Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ready to Get More Naked: NAKED PALETTE 2

 Yes...because it wasn't enough to just get the first NAKED palette, which was instantly sold out Urban Decay has just released today, December 1st...the NAKED PALETTE 2!
(video below)

Urban Decay invited me and several other bloggers to try out the palette before it came out a few weeks ago, but we weren't allowed to talk about it at all, until today! They sent us the palettes and then we were supposed to take pictures of "where we get naked" the gnome in Amelie, we would take pictures of where we wore out NAKED palette colors....I think all the bloggers will be on their website. I don't even know who the other bloggers are yet!

*no bloggers were paid to participate. no bloggers were hurt during the blogging. only bloggers who love Urban Decay, and love this palette were allowed to participate! Urban Decay doesn't test on animals...only bloggers! ha ha ha Just kidding! And they shipped us out the press sample palettes to drool over and play with! 

My sister was visiting me, and used it every day to put her make-up on! Everyday I asked what she had on her eyes, because it looked great and everyday she was like, that same palette! But each day it looked totally different!

So let's get down to business....
here's the old naked palette swatches:
1. Virgin  2. Sin   3. Naked  (love this color) 4. Sidecar  5. Buck (love this color too)  6. Half Baked  7. Smog  8. Dark Horse  9. Toasted  10. Hustle  11. Creep  12. Gunmetal (one of my favs)

1. Foxy  2. *Half Baked (the only color that's in both palettes)  3. Bootycall  4. Chopper  5. Tease
6. Snakebite  7. Suspect  8. Pistol  9. Verve  10. YDK  11. Busted  12. Blackout (I love that they added a black matte shadow)

 Original Naked Palette is on TOP & NAKED Palette 2 on the BOTTOM
~My "naked" take on these- at first glance you might think they look similar, but the original NAKED has more gold and yellow and peach-bronze hues, where the NAKED 2 has cooler more taupe colors with some mild golds, matte colors, and more muted bronze colors.

The "original" naked palette: has a lot more shimmers, and more golden-gold-bronze hues, like the 3 middle colors. I love the steel blue, Gunmetal too!
The NAKED 2: I love that they added a matte (no shimmer or glitter) black, I love that there are more matte colors, TEASE- a light dusty taupe, is gorgeous, and Pistol a silvery-grey-with hints of warmth, and VERVE are amazing on the eyes. And I like the light options of Bootycall and Foxy, for highlighting the inner corner of the eye

I love that the NAKED 2 palette, comes with a dual sided brush AND the NAKED lipgloss,
which is a beautiful nude rose- amazing, everyday wearable color on everyone!

This is the one palette you may want to add to your Christmas list. Even if you normally wear drugstore brands, this is worth putting on your gift list! And this is a great deal on so many shadows, a brush, and a lipgloss- plus, I like the sturdy metal case it comes in too!

I just found out on the website, the palette cost $50. But it would still probably sell out in hours, if it sold for $100! ha ha ha ha People went nuts over the last NAKED palette, they were selling on ebay for crazy amounts of money!

I read FASHIONTOAST 's blog, where she said the only palette she took to travel with was her naked palette! And I've done the same thing too! Now I'll have to be super "naked" and take them both! ha ha ha

Go check out the Urban Decay site, to see if any of these babies are left! The first NAKED palette sold out so fast it was insane!

huge hugs..and no I'm not naked...I always blog fully clothes....but my eyelids are naked! ha ha ha
hugs and clothed, your kandee


Aisha said...

Thank you for sharing Kandee! I can't wait to get my hands on it!

Aisha said...

Its not availabe on the UD website yet, aaaaah! Lol

Anonymous said...

OMG!! Can not wait to get my mitts on this palette!! :) x x x
P.S luves to Kandee!!

Katelyn said...

Aw I wish I cold get my hands on it :( I'm too broke for all the good stuff! I

GLMM90 said...

omg cant wait to get it awesome ill be reviewing on my blog too

Dani*LaLa said...

I should of known this was coming;). Just told hubby that i wanted it for Christmas.

Jill said...

Thank you for sharing Kandee! I was lucky enough to get my mittens on one! I'm so excited to play with it!

Anonymous said...

Kandee you are so wonderfully kind for posting this!! :) you description is even better than the UD website lol thank you! I'm gonna run to sephora as soon as I can, I can't wait to get my hands on it... ahhhh I'm so excited :D

Semi said...

I'm a makeup artist from Ecuador and I've been CRAZY for urban decay for 13 years!!! I have been collecting their books of shadows and most of their palettes, but by far my fave is the naked!! As you and fashiontoast say, I too have traveled only with my naked palette! I can't buy the naked 2 until it gets sold in amazon, because in the UD site they don't get international credit cards... Can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

Stop calling the original Naked makeup pallet the old one !!! I just bought it yesterday and now feel like I spent $70 on an old thing(im in canada) :( its classic

Anonymous said...

I just received the naked 2 palette for christmas and was hoping you could do a few tutorials with it. Please and thank you! Hope you have a merry christmas.

Anonymous said...

I always wanted these palletes but I don't know which one to get. since I have blue eyes I heard the first one will bring out my eyes. im definitely buying the naked1 for Xmas and the naked2 next month for my birthday :) great review!!! :)

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