Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Breaking News: Beauty & the coolest gadget ever!!!

Yes, it's about time for the NOVEMBER edition of: BEAUTY NEWS with KANDEE JOHNSON...
or should I say MOVEMBER!

Yes, this video may not have been out on the first of the month, but we are going to make the most of the rest of NOVEMBER and our moustache support!

Get ready for all kinds of BEAUTY on the WAY, a fun pink gadget that will help eliminate cell phone radiation...and I show you how to jump rope with someone in a video: (i know, I can't wait too!)

WATCH and see, but if you want the they are, click on the name:

Here's all the links and info for all the cool stuff I showed it that there video:

1. Sun-glasses With Moustaches

2. Lip & Heart Shaped Mixing Palette

3. Rachel Roy Eyeshadow Palette

4. Crow Perfumes- safe, natural and healthy fragrance

5. Shimmer Self-Tanner

6. Shady Lady Palette #2

7. MAC Holiday Collection

8. Lauren Luke Brushes (she was my inspiration for starting on Youtube...I love her!)

9. Pink Old School Phone Receiver For Cellphone and Computer - this also reduce the radiation your brain gets from talking on the cell phone up to 98%- read their website and be amazed!
Native Union Moshi Moshi Phone

PS...Don't forget, let me know, Do you want to see a HOLIDAY GIFT IDEA & BEAUTY GIFTS video too?

huge love and I be talkin' on my pink phone receiver... your kandee

PS See how to dress for Thanksgiving and find out what a "banana-corn-key" is here.



Anonymous said...

Yess! A gift idea video please

Anonymous said...

yes yes yes!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes! A gift video please(:

Anonymous said...

Hi kandee! The banana-corn made me laugh so hard... you're too funny :)

Anonymous said...

Kandee, I don't like the sunstaches. It's ridiculous, not funny

Anonymous said...

Love you Kandee! Love the stache too definitely a great way to get the cause some attention! :) A gift idea would be awesome. You always find the neatest "wouldn't have thought of that" cute products and ideas. Thank you for the fun and light you and your videos and blogs add to my day and sharing with us all the wonderful person you are!

Anonymous said...

Kandee, I LOVE these videos. Please continue them!!! And please make a Christmas video. I look foward to your videos.

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