Friday, December 23, 2011

A Little Surprise From MAC- around the corner!

I know, I know...I already blogged about the sneek peek of the "day-after-Christmas" launch of the MAC Daphne Guiness Collection, CLICK HERE TO THE WHOLE COLLECTION , But there is a little extra surprise!!!
In the picture above you can see the top left corner'll notice a pretty little "beauty powder" TOO CHIC.
it is's a delicate, shimmer, highlight powder- not too glittery or sparkly...and the reason I like it, is because it's like my ALL-TIME favorite highlight powder from MAC, Silver Dusk...except it's not a loose powder and it's warmer and peachier without being gold -will look great on all skin tones!

I love the shades of this collection- it reminds me of a lovely watercolor, or a painting of ballerinas in shades of pink, and a stormy sky, hovering over the warm glow of the Eiffel Tower, or something romantic like that!
NOW: the only thing I know about the BEAUTY POWDER is that it is part of a new, exciting collaboration, that as soon as I know more about, you can get your blush, I'm gonna let you guys know!
Now, I already blogged about my favs from this collection...but I gotta tell you, and all my fellow NUDE LIP color lovers out there...this color:
BOREALIS in the MAC Cremesheen Glass....
is a bee-uuuuuuu-teeeeee-ful nude gloss- it has cool tones to cancel out any all all redness that is not part of the pale nude lip! ha ha ha
This is me wearing all the colors from the eyeshadow palette- which I love- warm taupes, grey, and nude pinks--- pret-tay! It looks so naturally pretty, but you could pump up the glam volume with the darker lip colors too!
And I am in love with the Ombre's like you get 3 colors in one! They need to do more of these- and they are just beautiful to look at.
*And the minty green nail polish is something I think I'm gonna love!!!

So get ready, like all other limited MAC collections, they are gonna all the good colors so fast it drives me nuts!

I don't know too much about Daphne Guiness, but I do know she's very creative and loves art and fashion. This collection, is like lovely hues from a painting hanging in the Louvre in Paris. I can't wait to hear what MAC has in store for the new collaboration with the BEAUTY POWDERS!

Who else is a nude lip fanatic? It's my go to, everyday, lip color...and no one will ever say, "you have lipstick on your teeth!"....ha ha ha ha

candy canes and may nude lipstick fill your stocking, your kandee


Cass said...

I heArt nude lips! My lip drawer is a rainbow of nudes hahaha :) I got fleshpot on your recommendation an it is my new fave! It's nude, but a little peachy so it almost feels like I'm wearing a color! Can't wait to try borealis! My lips are very pigmented so most colors just look too bold so I mostly stick to nudes to tone them down

ebony said...

Man, I have so many nude shades of lipstick and gloss it's ridunculous! But how can u pick just one? They are all so unique! Nudes are my favs, fo sho!

Unknown said...

That light pink blush is to die for! Love it! May have to get that

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know when the beauty powder too chick comes out? Is it part of that collection ?

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