Saturday, December 10, 2011

You guys make awesome videos!

Sometimes people post videos they've made for me on Youtube...and they are so amazing, I just want to share them...these are ones I saw this week:

This video made me cry. No one can understand how much this means to me, to mean so much to someone that they would take their precious time, to make a video for me, is just incredible to my heart.
 Thank you so much Nicole, for letting me into your heart and of making this for me- (and may I say, you are one amazing video editor too!)...huge hugs and a gigantic thank you- i love this video:

And this video by Annie, is awesome! Her video is a quick-draw video...and she is so talented!
Thank you Annie- I'm so honored that you took time and your talents to drawing a picture of lil' ol' me! You did a great job! Huge hugs...

Thanks for posting these to my facebook so I could see them you guys! You really have no idea how much these mean to me. They really brightened my week and am I am so honored! I love you all!

Happy Saturday! your kandee

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CindyLyn said...

You are well deserving of such fan tributes. Do you have a snail mail or PO Box for fan mail?

Berrit Bites said...

Those are some wonderful videos! Your fans are just as talented as you are. They did great work, I hope they are proud of themselves. :)

Anonymous said...

Omg where did u get that chain necklace?? Its sooooo cool :)

Gretchen said...

Kandee.. I have recently found your channels and blogs and read them every day. You have changed my life in a great way both mentally and phyiscally. It is rare to find someone that pushes you to do what you love. I truley admire that and hope that it continues to rub off on me, so that I myself can be a better person. Thank you again from Kentucky!!

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