Friday, December 30, 2011

One of My Favorite New Years Looks of All Time!

Have I got a treaty poo for you!
This is quite possibly, one of my favorite make-up looks of all time.
It is my New Year's Make-Up  Look I did a couple New Years Ago...
and I love it- it's matte, sultry, natural looking yet packed with a glam punch of "oh-la-la-ness"!
It's a little glam, a little thexy, a little "i love it!"....

(So if you missed it, CLICK here to see my NEWEST NEW YEARS LOOK.)

Let's send 2011 out with a big bang shapow....and welcome 2012 in with a huge hug hello!

Watch this video, back when I had my favorite lighting ever, my painterly paint pot eyebrow trick...and awwwww my old black cuff watch, that my friend made me, out of my Grandpa's watch (who is waiting in Heaven, now).... if that tutorial wasn't's a "HOW NOT TO GET KISSED ON NEW YEARS VIDEO"....I hope it makes you laugh!


Huge, giant, big, enormous, cuddly, hugs.....happy almost last day of 2011....
your kandee

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Anonymous said...

watched all of them! i love you soo much! i watched my first video of you today and spent the last 3 hours watching them! you are so amazing! your a beautiful girl and dont let anyone spoil your new year! hopefully all of us can get a kiss! haha

Love You,

Karlie said...

This has nothing to do w it, but how's your leg? I remembered today. I hope you're like new again. Pls respond.


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