Thursday, December 22, 2011

8 Fun Ways To Wrap A Present

Get Ready to be:
The Picasso Of Present Decoration
The Sultan of Seriously Fun Present Wrapping
The Wiz of Wrapping
The Bieber of Bringing Fun Gifts (ha ha ha ha, ok that one was too much)

(I show a few more in the video and how to create these looks of my favs is the "coal" wrapping idea and the Prank Packs!)

#1. The Santa Presents 
-these look so stinkin' cute under the tree.
what you need: red wrapping paper, black duct tape, gold duct tape (yes they make that! Isn't that awesome?), gold glitter tape, the kind you get in the scrapbooking aisle at a craft store.

#2. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Wrap-
 this is one of my favorite and it will match your nails if you did my "holiday nail tutorial"! This is a really cute way to wrap kids presents. My kids love these!
what you need:
brown wrapping paper or brown paper bags, black, brown or white Sharpie Paint Pens, Elmer's Glue, and red pom pom balls.

#3 Hip Hop "inspired" Wrapping-
(this I made for Jordan, since he wears a gold chain like this too..ha ha)
what you need:
black wrapping paper (it looks more manly..and mine was matte black, you could do a "rat rod" version of this too), gold duct tape, and some fun gold rope or chain looking trim (I got mine at the Dollar Store)

#4. Candy Land Sweet Wrapping-
like a sugary delight from Wonka Land! And this goes with my "Kandeeland Christmas theme"..if you missed it, check out my Holiday House Tour by CLICKING THIS)
what you need: white or pink wrapping paper, a package of candy buttons.

#5. Gingerbread House Present-
this is so adorable...this is way more time consuming, but maybe you could just wrap empty boxes and use this as decoration! Might be too pretty to ruin by unwrapping! ha ha
what you need:
brown wrapping paper or paper bags, white pipe cleaners, fake snow, little candy stickers or decals from the scrapbooking aisle again, or you could really glue on real candies, a hot glue gun.

#6. Mustache Gift Wrap - AKA The Glam Stash
This is hilarious and these are funny for any males on your gift list!
what you need:
any color wrapping paper: I used black wrapping paper, and glitter wrapping paper I got at Michael's Crafts, Elmer's Glue. You can use the mustache stencil from my "mustache mug" tutorial HERE, to cut out the mustache shape and glue it on the present.

#7. Fashionista Zebra Print, Glits and Jewels
-any girly girl, big or small will love the "glammy zebra print" of this present wrapping!
what you need:
zebra print wrapping paper (I got mine at Michael's Crafts), glitter ribbon, any kind of plastic jewels to glue on, I got my glitter star name tags at Target.

#8. Snowman Gift Wrap
-he might be the only one that won't melt under any holiday stress!
what you need:
white wrapping paper, black sharpie paint pen, orange marker to draw on his "carrot" nose, black duct tape to make his hat, any ribbon for his scarf.

And there's a  few more fun ideas in the video too!

Now gather up your tape, scissors, and presents...don't forget your mug of hot chocolate...and come join me as I show you how to make create some of these!
**BONUS HINT: at the end of this video, is a special "alternative intro" featuring a special watch the end-it's my favorite, but my "editing advisor", Jordan..said to put it at the end!

Come on click play and let's go have some fun!

candy canes, wrapping paper and lots of tape.... your Kandee



Gisell said...

Love this post

Leah LasVegas said...

So CUTE!! I ❤it ALL! Also where'd u get get u sweater??

Yaritza said...

So cute! I always look 4 fun was 2 wrap gifts; makes it fun!!

Cyndy Pegues said...

You inspire me in so many ways with your kindness,
Thoughtfulness, and creativity. Thanks for the smile! :)
Have a beautiful Christmas!

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