Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Makeup Tutorial: EYE GLITTER

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Look!
It is GLITTER EYES, like no eyeshadow around!
This is my first collaboration video ever- which means I teamed up with another Youtube Guru to create a themed look together. And I teamed up with the person who is the very reason I started on youtube, my inspiration for starting my tutorials, Lauren Luke, or Panacea81, as she's known on Youtube.
Our CollAboration Theme:

I went with an dazzling, Glue & Glitter look, of sparkly, twinkling, gold on the eyes.
And a few lip color options.
(earrings: from a vintage-costume store on Melrose in Hollywood, Silver Sweater: from Zara)

Now let's go have some fun and "tutorial-it-up"! List of all the goodies I used below, too!
What I used to get the look:
(For anyone who might have lighter skin than me, you can use more silver-gold, or whiter pearl color on the eyes too!)
*Any gold or shimmer paint pot, cream shadow, or I used, the BEN NYE GOLD SHIMMER STICK CRAYON
*Any light pearly, gold shimmer for under the brow bown. I used NAKED LUNCH from MAC.
*Any medium light  gold eyeshadow, I used CHASE from the Urban Decay 15 YEAR Palette
*Any bright gold shimmery eyeshadow for the base color under the glitter. 
*Any dark bronzey-gold brown eyeshadow to emphasize the crease area. If you don't have a crease, just shade this in with the shadow to create a "crease illusion" . I used DARKHORSE and SMOG from the Naked Palette from Urban Decay.

*Apply the eyelash glue onto the lid: I used the Eyelash Glue from Urban Decay, because it goes on less clumpy and stringy than the DUO eyelash glue. And I like that it dries clear instead of whitish.
(and ofcourse it's safe to use on your lid, because it was designed to go on your eyes.)
*Then pat the cosmetic grade glitter onto the glue with a not-so-fluffy brush. MAC, BEN NYE, and GRAFTOBIAN all make cosmetic grade glitter to use on the eyes, as well as the URBAN DECAY Glitter I used from their glitter tattoo set.

*I lined the inner rims of the eyes with my favorite black eyeliner, SMOLDER from MAC.
*Any black Liquid Liner- I used the Penultimate Liquid Eyeliner from MAC in Rapid Black.
*Any black eyeshadow- I used the black from my BEN NYE Glamour palette, it's even darker and "blacker" than Carbon from MAC, over the liquid liner.
*Any blackMascara- I used the Super Curling Mascara from Urban Decay.
*Any demi-wispie fake lashes. I used the TEASE lashes from Urban Decay.

And you can watch the video for all the different lip options!

You cannot stop staring at the glitter on the eyes! It's amazing! And I show how to do, and how to get it off in the video too!

And here is Lauren Luke's "Christmas Collaboration" with me- she's so adorable, you just can't help but fall in love with her "adorableness"-

Stay tuned for the GLITTER LIPS tutorial too for the holiday!
glittery hugs..well no because that sounds messy...just hugs, kandee



camille lydia said...

I love it please keeps doing more videos like this :)

Anonymous said...

What is the name of the lip liner you used?

Abby Hudson said...

Kandee, I love this look! I love your videos, they make me happier! You continue to be a role model for me and an inspiration. Your kind works have really helped me overcome my depression, and low self esteem. I love your blogs and your videos, so please don't stop! I wish I could meet you! You remind me so much of my mom. She pasted away two years ago from cancer, but her spirit reminds me of yours! Have a marvelous day! Much love, abby:)

Jenna chung said...

OMG!!!! Totally <3 the eyes and can't wait to try it out for my Xmas party!!!! I'm a bit nervous about creating a 'crease' as I don't have a crease so maybe in the future a video on how to put make up on Asian eyes? Please?! Totally love ur work and am watch from Australia and we have MAC so I can try to recreate ur looks!!! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Love theeee videos, pls keep them funny as always. Love your spirit!!!

Audrey said...

I'm so glad someone just asked if you can do this look for Asian monolid eyes...cuz I totally want to know too!!!! Please please! Thank you! I love your work and your tutorials are spot on and so informative!!! And fun too!

Lenny Toucan said...

Hi Kandee, I adore this look and am hoping to rock it some time this Christmas. However, I tried the eyelash glue and glitter thing out on the back of my hand last night to see how easy it is and I COULDN'T GET IT OFF! :-( I used oil like you said, but it didn't shift, so I tried witch hazel, then oil and witch hazel together, then pretty much every other make-up remover I could find! Eventually I got it off but I had to rub so hard I thought I'd leave a bruise - and I don't really want to have to do that on my eyes!

Do you have any idea what went wrong?

I used Eyelure glue with 2 different brands of glittery loose shadows (BarryM and Benefit) - I know they're not actual glitter, but surely they can't be that different?

Anyone else have this problem?

X x

Haley said...

I tried this the other day with silver glitter, LA Splash makes pretty good eye glitter and they are cheap! I made the mistake of using the Revlon eyelash glue, oh it worked but didn't come off. Today I tried the lash grip adhesive, it worked and was way easier to take off, just had to be a bit more careful when applying the glue and glitter, but I think I like it better than the revlon just because of the ease of taking it off. I rocked the look at work and got so many compliments, girls kept asking what kind of eyeshadow I used. Definitely one of my favorite looks, now I need more glitter colors! Haha!

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