Friday, November 4, 2011

MAC Make-Up Sneek Peak: Miss Piggy!

the latest news in upcoming make-up collections for MAC is none other than Miss Piggy herself!
Yes, the beloved, "Moi, Miss Piggy" the star inspiration from the Star of Disney's upcoming movie, The Muppets (yay! I can't wait!) in theatah's November 23rd!

And to celebrate, Mac is launching a "wee little piggy" mini collection- ONLY available online!
Say "oui" to the Miss Piggy is simple, sweet, and made up of just 3 little glam treats:
Eyeshadow ~ Miss Piggy Pink ~ a midtone blue-pink (frost)
$15.00 US / $18.00 CDN *this is a limited edition color (swatch below)

Penultimate Eye Liner ~ Rapid Black ~ a true black
$17.50 US / $21.00 CDN (I do love the Penultimate Eye Liner and own this one already.)

Lashes ~ 36 ~ a full lash that creates a naturally dramatic look
$15.00 US / $18.00 CDN
(these lashes are not new...but they are very pretty, they are a mix of dark brown and black lashes so it gives a very natural looking glam eye lash- that adds drama without looking like a huge fake full strip of lashes)

I actually like that this only has 3 products, sometimes MAC launches have so many colors and sets it's overwhelming and no one can afford to buy the whole collection. I do wish they would've had a miss piggy lip color or gloss though.

*on the left is just the Miss Piggy Pink Eyeshadow applied right to my arm
*on the right is the shadow applied over a primer
(in this picture I'm wearing everything except the lashes)
The package says the eyeshadow is a frost, but it seems very matte to me, there may be a slight sheen but it's not what you'd think for a frost. I actually like it more matte like this myself.

I put only the Miss Piggy Pink eyeshadow over the entire lower eyelid.
Rapidblack eye liner in a heavy liquid liner.
Black eyeliner in the rim of the eyes and black eyeshadow over liquid liner.
A couple coats of Opulash Mascara from MAC.
I used the MISS PIGGY PINK eyeshadow as blush also  (I know call me crazy, crazy fun!) for a delicate pink glow on the cheeks.
I applied IN SYNC lip liner all over the lips, Plum lip liner (both from MAC) on the outer lip line and filled in at corners, then I dabbed the MISS PIGGY PINK over the lips too and applied a dab of a light pinky pearl lip gloss.
(and now with the lashes on....ka-blow! Lash power!)
these lashes are fun and add some extra dimension and dazzle to the lashes without looking crazay!
(yes the pearls are in honor of Kermit's beloved, Miss Piggy)

At first I wasn't sure about this pink color. But when I put it on my eyes, it is so beautiful, soft and romantic looking. It made my plain ol' brown eyes glow. This would look even more amazing on blue eyes! I really love this color- especially since I used it as my blush and lip color too! It's a 3-1 Missy Piggy Pink! Moi, moi and more moi! ha ha ha
Kermit will be in love with this color! And once Mac sells all their little Miss piggies, there will be no more little piggies going to market or to the MAC store! ha ha ha

Available November 14, 2011 North America and select countries...but remember it's only available ONLINE at:

and were off like Pigs in Spaaaaaaaace!.... 
"pretty in piggy pink"...kandee!

Do you love Miss Piggy or what? Who's your favorite muppet? I might go with Animal! Oh my gosh, can you imagine if they had done an Animal inspired collection! -it could be awesome!!! My brain is already coming up with colors!!!!


C.A.T.S Life@Thirty said...

Looove This!!!! Loooove You!!!! xoxoxo

C.A.T.S Life@Thirty said...

Loooove This!!! Looooooove You!!! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Do pinky tones look acceptable on older women? I am soon-to-be 46, and I worry about looking like I'm trying too hard.

Karen said...

Such a cute set! Awe I loved Miss Piggy as a kid! So fun to see her again! Love the pink shadow- how you applied the products looks phenomenal as per usual! :)

<3 Karen from

Anonymous said...

I like animal as well. That color collection would be sick righ now for Fall especailly sine it's fall here in NYC my FAV season by far with all the beautiful fall leaves, I also like his hippy side kick too MAN. I mean he's just awesome ya know! I love his sence of style it's outta this world. Lol yeah great impression right... I'm just really happy that The Muppets are making this come back so my 4 year old can have some kinda memory of them as I/ we do. Miss Piggy here I come!!! Hug & Kisses to the rest of the Kandee family. BTW I'm cutting my side swept bangs so wish me luck Kandee, I watched you do it a million times today. Now, I do my own brows which I had gotten lazy & started getting them done but I really nailed them, now to safe some more $Caching$ it really adds up I've saved hundeds on doing my brows myself like I use to but now more than ever it totally counts, hopefully my finge bangs will look as good as yours do. I'd love to see a different way of trimming them so Kandee if you could and know other ways of getting that pieces, two way wearing- side swept bangs that fall ever so nicely on your totally normal sized forhead, that you make look so easy & effortless to do like EVERYTHING else you touch, please I love to know. Can't wait to start beauty school NYC Chic Studios here I come w/ my side swept fringe bangs & Miss Piggy's MAC collection & of course Kandee Jonhson inspiring me all the way as you already have w/ my Kandee Family I'm fearless.FEARLESS and if I get a lil scare I love ytou guys are here xo

Unknown said...
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Brenda said...

Couldn't find it on-line :(

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