Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Where'd You Get That Wednesday

Here's my first "Where'd you get that Wednesday"....I thought I would post about the most asked: "where'd you get that" items of the week!
Because sometimes people ask where I got stuff. Like my
 "neon pink-flamingo" thermally fabric shirt...I wore in the "makeup makeover video":
as shown here in this "fabulous" screen grab from the video. I love this color, my eyes just want to eat it up and this shade makes you look really tan for some reason! I wish they made more shirts in this color!
I love this shirt, it runs pretty big and swingy, but that's the style of the shirt.
It's made really well and I will wear this for  years, so it was worth paying more than my normal Forever 21 prices, ha ha ha.
 Next up, the silver metallic sweater, which is so cool, because it's soft but looks like it's shiny chrome! I got to be my holiday sweater to wear for Christmas, but ofcourse I'm gonna wear it for other days too! It's from ZARA- Metallic Sweater in Silver , but it comes in a few other "glossy" colors too.
 And last but not twinkly, star earrings, which have pretty much been glued in my ears! I just love them, and I've gotten compliments from young girls, to little old grandma's, to guys...everyone loves the star earrings!
The only problem is I can't find them for sale online anywhere! I got them at American Vintage on Melrose in West Hollywood, but I called them and they don't have anymore, and they said they don't know where they got them. They weren't vintage, they were just with all their costume stuff. Big booooooooo, on that. I just stopped blogging and called them to double check!

*Also shown here, big gold "angled earrings", I think are from Charming Charlie's, and the turquoise glitter bow, I got at Hot Topic, but they were on clearance, so they might now be around anymore! I can't stand that! They get rid of the coolest stuff!

Let me know if you guys like this idea. OR if you'd want me to do a video version. AND if you have anything you want to know: "where I got it"!

huge hugs and wishing I had bought more than one pair of the star earrings, because I'm afraid the "gold" is going to wear off with how much I wear them, ha ha ha
hugs....your kandee


Anonymous said...

Hi Kandee!

Just coming by to say hello to you! Its kinda like "mission impossible" to get the chance to leave you a comment! See, everyone loves you! :-) as they should! You are such a beautiful & gentle spirit and your videos are so fun! Well, I'm a freelance jeweler from CA and I would LOVE for you to check out my wbstore & let me know what you think. I would def. Send you a few comp pieces if you'd like. That way, you could do an amazing video review & help me share my talents with the world! My webpage is I would really appreciate your support! Well love, I hope you have a great day! Much love!


Anonymous said...

Kandee, I love your new videos! I just watched your baby gifts one and love it! I'm pregnant with my first, but I was wondering about where you got your pink couch?! I have twin step-daughters and would love one for their room!! It's adorable!

Unknown said...

I loved your glitter eye tutorial! I'm doing it for a wedding this weekend. :-) I like the where did you get that wednesday idea. I say yes!

Erin Bunker said...

Kandee put clear nail polish on your earrings I learned that trick.when I worked at forever 21 if u put it on jewelry that has little stones they will not fall out of the ring also and it will look like you did not put anything on them

Anonymous said...

Kandee I would love to know where you got your gold chain anchor necklace

MissJess said...

I would L-O-V-E, love it, if you would do this and especially in videos!! So yes please continue to inspire me ;)!!! Xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Hey Kandee! Was wondering where the coral shirt you wore at the Beauty Social is from? I love it and have been searching for something similar to it everywhere but no luck yet :(

Anonymous said...

hey kandee I would love to know where u got your green concealer brush! much love all your videos and you!

Anonymous said...

Kandee I am home with the flu and have been watching your videos when I haven't been sleeping lol ! Love the stache idea stay beautiful and sweet xoxo Crystal

Anonymous said...

Love this idea. Yes, would be lovely if you did more.

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