Monday, December 5, 2011

DIY Craft & Gift Idea: Mustache Mug

Want a cheap, cool, easy and fun gift or craft idea?
Look no further than the mustache mug or coffee cup I have for ya!

This cost me, well after buying the ceramic pen,...$1 to make! Yes, for a buck, this will be your cheapest Christmas gift idea ever! And it's super cool and fun to give! You could even paint a set of 6! Give them to everyone you know, boyfriend, dad, sister, uncle, aunt, friends, co-workers- and they'll never know it only cost you a dollar a mug! You can even just paint up a set for yourself!

HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED: (and watch the video below for how instructions)
 1. a plain mug or coffee cup (I got mine at the Dollar Store)

2. any kind of clear-ish scotch tape

3. scissors to cut out your mustache stencil

4. the Mustache stencil that is below.

5. a ceramic paint pen that you can bake, and it will become dishwasher safe. I used the Pebeo Vitrea 160

HERE'S THE MUSTACHE STENCIL: (just print out and it's already to the size you need. You'll cut out the part, just watch the video how to do it below!)
Now that you have all the stuff you need ready...let's get craftin'!
Come jump in this video with me, my supplies and me and waiting for you at my kitchen table:

mustache' mugs and hugs, your kandee

PS. If you wanna know where I got my mustache sunglasses in the video, CLICK RIGHT HEE-YAH.



cburrington said...

This is fantastic and my entire family is getting one!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!

Nicole Lemos, Makeup Junkie said...

This is AmAziNG!!! Loves it & loves you ;)

k8lin said...

Mustashes are everywhere right now, and I'm loving it!!! Thanks for the greatly groomed idea!!

Anonymous said...

looks just like the one i bought at Urban Outfitters

Jojo said...

U are too cute! My daughter wants to give friends mustache rings...i love this idea more!!! Thank u!

Anonymous said...

how long do you cook it for and at what temperature also great idea it's really cool

Anonymous said...

The website says... Place in room temperature oven and allow it to heat up to 325 degrees F. The bake for 40-40 min. Hope this helps!

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