Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The only beauty product I apply on the plane:

How you can do your hair and put make-up on, but after hours of being on a look like you just woke up. Maybe the air in planes just makes you look washed out, older and dryer than you were before you got on the plane- all that recycled air! ha ha ha

 sometimes, and what always amuses when I upload pics from my camera, only to be surprised by photos that I have no recollection of taking, but somehow hit the photo button...I like how my finger is actually in the shot of this one- the others were far worse, so that is why I'm only posting this one as an example.

And this is one of those photos...after we've flown, where it looks like I put no make-up on what-so-ever....and the lovely "greenish" lighting helps make one look "extra-not-good" ha ha ha ha ha....

Imagine the make-up that gets applied in the plane, before you see all those celebrities step through the airport...or their giant sunglasses! Now ya know why! ha ha ha

Not a celebrity, not wearing sunglasses, and the only make-up I applied on the plane was lip balm...ha ha ha ha

hugs and lip balm, kandee

Oh my gosh! You have to click here to see the little video of baby, Ellie in the airport- it's a cute 8 seconds!

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Eva said...

Don't agree... If you weren't our celebrity, we all wouldnt be reading your blog. A celebrity that I want to celebrate. Like Walt Whitman said: "I celebrate myself and sing myself"

You sing and we celebrate :-)

Anne said...

Kandee! I know you get random people everyday telling you how awesome you are, so just to add to that number I want to let you know how truly inspiring you are to me. When you post a new video, it literally makes my day and I think your one of the nicest, most classy, funnest people I know. You have helped me so much in my beauty journey, and I value your opinion a lot! I love the bag you designed (I'm trying to get my mom to buy it for me:)), I have bought many products you've recommend, so I guess what I'm trying to say is thanks. I have been wanting to let you know what an icon you are to me for a long time and I kept putting it off thinking you'd just see it as words on a screen, but I finally decided why not. So here is a real breathing teenage girl :)letting you know you mean a lot to me.

Cherry Berry ~~ said...

Kandee I still think you look beautiful. :) but with the new restrictions on the planes with how much you can actually bring on to the plane really limits as to what I can and can not bring on to the plane to use. :( I wanted to say I love reading your blogs, you have inspired me to start my own I hope you might just give it a read :)
-Cherry (I know I gave sweet name like you) ^^

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