Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dreamy Pink Kitchenspirations

(source: tumblr)
As they sang in one of my favorite Audrey Hepburn movies, Funny Face, "think pink!".....
"Razzle, dazzle and spread the news! 
And pink's for the lady with joie de vive! 
Pinks for all the family. 
Try pink shampoo. 
Pink toothpaste too. 
Play in pink, all day in pink"
I am in "pink-love" with all of these kitchens!!!

The above kitchen is a couple things I love: vintage, girly, pink and I love that buttery yellow too!! I imagine me pulling up to my house in my 50's Cadillac with big fins and carrying my groceries inside! I I just learned that the "checkerboard" kitchen above, is the home of Miss Dita Von Teese!
If you are worried your hubby may frown upon a pink kitchen... my grama always told me, your husband should not tell you how to decorate the house- that is a woman's sanctuary, you don't tell him how to set up the garage! ha ha ha And if it makes you happier, he should enjoy his "extra-happy" wife, even if your kitchen is painted in rainbows!

 I am in love with this kitchen for like a bajillion reasons. The chandeliers, The white cabinets- I LOVE white cabinets. The gold stars, the white chairs, the hint-of-hot-pink wall!!!! Not too much pink- just enough to make you smile! I don't care how impractical white cloth furniture seems- it's just gorgeous!
(above pics source: decorpad -Megan Winters)
Not too sure about "pink floral" wallpaper, but I still kinda like it! I love the little sitting area by the window, right off the kitchen. And the Strawberry Shortcake-like print on the barstools is just adorable! My Alani would love this kitchen, too!
And it turns out I really want to wear a ruffley apron and bake a cake in Kirstie Alley's "cottage house" in Maine! I love this- it just makes me want to whip up some cream cheese icing and slather it on everything!
and yes, her house is for sale even- this could be your kitchen! ha ha ha
See it on realtor.com, for reals.
 And you can't leave out your mini-chefs! This retro pink kitchen is too cute for words! And can I just tell you how I love windows like that! This cuteness of course, hails from Pottery Barn Kids!

 if you want to just dazzle up your kitchen with a hint pink ...you can always turn to Kitchenaid and their "Cook for the Cure" to support the fight against breast cancer. Girly, pink and helpful! Good time to drop a hint for Mother's Day gift, too! hee hee hee

wishing I had a pink kitchen (someday I dream of buying my own home, so I can paint my kitchen hot pink if I want to, and paint big striped walls everywhere!)....your kandee

Click here to see my little "pink cupcake and her pink make-up" for a smile!

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Anonymous said...

On my gosh!!!! Those are soooo cute:)

Christina C. said...

I'm in love. I wish I could have everything toilet. Love Kirstie's cottage!!

Christina C. said...

Lmao.... Toile I meant. Stupid auto correct.

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