Tuesday, November 22, 2011

MAC MakeUp: what's next?

It's Daphne Guinness takes over MAC...
for those of you scratching your head, and needing to google Daphne Guiness...I'll give you the brief bio:
She is the, 44 year old, heiress to the Guinness beer empire, she is prominent in the fashion world, and  may currently be known for her white and black striped hair....or
 her artful way of dressing. Her story goes, like every girl's: born an heiress, married a shipping billionaire...and so on...(just kidding, that is so far off from every girl's life...but that's part of her "fame") then gets to create a color palette for MAC using her love of art. She watercolors that she took out and spit in, to start mixing colors at her first MAC meeting. 
She was said to have brought her own palette of watercolors to the first meeting for her MAC collection, and spit in it right there and started mixing colors...ha ha ha!
She loves art and I think she really enjoyed bringing, perhaps, the colors of her favorite paintings to the medium of make-up...take a look, they're beautiful and they have the colors of maybe an english garden on a stormy day- the subtle colors of garden roses with the backdrop of a greyish white cloudy day...

PIGMENT Aurora Pinked (taupe frost) Circa Plum (frosty dirty mid-tone lavender frost) Nebula (dark greyed brown with pearl frost) $20.00 U.S./$24.00 CDN
PRO LONGWEAR LIPCREME Warp Speed (lightsilver) Red Dwarf (blue-pink) Seasoned Plum (mid-tone lavender) Approaching Storm (deep rose) $17.00 U.S./$20.00 CDN
CREME SHEENGLASS Borealis (pale grey pink with iridescent pearl) Japanese Spring (pale dirty pink) Narcissus (dirty eggplant) Richly Revered (deep brown plum) $18.50 U.S./$22.00 CDN
POWERPOINT EYE PENCIL Engraved (rich black) *these are not new to MAC* Grey Utility (uniform grey)  * I do already own this grey and it's a great grey! $15.00U.S./$18.00CDN
EYEBROWS Fling (light taupe ash blonde) Stud (deep rich blackened brown) $15.00U.S./$18.00CDN
EYESHADOWX4 Interior Life Quad Stratus (light pink matte) InteriorLife (mid-tone grey blue veluxepearl) Bruised Sky (dark lavender-y grey satin) Heather Belles (dark charcoal/carbon satin) $38.00 U.S./$45.00 CDN
BLUSH OMBRÉ Azalea Blossom- (light cool pink) Vintage Grape (mid-tone violet pink) $26.00US/$31.00CDN
NAIL LACQUER Hyperion -(light grey blue green crème) Endless Night (pale grey pink with iridescent pearl frost) Blueblood (deep eggplant crème) $15.00 U.S./$18.00 CDN

My FAVORITES....I think I like both the Blush Ombre colors and this Warp Speed, whitish silver...looks like the same exact shade of Covergirl frosty silver I wore all the time in high school! I  love it by virtue of "old lip color love". And I pretty much like all the lip colors....the dark colors take me back to when my hair was about an inch long, platinum blonde and I would wear this dark, dark plum color from MAC all the time!

So there was your MAC attack makeup update....

oh, these babies  are going to be launched in the US, December 26th, 2011 and in January 2012, Internationally at  all MAC locations everywhere.

Mac-a-lacka-ding-dong.... your kandee

PS... do you love, like, or pass on any of these new colors?


Sarah said...

The ombré blush looks great. I missed out the last time they had them so I will make sure I pick up one of these. Thanks for the post!

Aisha said...

Nice colors but kind of pricey. I will have to pass...

Lindsay said...

Those pigments are divine. I might need to get one or two, or three! Love ya Kandee:)

Anonymous said...

To be honest the only thing I noticed was her was her last name, but I had no idea Guinness had a Heiress. I wonder if the black & white hair is because of the way a pint of Guinness looks in the glass????(Ya know dark color beer with the white foam on top)I really do love all the colors and I really really like the way you descibe them to be Kandee. Just hold the spit thanks, I really don't see the art in that but to each his/ her own. It's so funny because I was talking on FaceBook about wearing my jncos jeans & airwalks & cutting my super long hair to my hears too.
I called it my grunge fun faze but I also remember my friends & me always wearing the darkest lip stick we liked. I always went for the darkest brown & of course the deepest reds there were that I could work with because (cause Gwen Stefani wore a red lip & it was my goal to look like her at the time) I also remember pairing the lip color with even darker lip liner so the liner stood out more than the lip stick lol haa.
When I grew outta that dark faze is when I started to wear more lighter colored nuddy browns but I still would wear my lip liner a bit darker. That's when I'd make my own lip stick colors and blendng the liner into the lip color so it was shaded & blended perfect. In other words it looks like what I would call a sunset darker to lighter. Which I showed my friend or anyone who'd ask how to do get that look so it didn't look like a pair of lips that needed to be filled in. That's when I stared to do makeup way back then. I'm so happy to go back to what I've always loved. And I still do my sunset lip I have to show you one day Kandee. You hear it all the time I know but you alone have inspired me to do well, me, myself & I. I can't tell you how appreciative I am for that & so much more you put out there. Which is why I believe....
You should be the next Viva La Mac girl. I really feel they need a real woman in more ways than one up there, you alone in body all of us, you inspire, creative? You have creativity running through your viens everyday,you know makeup,has a style all her own and will put makeup together like you've never seen before. And since no one knows or cares about me I vote you Yet ;) I believe in you and how much you have to offer. Nevermind the fact your beautiful and I'm more than sure everyone would love to see you all super viva la glamed out by mac a favorite of yours that you know how to work like no one busniess without spitting on anything. All I can say is I'd love to see someone real in everyway smart & beautiful up there. You have my vote!

CRIS said...

Thanks for making me smile everyday!!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving Dear!!!

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