Thursday, November 3, 2011

Make-Up Make-Over

A Make-Up Make Over
 BEFORE    and         AFTER

I love make-overs! I love making a woman feel as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside.
Nora has been through a lot in life, she has lost both her mom and the man she thought she would spend the rest of her life with this year. She has raised her 4 sons, owned her own yard care business and most days does physical labor that mostly men do. Nora said she wanted a make-over so badly. She wanted to feel like a beautiful woman that has a future just as beautiful as her heart!
Nora's true beauty is her kind and loving heart- I just wanted her to feel special and extra beautiful!

 Come with us and watch and we take her from feeling like "the yard lady" to absolutely glowing with a fresh look at herself!

*my favorite part is in the comments people said she looks 20 years younger!!! this is gonna make her year!!

I show her some special tricks and products that can help turn back the clock and plump up the skin, hide some wrinkles and most of all make her feel as gorgeous on the outside as she is in her heart!

Nora is 56 years young...her heart and youthful out look will keep her young her whole life! But I wanted to show her how some cool products can help make her look as young on the outside as she feels on the inside!


#1. PRIMER- (to plump up skin and make wrinkles "disappear" yay!) 

#2. FOUNDATION- (with even more "make-you-look-younger-ness)

#3. CONCEALER PALETTE- (this is more for a make-up artist to use since it has such a huge range of colors, so if you're doimg this on youself, just use your normal concealer)

#4. COLOR CORRECTING CONCEALER- (I used this to clean up under her eyes after I put her eyeshadow on)

#5. Setting Powder

#6. Nude Spice Colored lip liner 

#7. Rosey Pink Lip Liner

#8. Blush (I used a a cool pink and light coral color)

#9. Eyeshadows - (I used a nude flesh color, soft taupey greys and a black eyeshadow)
 I used one of my favorite eyeshadows palettes-

#10. Rose Nude Lipgloss

#11. Fake False Eyelashes - (I used a full set of lashes because this will add the illusion of an "instant eye-lift")

*NOT SHOWN in the picture: I also used any old black eyeliner (I think I used Maybelline) you like and any black mascara (I used Covergirl Lash Blast)

BONUS: You will hear Blakey a lot in this video, he wanted to"help" with Nora's video...ha ha ha his "sound effects" in parts of this video crack me up! And baby woke up from her nap right at the end too!

So let's get ready to do a beautiful make-over on someone with a beautiful heart:

huge love and so happy to make people feel beautiful... your kandee

PS. Let me know if you guys like seeing these kind of make-over videos?


dorisa.L.V said...

First of all: that is a phenomenal awesome job of pretties you made for that nice woman, kandee!!! Second; I love your happy pink shirt! Is that a forever21 find? I love the final touch of flat ironing her hair! What a pretty lady!thanks for the effort you made to share that video!

Zulemx said...

Wow! She's pretty! Thanks for make her more beautiful! Thnx for share this to us! Love ya! Saludos desde Puerto Rico!

Erin said...

Wow she is so beautiful inside and out. Sorry for her loss.

Jessi Hartman said...

Kandee this is so awesome! She looks amazing!!! Where did you get those gold star earrings? And when are you going to do a video on the white chain earring you bought on Melrose in Cali? Keep doing what you do best, making peoplr smile :).

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