Monday, November 21, 2011

Join the Moustache Movement for MOVEMBER!

It's time to "think pink" and think "lady staches"....
yes, why should only men enjoy the wise mustache-twisting enjoyment of an upper lip occupied by a "lip scarf of fur"?

Did you know it's MOVEMBER?
It's Lung Cancer Awareness month?

(I think we should celebrate the rest of NOVEMBER-MOVEMBER with a bang!)

FYI: I've noticed there are 2 ways people spell MOUSTACHE or MUSTACHE, so I've switched it up and spell it different each time I use it! ha ha ha ha

What the moustache is MOVEMEBER? (read more here) But it's to bring awareness to Men's cancer issues...


I think it would be fun if we all started a facebook & twitter movement...let's all change our profile pictures to a picture of us with  pink MOUSTACHES to spread the "message behind our mustaches"!

*Either draw a moustache on your picture
 *draw one on with a pink Sharpie
*photoshop a pink mustache on
*or you can have fun and buy a pair of SUN-STACHES, the moustache glasses I have on!
*tell all your friends to get "stashy" with it and be a part of the mustaches with a message movement!

Let's see what kind of mustache change we can make on facebook and twitter, or anywhere else you have a profile pic..and share the reason for the stash!

MUSTACHE or MOUSTACHE twirling.... kandee

PS. I know we all know someone in our family and friends that has or has had cancer...I hope there is a cure for every kind of cancer, and we don't have to lose anyone to any cancer anywhere in their bodies, baby, child, man or woman...let's help bring every kind of awareness we can! My love, hugs, and encouragement and prayers to everyone enduring any kind of cancer right now. I love you and send hugs to your heart right now!

1 comment:

Amy said...

I think this is an amazing idea! You seem like such a genuine and happy person, and on top of that you are so beautiful! I watch all your videos and look up to you! You've really helped me with makeup too, so thank you! :)

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