Friday, December 2, 2011

Brunette or Blonde?

Is is before and after time?
This is my mama-
BEFORE: with her natural dark brown hair
and AFTER: with a blonde wig I had laying around, on.

I loved how she looked with the blonde wig on, I told her I think she needs to really do this to her hair.
I love the haircut too!
What do you guys think?
I posted it on facebook and it got more comments than almost anything I've ever posted! ha ha ha

My mom is fun and open to new things, so she said since she got so many compliments (it made her day or year, to hear everyone say how young they thought she was!) And it might be easier for her grey "lovelies", to hide in blonde hair than nearly black hair. ha ha ha

So comment below, and she said maybe we could even do a video BEFORE and AFTER of her "blonde-ing" and hair cut!

I can't help but agree with you guys that commented that the lighter hair makes her look younger! What do you think?

Oh man, this is making me really want to do a fun drastic hair change too!

as thoughts of haircuts dance in my head... your kandee


Anonymous said...

Blonde!! She looks gorgeous!!

angel said...

Blonde. She looks years younger^^

Anonymous said...

I am crazy in love with the blonde on your beautiful mama!! That drastic of a change normally doesn't work, but your mom ROCKS it!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe not that blonde!! Lighter brunette or darker blonde with lighter pieces framing her face! Going that blonde may be too damaging for her and it may be hard to maintain a perfect tone of blonde.

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful either way. But my vote is for blonde with both hi & low lights! The cut also looks amazing drawing attention to her fabulous bone structure! Sending both you & your mom lots of love from Houston! ~

Fantasia said...

Blonde!! I would to know how you guys do it if you decide too cause I would love to go blonde myself!! She looks like your younger sister with the blonde hair!! Beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the blonde! She looks like she could be your sister! Love you Kandee, and all your helpful videos!

Anonymous said...

Blonde!!but maybe not that blond....

levakrueger said...

shes a beauty in bout ways but i think she look hot and yanger with dark hair :)

Anonymous said...

I think your mother should keep the dark hair! She looks more sophicated !

Anonymous said...

Your mum is so stunning, as is yourself. Your
Mum should go dark brown it suits her more. Dont
Let anyone bring you down kandee your just sp amazing

GodsGirl said...

I like the Dark Color. I think she should do a Carmel bang foil to lighten it up...not too much..just a little. Dark hair makes your skin look good too. : )

Anonymous said...

Blondes may have more fun, but Brunettes do it better ;)
I think natural, cuz her brows match,
Its what God gave you therefore its what looks best on you :)
It slims you're face,
Even blondes dye their hair dark (usually black)
it brings out the color of you eyes, that's why we all use black eye liner ;)
Its a proven fact that brunettes are smarter,
brunettes woman football team beat the blondes 6-1 .... Games total for charity.
Dark hair is intriguing therefore, sexy.
My boyfriend says so, and he's a blonde :)
And if diamond are your best friend, try living in a diamond mine without people, food or water hun.
Dark hair makes you look lighter, blonde hair usually doesn't look right when its fake.
She looks beautiful either way, but feeling comfortable in you own skin is what its all about momma Kandee!

Anonymous said...

She does not look older with dark hair, that's mean! She looks the same except for her eyebrows match. Either way gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

honestly..i think the makeup shes wearing with the dark hair is too much..too dark of colors and I think thats what makes her look older in that picture. With the light hair..she appears to being wearing less makeup. Maybe just the difference in lighting. Soft natural tone makeup would look best in my opinion. As for the color of hair..she looks good both ways but personally I think the black hair looks best on both y'all. Lots of love xxx

Katelyn said...

She's gorgeous with both blonde a brunette colors! But I'm gonna vote blonde just to switch it up a bit ... I love dying my hair diff colors it makes my boring hair more fun ! If she doesn't like it she can always go back dark... But judging by the pic with the wig I think she, & everyone else, will love it!

Jayne said...

nooooooooo!!!!! brunette definitely! she is so striking with her dark hair! she could lighten it a little but not as blonde as that, her hair will really dry out. maybe a chocolate brown? I couldnt believe she was your mum when I saw your video! beautiful woman, easy to see where you get it from!

this is my first ever comment to you Kandee, I just wanted to say how much I admire you. you are so talented and gorgeous, and your beautiful soul really shines through to make you even more stunning. I LOVE YOU!!! xxx

Wynna said...

Being an almost platinum blonde myself I'm a little bit biased, and I do like the blonde, but I think she should keep her gorgeous dark hair. First of all, it is very striking the way it is, and she would have to do extensive bleaching to go as light as that wig which would destroy her hair in no time.

Secondly, I watched my mother-in-law, who had the most gorgeous lustrous auburn hair, go light blonde and she went to a light blonde and it aged her at least 15 years. Your mom would be better off buying a really nice wig so she could try it for a while without having to commit to it.

My colorist explains it like this...once you bleach the color out of a strand of hair it is like an empty straw. When you try to fill an empty straw everything just slides right out. So if your mom goes blonde and hates it then she will have to constantly re-color it to keep the color dark.

She's beautiful just the way she is. Why mess with perfection?

Anonymous said...

I love both looks. She is beautiful, but I think blonde is a younger, fresher, softer look that brightens & makes her look years younger!!!

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