Saturday, November 12, 2011

How to Use Christmas Decorations All Year!

 Yes, I am listening to Christmas music as I type this. I wish I had a mug of hot chocolate in my hand too!
I love Christmas decorations- they are sparkly, glittery, colorful, twinkly and full of shine! I love them so much, I even use Christmas decorations all year in my house!
I went to Target last week to buy like toothpaste and came out with Christmas decorations! I bought those fun, vintage looking hot pink glitter stars and placed them on my chartreuse (I like saying chartreuse instead of "somewhere between yellow and green", say it, it's fun) cake stand, and they make me happy every time I walk by them!
 Then I saw these colorful, plastic ornament garland winking at me in Target, saying, "hey there, don't you wanna take me home. I'm loads of fun!"...and I said, "oh yes you are! Get in my cart right now!"....
I'm gonna put these everywhere. I might even use them for my background in my videos. Hey, I may even wear them...ha ha ha ha

*One of my favorite other "ornament" decorations is...........I bought some light pink disco ball ornaments onc clearance after christmas last year, and I put them in glass candy jars in my bathroom! I love them.

*Another fun one: I bought a little garland of "sugar-glittered" candy, and used it to decorate the curtains the top of Alani's curtains in her room!

Here's to multi-purpose ideas for Christmas ornaments!

Do you have any fun ways you've used Christmas ornaments? Share em with us below!

Wishing snow was falling outside....ok, just falling....I'm not a fan of the shoveling of the snow! ha ha ha

I know, and we're not even to Thanksgiving yet! ha ha ha Next all the stores are gonna have their bathing suits out again!

ornaments on my ears, kandee


Tarey Azbell said...

I love you Kandee! You rock!

Berrit Bites said...

Those are great ideas!

Anonymous said...

Im thee exact same way!!! I loooove Christmas :)

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