Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dear 2011,

Dear 2011,
Why were you in such a rush...
I feel like we hardly got to know each other. I barely got used to writing your name and now you're gone, like the wind. I am proud of you, for going down in the books as the fastest year yet. Thanks 2011 for making me another year older.
Stay sweet, never change, your pal Kandee

...but here it is, the last day of 2011....
maybe your 2011 was not so great....
maybe your heart got broken...
maybe you were sad...
maybe you lost your job...
maybe you lost someone you love....
maybe your heart got broken....
maybe you had a birthday...(ha ha ha ha)
maybe you had some great things happen...
maybe you had a baby (like me)....
maybe you got married....
maybe you cried....
maybe you felt depressed for a little bit...
maybe someone made you mad....
maybe you won the lottery (but probably not)
maybe you got an email from someone in another country saying that if you sent them your bank account information they'd transfer 11 million dollars into your bank account (that was not a real email)
maybe your cell phone broke...
maybe as soon as you got a new cell phone, a newer version of that same cell phone came out days later
maybe you realized that...oh shoot, tomorrow rent is due......

No matter what your 2011 was like....2012 is going to be your year to shine, love, grow and start your dreams-coming-true! Don't be afraid. Be courageous. Be Bold. And get ready for great things to happen. This year, ...and great things are going to happen! You are amazing...and the world is going to see it!
I love you....I hugging you into 2012.....

2,012 hugs...your kandee

What is 1 of your hopes and/or resolutions for the New Year?

One of my resolutions is: to try to sleep more and not blog and edit all night long
And one of my hopes, is that I can continue to encourage others and be a little ray of hope, sunshine and love in a world that's mostly negative, dark and unhappy.

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Friday, December 30, 2011

One of My Favorite New Years Looks of All Time!

Have I got a treaty poo for you!
This is quite possibly, one of my favorite make-up looks of all time.
It is my New Year's Make-Up  Look I did a couple New Years Ago...
and I love it- it's matte, sultry, natural looking yet packed with a glam punch of "oh-la-la-ness"!
It's a little glam, a little thexy, a little "i love it!"....

(So if you missed it, CLICK here to see my NEWEST NEW YEARS LOOK.)

Let's send 2011 out with a big bang shapow....and welcome 2012 in with a huge hug hello!

Watch this video, back when I had my favorite lighting ever, my painterly paint pot eyebrow trick...and awwwww my old black cuff watch, that my friend made me, out of my Grandpa's watch (who is waiting in Heaven, now).... if that tutorial wasn't's a "HOW NOT TO GET KISSED ON NEW YEARS VIDEO"....I hope it makes you laugh!


Huge, giant, big, enormous, cuddly, hugs.....happy almost last day of 2011....
your kandee

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

DIY Hair Decoration

Why not add some dazzle to your do'?
Time to bust out your craft box- I've got a DIY (AKA Do-It-Yourself) for your hair do!
It's a Hair-Do'-It-Yourself!
I saw these jeweled headbands at the store the other day...they were a little to much money for just a headband with jewels glued I thought I'd show you guys how to make one for way cheaper!

It's easy, fast and anyone can do it! Great for little girls too!

plain headband - (a wide one is good for this so you have room to glue big jewels on)
fake jewels - all different sizes and colors ( I got mine at Michael's craft) For this look the kind with the metal base and prongs will look great to recreate this look, or you can just use the plain jewels too)
jewel glue- special glue for jewels, plastic or fabric is a must have (you could use hot glue, but it will make the jewel raised up a bit)
~I like this Liquid Fusion
~Aleene's Tacky  Glue (this works for everything)
STEP 1.  start with your plain headband
*tip- pick the side you part your hair on, or like best to place the jewels on. One side works best, you could glue it all over, but it might make the headband a little heavy.
 STEP 2.  apply a little glue to the back of each jewel and place them on the head band
* works well to set them on the headband first to see how you like them arranged first. Then glue them after you pick a good "jewel design"
 STEP 3.  Let dry and get ready to add some dazzle to your do'!
and I made my sister put this on and model it for me this morning while she was washing dishes..hee hee...I promised I wouldn't show her face as she had no make-up on, and it was right after she woke up! ha ha ha

PS Thanks sister for being my hair model.

Crafts, Piles of Jewels...and Dazzling Hair... your kandee

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kissable New Years Make-Up Look

Time to bid 2011 good bye and HELLOOooooo 2012!

And what better way to ring in the new year than by looking and feeling absolutely beautiful (and quite kissable with a sassy pale, nude mouth)...
Whether you heading out to Times Square in NYC, a club to dance the night away, a small gathering with friends, or you'll be curled up on the couch with a cup of hot will look gorgeous!

This pretty "smokey-nude" eye look will catch the twinkle of the night sky, candlelight, or the glow of your tv! ha ha ha *sidenote, I will be staying in for New Years if that makes anyone feel better! 

And for this video, I'll show you the "splurge" and "beauty bargain" options to create this look- so whether you have drugstore or Sephora goodies laying around you can create this look!

And at the end of the video, I'm trying something new- I'm answering some questions about things people ask in the video like, "where'd you get your ring", "your earrings"...all that kind of stuff too!

So sit back, get ready to look stunning on New Years....and be the most beautiful one around midnight- prepare to chase off all those who want to kiss you! ha ha ha ha

I love you guys so much! And to all of us that are ready for a bigger, brighter, better New's the first step to feel like a new you!

Huge hugs and even bigger, crazy 2012 glasses or funny hats!...

Now get comfy....and come hang out with me in this video:

*All the links and everything I used in this video and bargain alternatives are below!

Here's all the make-up I used. 
Beauty Bargain and Beauty Splurge options!
*and because everyone asked me to do a look with the Urban Decay Naked Palette 2....I used some colors from it for this look!
(I put this little "*" next to all the things I used)

On the Face:
L'Oreal Visible Lift Foundation (it makes your skin look perfect)
Cover Fx Concealer and Powder

splurge option
drugstore option:
L'Oreal  Hip Studio Secrets Eyeshadow in
L'Oreal Infallible 24 Hour Eye Shadow in Endless Black *
L'Oreal Infallible 24 Hour Eye Shadow in Endless Pearl
L'Oreal Studio Secrets Eye Shadow in Lavender Smokes

Smolder Eye Kohl Eye Liner from MAC

Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Black Noir *
Maybelline Line Express Eyeliner in Ebony Black

Nars blush in Amour *
Maybelline Fit Me Blush in Medium Pink

MAC Lipstick in HUE (a nude pink) *
L'Oreal ColorRiche Golden Splendor # 805 (good more medium to dark skin tones)
NYX Lipstick in Athena #542 (good for light / fair to medium skin tones)
Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Pink Sugar #900 (great for all skin tones)

MAC Lip Pencil in Plum & Oak *

Revlon ColorStay Lipliner in Rose (great nude light pink lip liner alternative)
Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Liner in Toast #100 (great alternative to SPICE from MAC or NAKED from Urban Decay)

Lip Gloss:
Any nude, peachy or piny lip gloss will work.  I used ones that were limited edition (that drives me crazy) from MAC. I used  BOREALIS LIPGLASS from the Daphne Guiness Collection for MAC (it's a silvery pearl)

I used BLUNT from MAC to contour cheekbones
Shell Cream Highlighter from MAC with
Silver Dusk Highlighter on Top of the Shell

You are all more beautiful than you know! And may 2012 be a year filled with joy and dreams coming true!
2,012 hugs... your kandee


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How To Store Eyeshadow & Make-Up Palettes

Ever wanted a easy way organize your eyeshadow or make-up palettes?
I've got an easy way to store all your palettes:
*MAC  Make-up Palettes
*Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palettes
*Ben Nye Palettes
*Graftobian Palettes
*Z Palettes (the pink, leopard, and zebra print palettes shown- they are the empty palettes with the see-thru tops that you can put any brand in)
*to Too Faced, Tarte, Stila or just about any palette you have!

You can fit pretty much every make-up palette, eyeshadow palette, even lip color (like the ones from Graftobian) palette in here!


I found this really cool, small dish rack in the kitchen department at Bed, Bath & Beyond.
Each of the spaces for dishes fit make-up palettes perfectly! I was even able to just stand my larger Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palettes, up in the back!

*I just put a few of the palettes I had laying around in there. But believe me, I have enough to fill this guy up! Ha ha  ha

Try your local grocery store, Target, Ikea, Walmart, Ross, or even the Dollar Store for some cheap dish racks to de-clutter, and organize all your pretty eyeshadow palettes!

huge love and organized palettes...your kandee

Monday, December 26, 2011

What I got for Christmas....

These are a few of my favorite things I got for Christmas....
besides having everyone with me...(they were my favorite gifts) favorite people got me some of my "new favorite" things, that I'll probably be wearing in my videos and people will ask where I got them..and now you'll know, they were gift and I have no idea where anyone got them!

My sister always get me some of my favorite famous yellow rose ring- my sister got me.
And this year she got me some favs too:
The purple stone necklace with the chains...
And the gold dangling star earrings....she got me too! Oh thank you Sister Claus!

And I put in a request for Betsey Johnson Glittery Make-Up bags! See them on the right.....they are coated in glitter and a layer of plastic, so no glittery mess!
I also got a Betsey Johnson Leopard ring!

And my mom got me a Gwen Stefani Harajuku Perfume in Angel- it smells delicious, like candy (not me, but the sugary treat!) ha ha ha...I love all things that smell like Vanilla or Candy!

And a collection of vintage jewelry-the yellow and peach flower brooches, the rhinestone earrings, and the white bracelet with rhinestones on the side.

I love all things vintage!

So everyone got me everything I love.....glittery, sparkly, twinkly stars, anything Betsey Johnson or Gwen Stefani or vintage...and a little bit "rock" (literally that purple stone) and "roll"...I love the chains!

I would've loved if they just got me coupons for hugs...but I will treasure these gifts always....they were gift from their heart and I love that everyone knows me so well, they know exactly what I love and when I wear I'll think of them!

What was your favorite gift? Or your favorite gift that you got someone?

Huge hugs and love (the best gift around)...i love you all more than all the presents in the world...
you guys and your love is a gift to me everyday...
all my love, wrapped in pretty paper for you, your kandee

PS. If you want to see what our Christmas day was like, CLICK HERE to come see!


Saturday, December 24, 2011

5 Ways To Survive Christmas

(yes that was me in high school....many, many Christmas mornings, ago)

Sometimes the holidays are not as fun as they are for everyone else...

*Maybe the holidays bring memories of hurt or sadness.

*Maybe it isn't a happy time because we don't have a loved one with us.

*Maybe certain members of our family have a way of stealing all our happiness and ruining the "happy holiday spirit"!

*Maybe finances are making it feel like Christmas isn't as fun because we can't afford to get everyone the presents we like.

Here's 5 ways to help make it through the holidays if you are dealing with any of those things:

#1. Sad Holidays-
The holidays aren't always everyone's favorite time of year. Sometimes they come with a lot of memories of hurt or sadness. Maybe something that wasn't very good happened at Christmas time, and it has felt like it's ruined it for you. But, sometimes that is exactly the time to make new memories- time to forget what is behind us, and make new memories for the future. I have memories of holiday times when things were not very good and full of hurt and sadness...but just like the bigger picture of life- I'm not going to let the "poop in the past" , stink up my future! Make some new memories, wash the dirty ol' sad memories out of the memory laundry and get ready for some fresh new memories. If you keep focusing in the pain in your past, you'll never enjoy the gift of joy that is waiting for you right now.

#2. Missing Someone-
This Christmas makes my heart a little  because someone in our family is not with us.
And as much fun (or not fun if you have a difficult family member) as it is to be with loved ones, sometimes, for many reasons we don't have them with us.
And then I remember, Christmas is to celebrate the one who was born, who can comfort us, strengthen us, and bring great joy into our hearts, Jesus. God knows all the hurts in our our hearts, and sometimes when there is not comfort left on Earth, we might look to the comfort and love that God can give that is like nothing else we can ever, find, buy, or person we can be with.
I have been alone on holidays...and sometimes what helped me was telling myself, "this will make a funny story in the future! My little holiday I spent alone!" and "Next year I'm gonna' make it times better than this year!"
The memories of that person lives on in our hearts and we can take the joy that they gave us, and let in live in our hearts for them. They would want us to be happy and have a good time in their memory, I'm sure.

#3. And then maybe you wish a certain family member wouldn't show up!
I think everyone has at least one family member that you wish would decide not to come to all your family gatherings!
That one (or maybe more) person, who has a way of hurting your feelings, being annoying or rude, says things that no one should say, has hurt you in the get the idea and you're probably already visualizing that person in your head!
I have these people in my family. They make me worried that at any moment they are going to switch from being nice, to saying someone that will hurt my feelings. And others that have behavior that is just embarrassing or rude!
All you can do is: prepare for them in  your mind! Be prepared to let things they say roll off your back..not hurt you. Don't let them steal your joy, make you feel bad, worthless, or embarrassed. Treat them like an annoying sound you might hear- just ignore it and keep on doing what you're doing! The greatest  way to deal with awful people or family is to ignore them! And know that I love you- I think you're awesome..and I'm sending you extra hugs and love to know you're not alone in dealing with difficult family members...I'm preparing to deal with some of mine as we speak! ha ha ha

#4. Hey, where's my millions at? Finances took a holiday too... 
Sometimes due to a diet that our money has gone on, and forgot to tell us...or loss of a job...and kind of loss of can make us feel like we can't have a fun Christmas. Can't give the gifts we want, but Christmas, at the very core- without all the presents, Christmas parties (which I didn't go to any), big dinners...but mostly lack of being able to afford presents...makes us feel bad.
I I said in my recent, present wrapping video, once when I was a young married couple, and Jordan was a baby, we didn't have enough to buy a tree. So i cut out a tree shaped piece of cardboard from  a box and taped it to the wall. It was cute and very artsy! ha ha
Another year, to save money on tree decorations...we strung real popcorn onto string with a needle...and you know, it was so cute!
Another year when money was tight, instead of a gift we gave coupons for things like: FREE FOOT MASSAGE, I'LL COOK YOU DINNER, I'LL WASH YOUR CAR, FREE HUGS (even though that's a regular thing)....
and the best part is you can make it through anything, saying: "we're gonna make next year even better!"...and you better believe it!
God gave us the greatest gift in the world, his son, Jesus. To save our hearts and to help us make it through in anything, with him in our lives and joy in our hearts.

#5. Last but not least...Here's how to make your Christmas great no matter what:
*make a yummy cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream
*think back to your favorite Christmas memory and how excited you were as a kid
*know that next year, you have no idea how much more amazing and better it might be
*curl up with your hot chocolate and a blanket and watch your favorite old holiday movie, like Miracle on 34th Street (cool fact, Ben Nye did that make-up for that movie- I still love his make-up and got to tour their factory last year!)
*burn a yummy holiday smelling candle
*enjoy all the little cozy decorations you might have put up, even if it was just a cardboard tree cut out!
*and if you can help anyone bring a little joy into their lives, that is truly the best way to celebrate...

Merry Christmas to hugs are free and so is the love I've sending to you....
May God fill you each with love overflowing...and my joy dance in your hearts no matter what you may be dealing with, going through, or who you have to deal with this holiday time!

Extra hugs today and mugs full of yummy hot chocolate! I love you dearly, your kandee

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Friday, December 23, 2011

A Little Surprise From MAC- around the corner!

I know, I know...I already blogged about the sneek peek of the "day-after-Christmas" launch of the MAC Daphne Guiness Collection, CLICK HERE TO THE WHOLE COLLECTION , But there is a little extra surprise!!!
In the picture above you can see the top left corner'll notice a pretty little "beauty powder" TOO CHIC.
it is's a delicate, shimmer, highlight powder- not too glittery or sparkly...and the reason I like it, is because it's like my ALL-TIME favorite highlight powder from MAC, Silver Dusk...except it's not a loose powder and it's warmer and peachier without being gold -will look great on all skin tones!

I love the shades of this collection- it reminds me of a lovely watercolor, or a painting of ballerinas in shades of pink, and a stormy sky, hovering over the warm glow of the Eiffel Tower, or something romantic like that!
NOW: the only thing I know about the BEAUTY POWDER is that it is part of a new, exciting collaboration, that as soon as I know more about, you can get your blush, I'm gonna let you guys know!
Now, I already blogged about my favs from this collection...but I gotta tell you, and all my fellow NUDE LIP color lovers out there...this color:
BOREALIS in the MAC Cremesheen Glass....
is a bee-uuuuuuu-teeeeee-ful nude gloss- it has cool tones to cancel out any all all redness that is not part of the pale nude lip! ha ha ha
This is me wearing all the colors from the eyeshadow palette- which I love- warm taupes, grey, and nude pinks--- pret-tay! It looks so naturally pretty, but you could pump up the glam volume with the darker lip colors too!
And I am in love with the Ombre's like you get 3 colors in one! They need to do more of these- and they are just beautiful to look at.
*And the minty green nail polish is something I think I'm gonna love!!!

So get ready, like all other limited MAC collections, they are gonna all the good colors so fast it drives me nuts!

I don't know too much about Daphne Guiness, but I do know she's very creative and loves art and fashion. This collection, is like lovely hues from a painting hanging in the Louvre in Paris. I can't wait to hear what MAC has in store for the new collaboration with the BEAUTY POWDERS!

Who else is a nude lip fanatic? It's my go to, everyday, lip color...and no one will ever say, "you have lipstick on your teeth!"....ha ha ha ha

candy canes and may nude lipstick fill your stocking, your kandee

Thursday, December 22, 2011

8 Fun Ways To Wrap A Present

Get Ready to be:
The Picasso Of Present Decoration
The Sultan of Seriously Fun Present Wrapping
The Wiz of Wrapping
The Bieber of Bringing Fun Gifts (ha ha ha ha, ok that one was too much)

(I show a few more in the video and how to create these looks of my favs is the "coal" wrapping idea and the Prank Packs!)

#1. The Santa Presents 
-these look so stinkin' cute under the tree.
what you need: red wrapping paper, black duct tape, gold duct tape (yes they make that! Isn't that awesome?), gold glitter tape, the kind you get in the scrapbooking aisle at a craft store.

#2. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Wrap-
 this is one of my favorite and it will match your nails if you did my "holiday nail tutorial"! This is a really cute way to wrap kids presents. My kids love these!
what you need:
brown wrapping paper or brown paper bags, black, brown or white Sharpie Paint Pens, Elmer's Glue, and red pom pom balls.

#3 Hip Hop "inspired" Wrapping-
(this I made for Jordan, since he wears a gold chain like this too..ha ha)
what you need:
black wrapping paper (it looks more manly..and mine was matte black, you could do a "rat rod" version of this too), gold duct tape, and some fun gold rope or chain looking trim (I got mine at the Dollar Store)

#4. Candy Land Sweet Wrapping-
like a sugary delight from Wonka Land! And this goes with my "Kandeeland Christmas theme"..if you missed it, check out my Holiday House Tour by CLICKING THIS)
what you need: white or pink wrapping paper, a package of candy buttons.

#5. Gingerbread House Present-
this is so adorable...this is way more time consuming, but maybe you could just wrap empty boxes and use this as decoration! Might be too pretty to ruin by unwrapping! ha ha
what you need:
brown wrapping paper or paper bags, white pipe cleaners, fake snow, little candy stickers or decals from the scrapbooking aisle again, or you could really glue on real candies, a hot glue gun.

#6. Mustache Gift Wrap - AKA The Glam Stash
This is hilarious and these are funny for any males on your gift list!
what you need:
any color wrapping paper: I used black wrapping paper, and glitter wrapping paper I got at Michael's Crafts, Elmer's Glue. You can use the mustache stencil from my "mustache mug" tutorial HERE, to cut out the mustache shape and glue it on the present.

#7. Fashionista Zebra Print, Glits and Jewels
-any girly girl, big or small will love the "glammy zebra print" of this present wrapping!
what you need:
zebra print wrapping paper (I got mine at Michael's Crafts), glitter ribbon, any kind of plastic jewels to glue on, I got my glitter star name tags at Target.

#8. Snowman Gift Wrap
-he might be the only one that won't melt under any holiday stress!
what you need:
white wrapping paper, black sharpie paint pen, orange marker to draw on his "carrot" nose, black duct tape to make his hat, any ribbon for his scarf.

And there's a  few more fun ideas in the video too!

Now gather up your tape, scissors, and presents...don't forget your mug of hot chocolate...and come join me as I show you how to make create some of these!
**BONUS HINT: at the end of this video, is a special "alternative intro" featuring a special watch the end-it's my favorite, but my "editing advisor", Jordan..said to put it at the end!

Come on click play and let's go have some fun!

candy canes, wrapping paper and lots of tape.... your Kandee


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

9 Reason Why People Hate Tim Tebow or Anyone

I do not follow sports.
I didn't even really know who, Tim Tebow was until a few days ago, when they were making fun of him on Saturday Night Live.
I like his eye "eye blacks"....the cool "under eye make-up"-those things football players wear to keep the glare out of their eyes.

But Tim doing something great.
And there, my friends is right where the haters enter.
He is not just the quarterback for the Denver Broncos, he is a man with a huge heart and even bigger faith. He has multiple foundations...he helped opened a hospital in the Philippines, he has a Wish Foundation to make the dreams of children, with life-threatening illnesses, come true. He even has more foundations for children than just those!

So why is there an, I HATE TIM TEBOW Facebook Page?

9 Reasons Why People Hate Tim Tebow OR Anyone:

1. Haters don't have to look at themselves, or at their inner problems when they are so busy focusing on someone else- doesn't matter if it's a celebrity, schoolmate, family member or co-worker.

2. Some people's favorite pastime is to judge others. - Why look at your own problems when it's easier to point out everyone else's!

3. People are typically insecure. -And what makes you feel better about yourself that tearing someone else apart, right? (no, not right)

4. Haters feel better about themselves when they make fun of others.

5. Haters don't have to deal with the pain in their own lives, when they are distracted by gossiping about others.

6. People are jealous. - If anyone is doing better than they are, for any reason, they hate them for the success they have for whatever reason they are doing better than themselves.

7. People who are unhappy, like to complain with other unhappy people. - It's more fun for them to gossip about others than to try to think of cheering others or themselves up in a positive way or to even try to find the good in a person.

8. Tim Tebow is doing something great, he is standing up for his beliefs, and he is trying to make a change in the world, he has a message of hope to share. - Most people who are lost in hate-land, despise anything good that someone their are "hating on", does, especially if it has to do with someone's faith in God or helping others.

9. Haters think it's fun to bully, make fun of and mock others. - It's a sad past time. And the saddest part of all, is they are so busy wasting their life away starting "I HATE TIM TEBOW" facebook pages, you can see the old saying: Where you put your time, that's where your heart is:
 focusing on hating someone. It's a sad group of people that focus their precious lives on "hating" someone...that in the end does nothing for them, but ironically make them focus their thoughts on someone they "hate".  It's kind of funny, or sad, when you think how backwards they are.

I like Tim Tebow. I'm a "liker" not a hater.
I just read this morning, this is one of his favorite scriptures (and mine too) that he wears as his, manly, "football make-up" (AKA eyeblacks):
Philippians 4:8-9, the Apostle Paul writes, "whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy – meditate on these things... and the God of peace will be with you."
I know many of you have emailed me about haters, whether at school work, the internet, or even in your own families...please share may not love football or even make-up...but one thing we need to do more of, is to love others and look for the good in people- when we do...we will notice how we have given out love and it has boomeranged back into our own lives....
huge love and join me in looking for the good in everyone (whether they are your favorite star, or favorite celeb that you "love to dislike", neighbor, or person you just know)... your kandee

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hair so good you wanna kiss it....

Everyone was asking what I did to my hair in my recent videos...well I cut my bangs and went back to me cutting my hair myself.
I know you've heard the saying: "If you want something done right, do it yourself"....
I've cut my own hair for years, for this very reason...even my "boy short hair". Well, except for this year....I let someone at a salon cut my bangs or as our friends in the UK call it, fringe.
Now I know there are tons of hairstylists that are amazing...but for me...not one of them has ever cut my bangs the way I love them...until then I'm gonna do it me-self!
And let me just say, it's been making me want to shave my head again....ok that was a bit extreme, but I have not loved my hair, it hasn't felt like "me".

Then I remembered my favorite hair has been when I cut my hair and "bangs" or "fringe", myself....enter this old video I did on "How to Cut Side Swept Bangs"....
Isn't that funny that I watch my own videos to remind me exactly how I did something....ha ha ha

So here it is, so you can have bangs or fringe, so cute that you'll want to kiss it. Or maybe you'll love it so much you won't need to kiss anyone on New Years, you can just kiss yourself in the mirror...ha ha ha...
ok, that might be weird.

Now let's watch this video on the world's most flattering bang-fringe style on any and every face shape - the more flattering than than a "how you doin' " guy's pick-up lines, hair cut how to:

Bust your shears  out and click play:

finish off this year with some hair you be lovin'....
BANG BANGS.... you kandee


Monday, December 19, 2011

My Candyland or Kandeeland Holiday House Tour

come on in....let me show you around my "candyland" themed Christmas decorations....
and yes, there is a video tour below too! Yay! I'm handing you a mug of "virtual hot chocolate" come with me....
  *giant candy is fun anywhere!
 *MY FAVORITE BUDGET-DECORATIONG IDEA: wrap empty cardboard boxes in pretty paper and ribbon and stack on top of each other for a beautiful decoration of an entry table, centerpiece or anywhere that need some dazzle!
 *my favorite room in the house- hot pink couch and a candy tree!

 *this poor thrift store table and chairs have been painted so many times, first black, now glossy white with the top a hint of minty blue. The chairs were first brown, then I spray painted them gold, now this happy buttery yellow!
 *these organic candy canes are the perfect "vintage" shade of red - (candy dish from Michael's Crafts)

 *giant candy ornaments from Michael's crafts (on sale for 70%! candy jackpot!)...garland, from Target last year- the ones this year weren't white.
*DECORATING TIP: I bought a bunch of cheap glittery ribbon from Michael's on slae for like $1.50...then you just wrap ornaments, trees, wreaths, presents with it and it looks beautiful!
 *BUDGET-FRIENDLY TIP: I got these glitter-foam shaped christmas trees for $1 for 5...just loop some tape around and they make the cutest window decorations!

 *BUDGET FRIENDLY DECORATING TIP: I got packs of "fake" candy canes for $1 from the dollar store. I also got the packs of 3 glittery snow flakes for my mantle at the Dollar Store!

 I made this wreath with ribbon, and candy cane ornaments and lollipop ornaments from Target. I put tons of Christmas light, cake stands, candy jars and all kinds of fun and sparkly things on my mantle. I wanted it to look sparkly, twinkly, and like a candy wonderland! I used some old ornaments I just wired to the wreath with ornament hooks.
 Stockings and the "happy holidays" sign (which I love because it looks vintage) are old and I can't remember where I got them...maybe target or michaels.
Here's the tree I scored at Target, after Christmas last year for 10 bucks!!! Well, it was supposed to be a lighted tree and the top half didn't work, but who cares, I just strung some more on!

The best part...the kids said: "thank you mommy for decorating our house so pretty"...that made it worth everything!

Now grab your mug, I'm handing you a "virtual" candy cane....let's cozy up because we're going to go on a video house tour now....and we're going to pop on outside...too, plus I'll show you my favorite Christmas decorating goodies and ways to hang things up!
Come on let's go....
huge hugs and another mug of hot chocolate...
the light is always on for you to come and visit me....
Merry Christmas & Fun Decorations! your Kandee Cane!

The only thing missing is one of my favorite things that I've loved since I was mom's old Nativity Scene- that's buried in her storage. It's not very "baby-proof-friendly" last night a bought a little Fisher Price Nativity Scene...because the birth of our Savior is the most beautiful gift we've ever been given. And that is at the heart of or family's Christmas...the decorations just make it feel fun. I actually saw a "happy birthday tree" at our was white and had pastel colored balloons, streamers, and birthday hats all over it- it was beautiful!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

10-4 Good Buddy - I got my Betty Paige Bangs On

this was me, one tough mother-trucker...rockin' out all rental car status...
circa: 2008
Things in this picture that have changed and are no longer with us (cuz that's just how life is- stuff breaks and your hair grows):
leather cuff = current status: BROKEN, TORN, RETIRED
yellow amber ring = lost: NO WHERE TO BE FOUND
black wrist cuff watch = BROKEN & RETIRED
my Betty Paige bangs = grown out

And man, I was more tan and more fit then too.
That's when I ran 5+ miles a day outdoors...hence the more tan-action.
Now the only "working-out" I do, is high-speed typing. Great.

Man, I need to start working out....and stepping out into the sunshine. If only the glare from computer screens wasn't so gnarly, I'd go sit outside and edit my videos.

Peep these babies that I spent many hours in doors, mostly late into the night when everyone is asleep, editing. 
I can this....what you may have missed this week, but not now, because I'm showing you...
and if you already saw these, that's ok MTV and the E! channel play the same shows like 87 times per week....

"hit me with your best shot"...who sings that?

I drank too much hot chocolate tonight....

let have some's what uploaded to the Youtubes this week:
(I have no idea why the "cute nail" video has that ugly thumbnail picture, I uploaded the cute one...thank a lot Youtube!)

happy Sunday.....rolling like skates....I'm out like a light...
huge hugs...kandazzler

Click here to read the post that made my heart melt onto my keyboard.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

4 Cute Christmas Nail Polish Designs

get ready to get festive for the holidays with these cute holiday nail art designs...
a little something different than doing a candy cane nail...
and these EASY factor on these is GREAT....I even do one with my left hand and I'm right handed, in the video!
#1. White Christmas Snow Glitter- a chic and modern holiday look, with crisp, snowy, white nails and white gold glitter falling like snow, down the nail.
#2. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Nails- cute chocolatey brown reindeer nails, with Rudolph's trademark red nose, cute little eyes to gaze at you with love, and some snow-capped tips for a twist on the french manicure!
#3. Gingerbread Man Cutie Face Nails- A cute little guy to cheer up and hand this holiday. Cute little dot eyes, and happy eyebrows, a "gumdrop dot" nose, and a swirl of whipped cream polish for his hair.

#4. And ofcourse, the Santa's Coat nails. Red nails, all dressed up with black buttons like Santa Claus' famous coat, and a "white fur" trimmed tip to finish off the Santa look!
Here's what I used...
White Nail Polish:
Zoya - Purity  (you can click the link, or I got mine at Whole Foods, they have like 2 billion amazing colors there)

OPI Big Apple Red (but the cap wouldn't come off- but I have learned after many helpful comments that you just run it under hot water for 5-10 minutes- I'm gonna try!

Dreams - Flee With Me

Essie - Little Brown Dress (dark brown)(Get this at Target or Walmart)

Dreams by Neihule - Walk By Faith (lighter brown)

LA Colors Art Deco Nail Polish (they used to sell this at Forever21, too)

White Gold "Snow Glisten Glitter":
Martha Stewart White Gold Glitter (I got at Michael's Crafts)

Seche Vite

And now without waiting another Elf-wrapping second....
come hang out with me as we do some Holiday Nail Art!

And PS. Because I got a bunch of comments on Youtube asking where I got my red ring- I don't know because it was a present! I wish I knew though!

Huge Candy Canes and Glossy Nails that will make people smile... your Kandee Cane

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