said...

Two things: I love your earrings AND I love that princess pig in the background! haha Too cute!

Anonymous said...

They sell gel nail sets at CVS with the lamp and a color and everything like you said in the video. All that glitters reviewed it and she had really great things to say about it so if you still want to try home gel nail kits you should check it out!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of your fun videos. They always cheer me up after a busiy day. Im a manicurist and i was so excited that u mentioned gel polish but i was screaming "nooooooo" when i saw you purchased supernail. Since your a cosmetologist get CND Shellac. It's the most gentle on the nail and the easiest to remove. Also the crinckling is from the product being too thick when applied. Just apply in really thin layers. Also make sure to shake the bottles really well.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Jordan in your blogs any more???

Starshineguero said...

Hi Kandee! I was wondering if you could either do a makeup tutorial for redheads with blue eyes or just suggest some colors that compliment. It is really difficult choosing colors that don't clash with my hair! Maybe do a Christina Hendricks makeup tutorial. That would be cool! :)

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