Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Gel Nail Polish Experiment

I gonna give you guys the Kandee scoop on the Shellac Gel Nails...
I got them done exactly 2 weeks ago to the day at the Beauty Social and because they say this polish "will last for 14 days....
I said...well I'm going to conduct a little gel nail polish experiment!

So here I am typing this exactly 14 days later from that Saturday...with the results!
Here was me 14 days ago getting the CND Shellac Gel Nail Polish...(I asked if you can do this at home, but it's only a salon job for now...
The Shellac Color Polish I picked: Hotski for Tchotchke ~ a fun turquoise with a beautiful metallic shimmer.


The Application:
took less than a half an hour
aside from it needing to be done really quickly because they had the longest waiting list because everyone wanted the Shellac Nails- I got a couple bubbles in the polish on a couple nails
-but I think if she wasn't in such a hurry this may not have happened.
And the polish and top coat were so glossy and shiny you didn't even notice the bubbles really.
*nails cure in a UV lamp between coats

The Polish:
The color and finish is amazing! It looks like glossy paint from a hot rod or fancy car. I've really never seen nail polish that looks like it's plastic like this!
*it looks perfect like on a fake nail.
*the shine and glossy, wet look of the nails is incredible
*it's so smooth, looks a million times better than regular nail polish- makes you want to stare at your "new-car-like-paint" paint finish!

I am brutally hard on nail- regular polish usually looks like trash the next day on my nails (and that's with the toughest top coat).
What I put my nails through:
*soaked in water-
*washing dishes by hand
*giving 3 kids baths throughout the whole 2 weeks (that's lots of soaking in water)
Cleaning, scrubbing, scratching and chipping stickers, prying packages open with nails
Cooking, more washing dishes
After I take a shower and wash my hair my nails always get ruined somehow...

AFTER 2 weeks...the polish color still looked amazing...and I was SOOOO amazed, my polish didn't chip or come off at all, until the very last day that I took a started to peel as you can see here:
and you can see how much my nails polish is creeping away from my cuticle...hey but at least I know how fast my nails are growing!
 And my nails look so great and healthy after I took the polish off.   They give you special remover to take it off with, but I just peeled mine off - bad habit, I don't recommend this, but just telling ya' how I did it! ha ha

I shellac-ing love this stuff! I've never had my color look so amazing. And I cannot believe how it didn't chip, scratch, dent or ding the entire 2 weeks until the very last day! Everyday I thought, ok, today this stuff is gonna chip...and nothin!
I bet this is AMAZING on the toe nails! You could wear any socks, accidentally kick anything and no chips or anything!

I wonder if you could do cool color designs. And I wish they made a "do-it-yourself-at-home" kit. I don't know how much this cost to get done at a salon, because they did it for Free at the Beauty Social, but if you want to save time, polish and have your nail look great like  fake nails, but with your own natural nails...this stuff is a must wear!

You can check out all the other CND Shellac polish color, how it's done, and I think you can even find a salon where they do the Shellac gel manicures here:

aww...looking and my plain ol' nails wishing I had a shellac light and polish to do it myself! ha ha ha
naked nails... kandee

PS. if you were going to wear a color on your naild for 2 weeks, what color would you pick!?


Unknown said...

The shellac is amazing! My sister got married 2 weeks ago and we did it and I just took mine off! fabulous!..a friend of mine bought the UV lamp at sally beauty supply and gets the shellac polish at ulta and does them herself. She did say its pricey at first ($60 for lamp and polishes around $10 -$15), but did say its soo worth it, considering each time in a salon, its around $45...i just might have to invest bc I love it so much!!

calista said...

I no its not relevant to the post but i want to no if youl ever be in the uk?Xx

lauren reid mua said...

Gelish is even better. It doesn't peel. I love how even the glitter coats feel as smooth as a new boat!

Gabbz said...

I swear I should have invented this stuff! HAHA I used to get manicures and ask them to put gel over the polish and they would look at me like I was crazy! I still haven't got them done with shellac yet but now I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Just to let you know, you can buy the materials of the shellac and do it your self in your house, and don't have to pay $25 every two weeks (that's the cost in PR). I say the uv lamp and all the stuff that is needed on Ebay. And maybe if you look it up on google you can see other sites that you can buy them and do it yourself in your house...

gin0420 said...

GELISH at Sally Beauty Supply is supposed to be comparable to SHELLAC. They have a great selection of colors.

Kandee, thank you for continuing to share your thoughts, tips and tutorials!
~Ginger S., Tennessee = )

Tory said...

Hey Kandee! I absolutely loved the cnd shellac polish! So much that I looked into getting my own nail curer. The cnd ones are more expensive but probably do a better job curing shellac nails.( I found them on anazon) The ones you can get at sallys/ ulta don't seem to cure shellac nails as well as just gel. I think shellac is worth the investment!

Tory said...

And by anazon, I mean amazon! :)

Anonymous said...

I use Gelish at home and love it. I am hard on my nails too, but I don't know a reasonable woman who isn't. The application process demands more attention but I do it while watching recorded tv shows so its a win-win.

Louise said...

I would only get shellac done if it was a special occasion. My sister used to get it done every month but after about 6 months it rotted her nails completly and they had to be removed.

Jennie said...

Thanks for the fab review, had been umming and arrring about it but you've convinced me. Thanks for the great stuff - please continue with the make-up, jewellery, clothes and home design. Sounds like i'm pressuring but you have fab-u-lous ideas!

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