Friday, December 9, 2011

What To Buy A Guy: 14 Of The Coolest Gifts For Guys

 Victoria's Secret has nothing on me and the gifts I've found!
I've got 14 of the coolest, most fun, and unforgettable gifts you'll ever give. Don't just give boring gifts- give the gift of awesome!

It's HERE! My world's coolest, best, greatest, most fun and funny gifts for guys!
No need to worry what to buy your: 
  • brother
  • dad
  • boyfriend
  • guy that's not officially your boyfriend, yet
  • brother-in-law
  • son
  • uncle
  • or hubby...

Here's just a sneak peek at what's in the video- 
 World's Largest pair of underwear- SHOWN ABOVE...
(these could also make a fun "put on your big girl panties", gift for a friend or sister- these would be hilarious to stencil that saying on, too!)
I hope you love this video! Now watch and I'll link all the stuff and where I got it below the video...Now let's hang out and let me show you some awesome gift ideas:

The MOST Awesome 14 Gifts for Guys (and links to where I got em'):
1. The DIY "Mugstache" Mustache Mug (cost me $1 to make)- i made it myself.

2. Old School Calculator iphone Cover -
(they also have an old camera style phone cover, old nintendo controller, and an old radio)

3. Football Salt & Pepper Shakers-
4. Bacon Candies - mmmm gross, I know.

5. Bacon Pop -

6. Bacon Toothpaste - yes, I taste it in the video...mmmm smokey 

7. Star Wars Mimobot Flash Drive -

8. Men's Mustache Socks -

9. Chrome Azzaro Colgne - smells soooooo good!!! I've seen it a few places or just click the link.

10.  Guitar Pick Punch - make your own guitar picks! 

11. Toilet Tee Time Golf - (my dad's gonna love this!)

12.  World's Largest Underwear - ha ha ha ha -

13. Native Union Pop Phone - phone for your cell phone, ipad, iphone or computer-

14. Turtle Beach DX11 Dolby Digital Sound Headphones - www.

Now maybe I should do a video on funny ways to wrap these awesome presents! ha ha ha

Happy gift-giving! My favorite part is watching people open their presents!
huge love and even "huger" underwear....ha ha ha ha.... your kandee kane (my self-imposed holiday moniker)



Nicole Lemos, Makeup Junkie said...

Ummm love you, love the back ground, live the gift guides!!!! Thanks for all your videos and posts!!! Much love

Cyndy Pegues said...

These websites should seriously pay you something
for all the business you're going to get them. :) Thanks
for all your fun ideas they're always different and
most definitely never boring!

JoAnn said...

Kandee i love u.u are so funny!! Thanks for all the time you spend to spoil us w your talent and awesome humor :)

men watches said...

This was the funniest video ever!!! So entertaining! I

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