Thursday, December 29, 2011

DIY Hair Decoration

Why not add some dazzle to your do'?
Time to bust out your craft box- I've got a DIY (AKA Do-It-Yourself) for your hair do!
It's a Hair-Do'-It-Yourself!
I saw these jeweled headbands at the store the other day...they were a little to much money for just a headband with jewels glued I thought I'd show you guys how to make one for way cheaper!

It's easy, fast and anyone can do it! Great for little girls too!

plain headband - (a wide one is good for this so you have room to glue big jewels on)
fake jewels - all different sizes and colors ( I got mine at Michael's craft) For this look the kind with the metal base and prongs will look great to recreate this look, or you can just use the plain jewels too)
jewel glue- special glue for jewels, plastic or fabric is a must have (you could use hot glue, but it will make the jewel raised up a bit)
~I like this Liquid Fusion
~Aleene's Tacky  Glue (this works for everything)
STEP 1.  start with your plain headband
*tip- pick the side you part your hair on, or like best to place the jewels on. One side works best, you could glue it all over, but it might make the headband a little heavy.
 STEP 2.  apply a little glue to the back of each jewel and place them on the head band
* works well to set them on the headband first to see how you like them arranged first. Then glue them after you pick a good "jewel design"
 STEP 3.  Let dry and get ready to add some dazzle to your do'!
and I made my sister put this on and model it for me this morning while she was washing dishes..hee hee...I promised I wouldn't show her face as she had no make-up on, and it was right after she woke up! ha ha ha

PS Thanks sister for being my hair model.

Crafts, Piles of Jewels...and Dazzling Hair... your kandee


glitter dogie said...

Can you show more photos of the finished headband please!!

Anonymous said...

Can you make a tutorial on your jeweled phone case? Please! Thank you! You are amazing! :)

annpaige said...

Too cute!!! I see them everywhere and they cost like $20 at most places. I never thought of making my own, but I just might give it a try.


Anonymous said...

Wow how creative! My daughter is having a salon birthday party and I am going to make these to put in each girls party favor bag! This is great thanks for the idea :)

Christine Williams said...

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Christine williams said...

I'm so sorry, lander keeps coming up instead of kandee!!!!!!

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