Friday, November 18, 2011

How Do I Look: Before & After Make-Under

BEFORE         &          AFTER

I found some more pictures to show you guys one of the make-overs from show, How Do I Look, hosted by Jeannie Mai, but allowed me and super-hairstylist, Kim Vo to join her on her cross-sountry make-up extravaganza! I did the make-up, and watching her transform into the gorgeous mom, her son was so proud of, was so fun!
In case anyone didn't get the Style Channel, now you can see the another one of the BEFORE & AFTERS!

This was more of a make-under. She was such a beautiful mom and woman...we wanted to bring the attention back to her beautiful face and kind smile.

Kim Vo, hair stylist to the stars, colored at cut her a new wig- she had shaved her head because it was easier to wear underneath all the wigs she loves to wear.
Me and Kim hanging onto the side of a Fire Truck as we screeched to a halt, when we surprised her at her house...her hubby was a fireman, hence the fire engine! ha ha ha
Her make-over was so awesome, to see how pretty and confident she felt, and how much her kids loved her new look.
 Her sweet teenage son, looked like he was going to cry when he saw his mom. He said before he wanted to cry because of how he was embarrassed by her "revealing outfits"...and now he just thought she looked so beautiful! It was so precious to see the love for his mom.

Hope you liked seeing this before and after, that maybe some of you didn't get to see! I wish I had a hot pink fire truck to ride to everyone's house that wanted a make-over...hee hee

huge hugs and happy friday, kandee


Brendon Tylor said...

Wow. nice artist! I feel very much visit your blog.Please another blog post melbourne

Unknown said...

Wow what a change. Thanks you all your posts and sweet words. You always put a smile on my face ;)

Katie said...

Hey Kandee!
First off I wanna say your amazingly beautiful and so inspiring!
Iv been into make up for a really long time I'm currently a junior in high school and am looking into a career in make up. But I need help! I don't know anything about what to look for ina school and my mom doesn't think I can go anywhere with make up. But I absoutly love it I spend my Friday nights putting on and playing with make up. I want to do something that I will always be happy with.
Thanks for your time:)
<3 Katie.

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