Saturday, December 17, 2011

4 Cute Christmas Nail Polish Designs

get ready to get festive for the holidays with these cute holiday nail art designs...
a little something different than doing a candy cane nail...
and these EASY factor on these is GREAT....I even do one with my left hand and I'm right handed, in the video!
#1. White Christmas Snow Glitter- a chic and modern holiday look, with crisp, snowy, white nails and white gold glitter falling like snow, down the nail.
#2. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Nails- cute chocolatey brown reindeer nails, with Rudolph's trademark red nose, cute little eyes to gaze at you with love, and some snow-capped tips for a twist on the french manicure!
#3. Gingerbread Man Cutie Face Nails- A cute little guy to cheer up and hand this holiday. Cute little dot eyes, and happy eyebrows, a "gumdrop dot" nose, and a swirl of whipped cream polish for his hair.

#4. And ofcourse, the Santa's Coat nails. Red nails, all dressed up with black buttons like Santa Claus' famous coat, and a "white fur" trimmed tip to finish off the Santa look!
Here's what I used...
White Nail Polish:
Zoya - Purity  (you can click the link, or I got mine at Whole Foods, they have like 2 billion amazing colors there)

OPI Big Apple Red (but the cap wouldn't come off- but I have learned after many helpful comments that you just run it under hot water for 5-10 minutes- I'm gonna try!

Dreams - Flee With Me

Essie - Little Brown Dress (dark brown)(Get this at Target or Walmart)

Dreams by Neihule - Walk By Faith (lighter brown)

LA Colors Art Deco Nail Polish (they used to sell this at Forever21, too)

White Gold "Snow Glisten Glitter":
Martha Stewart White Gold Glitter (I got at Michael's Crafts)

Seche Vite

And now without waiting another Elf-wrapping second....
come hang out with me as we do some Holiday Nail Art!

And PS. Because I got a bunch of comments on Youtube asking where I got my red ring- I don't know because it was a present! I wish I knew though!

Huge Candy Canes and Glossy Nails that will make people smile... your Kandee Cane

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lanie said...

My moms a nail tech and when her opi nail polishes get stuck she warms them up on the microwave for a few seconds and it makes it much easier

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