Friday, May 18, 2012

My Mom Does My Make-Up & Answers Your Questions

Here's the video I had planed on uploading on Mother's Day, but my memory card had other had plans to go bonkers and not properly save the last part of the video.
So here' is 75% of the "20 Questions with my mom while she does my make-up"...
It is so fun, I thought I would just upload it anyway. And my mom tells some "awesomely embarrassing facts about me"...ha ha ha
We could never recreate it again the same fun way!

But if you want, comment below if you'd like to to see another "mom does my make-up" video- the whole thing, next time! ha ha ha ha

I love my mom. I loved the questions you guys asked. And I love this video, even if the end is missing! ha  ha ha ha ha

Enjoy having fun with me and my mom!
*CLICK the YOUTUBE logo in the lower right hand corner to watch it bigger.

look ma' see what else I post online:


vdaygirl214 said...

Just finished watching the video. I miss my mom sooo much now! I clicked on the link from YT to see if you had any photos of the finished look on here. Waaah~ you don't! ;( Well, glad you had a fun time with your mother. I'm thinking about filming "my daughter does my makeup" vid. LOL!


DOLLYx3 said...

Hi Kandee, you have the sweetest Mom ever! Thank you for sharing this kind of video and would like to see another video with your Mom. You and your Mom are soooo cool! God bless you moooore than you can ever imagine and your Family as well!

Lots of Love from Vienna, Austria
Cindy :)

Cherry Berry ~~ said...

This is so sweet I asked my mom some of the same questions and some times it's just so great to reflect back on the times and memories that have passed. :) thank you for sharing!

JustGadi said...

Thanks for sharing your life or bits of it with us! U r a wonderful mom, person, daughter, sister .....

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