Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How To Store Eyeshadow & Make-Up Palettes

Ever wanted a easy way organize your eyeshadow or make-up palettes?
I've got an easy way to store all your palettes:
*MAC  Make-up Palettes
*Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palettes
*Ben Nye Palettes
*Graftobian Palettes
*Z Palettes (the pink, leopard, and zebra print palettes shown- they are the empty palettes with the see-thru tops that you can put any brand in)
*to Too Faced, Tarte, Stila or just about any palette you have!

You can fit pretty much every make-up palette, eyeshadow palette, even lip color (like the ones from Graftobian) palette in here!


I found this really cool, small dish rack in the kitchen department at Bed, Bath & Beyond.
Each of the spaces for dishes fit make-up palettes perfectly! I was even able to just stand my larger Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palettes, up in the back!

*I just put a few of the palettes I had laying around in there. But believe me, I have enough to fill this guy up! Ha ha  ha

Try your local grocery store, Target, Ikea, Walmart, Ross, or even the Dollar Store for some cheap dish racks to de-clutter, and organize all your pretty eyeshadow palettes!

huge love and organized palettes...your kandee


Anonymous said...

I try to organize as much as possible but i need more tips on how to organize my make up center can you make a video on how your main make up studio is like please ? (:

Anonymous said...

Another cute way to store/display your shadows is by buying a sheet of metal, hang it on your wall, buy small dollar store magnets and glue them to the backs of your shadow pans and palettes. There's a cute pic of this idea on Pintrest!

Caryn Alonso said...

This is awesome! What a great idea, thank you kandee! I was just going threw my make up bag and it just doesnt have enough pockets to hold everything the dish rack looks nice and open and easy to get to! Lol.. Im always scrambling threw my bag this would be way neater. :D

AmieB said...

Check out muji acrylic cases!!! They are pretty cheap and work perfect!

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