Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2 Good Hair Days in 1- A NEW HAIR VIDEO

 Who wouldn't love to have a guaranteed 2 good hair days?!?
I'm gonna show you how to get this chic and romantic side bun- I've got a brand spankin' new video for you guys! (It's below)
1. It's easy. On an easy scale I give this 2 combs up!
2. It's fast. On the speed scale, I give this an out the door in less time than it takes to listen to 2 songs on your ipod. (maybe even one if the song is 4 minutes long!)
 It's pretty, sweet, looks effortlessly done and has a gentle girly-ness.
For all those people, like me who try to wash their hair every other day (as advised by every hair stylist too, to save that hair color job!)...after you wear your hair like this- it looks amazing with pretty "beachy curls"....me showing off my day 2 locks from the video...

Bobby Pins
you don't need all these, but I'm just showing all the junk I put up in my hair- my hair is thinner than angel hair pasta so I gotta put a lot of junk to make it look like I'm not going bald!

Now cozy up with your combs, sit back and let's hang out for a few minutes!

I love you more than a lifetime of good hair day,  your kandee

and remember: "If all that made your day bad, was a bad hair- you really didn't have a very bad day at all!"...ha ha ha ha

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Most Popular Car Colors for Your Nails!

 Did you know that the world's most popular car colors for 2011 (according to the DuPont Automotive Car Color Report) were:
1st place:
White/ Pearl White & Silver were tied
2nd place:
Black / Black Effect

I didn't even realize this until I thought about some of by favorite-of-all-time, go to nail polish colors that I've loved since I first bought nail polishes and they seem like same colors as all the cars I've ever had! ha ha ha (well, my very first car was a truck, that was kinda silvery-blue)

I've always loved white (no pearl, just plain white), black, and silver! They make any manicured, polished nails, have a little edge, a little modern edge, and can't help but feel a little rock n' rolly and tough.

So I was enticed by the beautiful display of Zoya nail polishes at Whole Foods....I also love them because they are toxin-free nail polishes! (No formaldehyde - yay!)
how fun would it be to have this whole wall too choose from!?!?
I already own the Zoya (white nail polish) in Purity, but I bought the RAVEN, which is black with a slight metallic look and TRIXIE, which is an awesome, tin, metallic silver!

And for the second week in a row they were sold out of the Anchor Base Coat, which I have been really wanting to try because everyone has raved about it. So I just bought the Get Even base coat!

And know hopefully with my basecoat, my nails will be as tough as a Hummer,  glossy as car paint,   sleek as a sports car, as shiny as chrome, and cool as a hot rod!

here's to nail polish colors that even guys will love, your kandee


Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Ugly Side Of Beauty

I always joke that sometimes people in the beauty world, have some of the ugliest attitudes! Sure they might be in the biz of making others look beautiful, but they do not do this with their attitudes!

Walking around in LA, can make you feel bad. Everywhere you look, it's mostly really attractive, thin, beautiful people. From your waiter or waitress to the people sitting next to you eating. Most people look like models, actresses or someone sort of something that requires you to be beautiful.

BUT....I must remind you, this is the town that was famous for creating movies with fake fronts...fake streets, fake houses, fake towns. Yep, any movie studio, used to have little areas, old west towns that looked real in the front, but behind the fake front was, just a bunch of things to hold of the fake looking front.

And sometimes that's how these people are. They look great on the outside- perfect hair, perfect bodies, perfect clothes but their only beauty is on the outside.

It's like looking at a big fancy house, but when you walk inside it's a dump, full of spiders, snakes, and there's no rooms, just an empty basement looking room that's dark and depressing.

I've met people that are very beautiful on the outside and that's how they are, like the fake house- pretty on the outside but how rude, mean and selfish they are makes them so ugly on the inside, no amount of make-up or plastic surgery will truly make them "beautiful people".

I once had a person in LA, tell me I smile too much, and that I'm going to have so many smiles wrinkles because I'm always smiling.
My great-great Grandma, said you can tell how happy someone is, by the wrinkles on their face from smiling and laughing.  That just made me want to smile more...I don't care about my smile lines. I care about how my smile might brighten someone's day.

The most "can't keep your eyes off them", people, are the ones with "plus size" hearts, real life personalities, they love others more than themselves, they smile more, they don't go around saying rude and sarcastic things all the time. They are joys to be around, people miss them when they aren't in the room because they bring a sense of love and happiness, that lots of people lack now.

I've seen models and actresses that are very pretty..but only on the outside. Their attitude was awful, rude and selfish and their only beauty was seen with the eyes. Truly beautiful people's beauty can be felt in a dark room where you can't even see them, you can feel their beauty by the love they make you feel.

My most beautiful friends have:
the biggest hearts...
not the smallest size jeans
not the biggest size bra
not the fanciest handbag or shoes
but a kind smile, a way of making others feel special by caring, and laughing and enjoy life with others- no laughing and making fun OF others.

I hope today you feel less pressure to be thin, wish you had a different nose or teeth or skin, or wish you looked more like your favorite star...
because you can be the most beautiful person where ever you go...because it's your heart that is beautiful, not your "outside"...that is going to get old and wrinkly no matter what!

"The most beautiful people are the ones that make others feel beautiful, loved, and give smiles away easily!"

huge hugs, smiles, and your beauty is just waiting to shine to the world today, i love ya, kandee


Saturday, January 28, 2012

What We Wore: Stars and Bows

What in the yellow tile do we have on?
We'll tell ya!
I have on:
  • a black men's tank top from Hanes (got at Walmart)
  • Hot Coral Shirt- that I got at some random store on Melrose, I think- I got a black one too!
  • Mesh Chain Necklace doubled-up, that I got at Forever21, forever ago, so you know it's gone now!
  • black jelly bracelets from Hot Topic
  • same ol' mix match earrings
  • star scarf i got at Zara- it looks like the star print stuff from Dolce & Gabanna but no where near the price!
And baby is wear top and striped leggins - head to toe Target! ha ha ha I seriously think Target makes cutest baby clothes!

huge huge, striped, bows and stars, your kandee

"you are a star where ever you go, and the whole world is your red carpet- so go shine your twinkle today!"

Friday, January 27, 2012

Outfit Of The Day: Winter at the Beach

 With my cutest accessory, little Cupcake (not her real name..ha ha ha)..at the beach in Southern California...I just had to walk on the sand for just a few minutes. I didn't need to spend the day there, or even hours, just a few minutes to feel the sand under my feet, play with the sand in our hands, and take in how amazing and peaceful it is to watch the ocean and the waves.
 Plus, it was hot and about 95% of all the other females I saw were super tan and in bikinis...except for me and my pale, clothes self. ha ha ha But here's what I had on:
*black stretch skinny jeans
*long, loose black tank top (i think I got at Brass Plum- the younger women's department at Nordstom)
*belted with my super old black belt with silver rings, that I got a Ross like 80,000 years ago
*black fringe cuff I got at a costume/vintage store  on Melrose, I think it was American Vintage
*black jelly bracelets, my watch and my huge turquoise rock ring that I just got at a store in the mall that was going out of business
*and my chain necklace, I made like 10 years ago out of some scrap piece of chain I got somewhere
*beach essential sandal- I love Havaiana flip-flops in purple for a pop of color
 I love palm trees
 And my make-up of the day was:
~nude pink mouth with pink shimmer eye shadow dabbed on the center of the lips
~grey-blue smokey eye - that I watched this smokey eye TUTORIAL to remember how I did it! ha ha

I really miss living by the beach...and I enjoyed every single second  we got to stand on the beach! Even if it was only for 5 minutes!

wishing we could all be sitting on the beach together today, typing this not near the sand...(ha ha ha)...
your kandee

PS. what's your favorite color flip flop and winter fun toe nail color!?!
I went with a "neon kelly green-turquoise"!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Valentine's Day House Make-Over

 Since my house has looked so boring to me, since I packed up all my Christmas dazzlings...I had to hurry and do Valentine's Day decorating....I have turned my couch into and offical "love seat" with these giant heart pillows (which I got at Target).
 I also go this cute heart wreath in the bargain bins at Target, I think it was like $2.50 or something!
and last but not least....I got a package of foam hearts from the dollar bin, looped some tape to one side and stuck them in the windows! And it's insta-cute!

The only thing missing is my white Christmas tree, which I used to be my "Valentine's Tree":
I got pink and red paper doilies at the Dollar Store and placed them all over the tree and wrapped glittery pink ribbon around the tree.

And that is how you and some "love" to your house!

try to show more love to everyone around you...and watch a true "love make-over" happen in your day!

hugs ans soooo much love, your kandee

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How I Fly with a Make-Up Kit

People always ask me:
How do you travel with your make-up when you fly?

ANSWER: I buy my make-up kit a ticket so it can sit in a seat like this? 
ha ha ha ha

But I thought this picture was hilarious!

I always travel anywhere with my make-up kit in one of my ZUCA BAGS, and this zebra and pink one is my favorite, the wheels even light up when it rolls!
Well, the last time I travelled with my kit, I just drove...and that's when I use my zebra zuca, which is the ZUCA SPORT.
The ZUCA SPORT, has fun prints and colors you can pick- and it's a little smaller, the wheel are on the side (which usually doesn't fit in overhead compartments on planes), and my favorite- THE WHEELS LIGHT UP and people are amazed!

When I fly, I usually remember to take my ZUCA PRO. This more, plain looking black one. 
It's taller, slimmer, the wheels are tucked inside, and it has fit in pretty much every overhead compartment on any airline I've ever flown.
The PRO ZUCA is great, it has compartments for everything and I can always fit some extra essentials that I might need.
Plus, my favorite is, when you're in the airport, or on set, or anywhere, you can sit or have your client sit on it as a chair (it's designed to hold up to 250 or 300lbs I think!)

So, back to my story...I forgot to switch the compartments from my Zuca Zebra bag into my PRO bag to fly....
My Zebra one (with the extra wide wheels, but oh so much cuter than the plain black one), as usual didn't fit into the overhead compartment. The stewardess said she could check it in with the other bags..to WHICH I said, OHHHH NOOOO- "I've got a lot fragile palettes in there! That's why I bring her with me on the plane!
The airline stewardess said I could just buckle it into an empty seat! And them you have the picture above which cracked me up!

So if you are a make-up artist and need a kit bag to fly with, or if you want to travel with a cool suitcase (these are designed for everything from ice skaters, to dancers, to school bags, to just suitcases)...these bags are amazing. The wheel roll smoother than a Cadillac too!
suitcases full of hugs, your kandee

"the best, essential item to travel with anywhere, is a "go-with-the-flo" attitude, expect trouble in life or travel so it won't surprise you and extra smiles to give to everyone you see!"-
 especially an airline stewardess that says you can buckle your make-up kit in a seat! ha ha ha

PS. I travel with all my larger than they allow liquid bottles or containers, in ziplock bags, wrapped in bubble wrap in my check-in suitcase.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Super Bass- Base Coat That Is

Behind every great man, is a great woman....
And behind every good looking manicure is a base coat...
And just like Nicki Minaj sang...Super Bass...she could've sang about a SUPER BASS (base)  COAT of polish!

(yes, I know, I miss my yellow rose ring too, but alas most things plastic, eventually crack!)

So, I've known for years how it's essential to use a base coat before you polish, to smooth out ridges in your nails, prevent the nails from yellowing, to make the polish last longer, but I'm sure some of you, like me,  have been either:
a) out of base coat
b) didn't really think base coat was necessary
c) or didn't have time to paint on a base coat before polishing your nails turquoise

So the one reason that polishing my nails drives me cray cray, is that you take all the time to do, then day 2 your fingers look all trashy and chipped after you take a shower, wash dishes, or something.

Love your leopard nails..better make em' last with a base coat!

BUT, I just got my BASE COAT love revived. When I got to go the L'Oreal Beauty Suite, I got offered a manicure...and the manicurist was talking about how much she loved the L'Oreal  Colour Riche One Stop Base...
and I was A-to-the-May-Z'ed...when almost 6 days later I still had polish that didn't look all "90's grunge nails".

So I thought I'd round up some fo the most buzzed about base coats....que the Nicki Minaj...
What's the BEST BASE COAT for your nails?

L'oreal Colour Riche One Stop Base
Well, I went to Wallgreen's to find the L'Oreal One Stop Base- and they were sold out!

Sally Hansen Insta-Grip
They claim 30 seconds to lock on color!

CND Stickey Base Coat
This seems to be a fav and has won some "reader's choice" awards.

OPI Start To Finish -Formaldehyde Free Version

Natural Nail Base Coats:
ZOYA Anchor Base Coat
People say this works way better than the CND Stickey Base Coat- and I tried to buy this at Whole Foods and it was sold out too!

Sparitual Lacquer Lock Base Coat
I heard this stuff was pretty amazing! I've seen it at the beauty supply store. And I love, love, love their rubber handles. You'll never have the problem you do with OPI, where you can't get the cap off- you need to soak it, chisel it, brake a wrist..you get the ides- to get it open!

There's some others that I've tried, like the Seche Vite Base Coat...wasn't my favorite.

Let me know, what are your  favorite "super base" coats!

Just try it and watch how it makes the difference in your polish- it makes your nails look smooth, like fake nails- glossy, shiny and that polish will stick like super-glue!

Don't just cover your bases...cover your nails with base coat! ha ha ha

Wanna See my tutorial for the leopard print nails? I love these!

super nails and super base.... your kandee


Monday, January 23, 2012

2-in-1 Video: Tips on Making Tutorials and a Red Carpet Look

This is the first time I've ever made a video about "How to Make Tutorials" AND a make-up look!
I wanted to answer some of my most asked: "How do you make tutorials on Youtube" questions from cameras to lighting to how I set up my make-up table!

And I will be showing you this classic, glam, make-up look! This gorgeous look- a red glossy mouth, nude eye with a little contouring and a heavy black liner...has been a hit on some of your favorite celebs like:

  • Taylor Swift
  • Gwen Stefani
  • Hayden Panettiere
  • Kate Winslet
  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Demi Lovato
  • Selena Gomez
  • Christina Aguilera 
  • Rihanna
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Angelina Jolie and so many!
Plus, I wanted to do this video to help out anyone that is entering the BE THE NEXT BEAUTY GURU contest on Youtube, on the Destination Beauty Channel! Click her for all the juicy details and ruley rule rules: www.youtube.com/destinationbeauty (I think the contest ends, the end of February!)

So sit back, and come hang out with me as I give you my tips and basics for "How to Do Beauty Tutorials" on Youtube and how to get this look!
I'll put links to all the stuff I used in the video below too!

*plus, comment below if you'd like to see a tutorial for the hair I did in this video too!

Here'a a list of all the make-up I used (you can use whatever looks similar to the color that you have!)

bargain beauty option:

big bang for your big bucks option:




L'Oreal Infallible 24 Hour Eyeshadow in:
Endless Pearl - nude beige
Eternal Sunshine - gold shimmer
Perpetual Purple - deep purple with a micro-sheen
Bronzed Taupe - a bronze-taupe-beautiful color


any black eyeliner - I used Smolder from MAC


Cream Blush in warm pink:




Hope you guys had fun watching this and maybe learned a new tip or two! Huge Hugs and may red lipstick never get stuck on your teeth! ...your kandee

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Favorites of the Week!

What's that time?!? It's time for the Sunday wrap up...
bringing you "awesome" random pictures from my iphone, like the one below....
Nothing like surprise pictures you took that you didn't know about...almost as awesome as recording a video when you put your phone in your purse! 

It's now how many times a day you feel like giving up, it's how many times you say, I'm gonna keep going- and count all the blessing in your life, and keep marching on with a smile and thankfulness for being able to breathe!

FAVORITE QUESTION OF THE WEEK (on my facebook page):
What is on your nightstand?
This is so fun, and I had no idea how much you could learn about a person by asking this question! I loved reading all your answers!
Feel free to answer below too!

AND here is the one video I uploaded this week, It was my video about my whole Golden Globe weekend, and some fun things that you may not have ever known about those fancy award shows- like the fancy treatment in the bathrooms!

I was going to upload my "red carpet make-up look" video...and somehow, I've never done this before, but I accidentally deleted the whole file I edited, even the prject file in imovie got deleted! So I had to edit it again...which I can only do at night, so I was up til 4am last night, and well, now it's 1:55am and I just finished it! ha ha ha It will be up monday, I think!
I think it came out better the second time, anyway! ha ha ha

HUGE HUGS and bathrooms full of make-up artists to touch up your make-up...wouldn't that be great if they were in every bathroom?..ha ha ha ha


Saturday, January 21, 2012

3 Beauty Products With Bonus Uses: Make-Up MacGyver

Get ready to MacGyver your beauty goodies....
This just may be the only time we like hearing the words: TWO-TIMER!
Here's a few extra uses for your beauty products that you may not have thought of. So the next time your traveling and have forgotten your eye cream or blush, here's what to do:

1. Lip Balm-
You can use this as an eye cream, on your cuticles to keep them soft, smooth a stray un-controllable hair, even your eyebrows and as an emergency ultra-moisturizer to soften the tough skin on your heels, elbows or knees!

2. Body Butter Or Body Lotion-
Forgot your fav hair smoothing cream on a trip or a date...apply a little lotion to your unruly strands, in a pinch.

3. Baby Powder- 
I only suggest a Talc-free powder like Baby Bee from Burt's Bees...
Besides just dusting inside your shoes for a blister free day, you can sprinkle some in the palm of your hands, and apply it to the roots of your hair with your fingertips, to absorb excess oil and give you a volumizing boost to your hair. Also, if you're out of face powder, a dusting of an organic or talc-free baby powder can be a great way to knock the shine right out of any oily spots on your face- it acts as a great translucent powder!

Let me know if you guys like the Make-Up MacGyver ideas?!?  I've got more fun uses for beauty goodies!

Here's to getting more bang for your beauty bucks....
huge hugs, your kandee


Friday, January 20, 2012


(ok, this is not a picture from my very first video, but it is from my very first video where you see my face!)
Aww man, I forget to check for the right date, but 3 years ago this month I uploaded my very first video to Youtube. (I actually had been writing my blog before I started on Youtube)....
But January 15th, 2009 I uploaded my first video on Youtube, I don't even think you see my face, and I was sick, my voice sounded all "sicky". It was called "How to Clean Your Make-Up Brushes"...
and yes, I just double-checked- you DO NOT SEE my face at all! ha ha ha

And for everyone that knows my voice by now, you can hear it sounds like "kandee has a cold"...ha ha ha

It's blurry.
You don't see my face.
This was the first video I ever edited.
The first time I every really used a "real" video camera.
And the very first video ever on Youtube!.
Enjoy...ha ha ha

3 years and 326 videos later...I kinda have a cold today too (to celebrate! ha ha ha)

I am so amazed at all the precious people that have watched my videos from all over the world...I never thought that when I filmed that video on how to clean make-up brushes, with my squeaky old camera that no one bought at my grandparents garage sale- so they gave it to me.....
that 3 years later I would still be making videos or that so many people would even watch them.

I am truly honored to know that people have liked watching my lil' videos! And that most importantly, I have been blessed with the opportunity to encourage and inspire people...more than any silly make-up tip or trick, or how to cut up a t-shirt or bake a cupcake...
that I can fill your heart with a moment of joy or happiness is the most rewarding part....
a huge thank you to everyone who's watched me from my very first video to any of you who may have just watched a video of me today.....
I love you all...and you guys and your comments are the reason...that 3 years later, I am still making videos for you all!

I love you...and it has been my humble desire...to be a servant of joy and happiness and inspiration to each one of you....I pray that you can feel my hugs and love through the computer,
huge hugs and love, your kandee


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Golden Globe Video & Blurry Pictures of Celebrities

(more blurry pictures below...ha ha ha)
So, I thought it would be fun to make a "Golden Globe Weekend" wrap up video-vlog and tell you guys about it a little more than just a blog post on here! I really feel like I  took you all in my heart. And I tried to take pictures to show you all the things that made it feel fancy!

I forgot to mention all the stars that I got blurry, horrible pictures of! ha ha ha

So here's my "VIDEO WRAP UP"....look below for some other "blur-tastic" photos I forgot to include in the video!  Get comfy for a second and come hang out with me, just click the little arrow to

I forgot I saw Charlize Theron when I was leaving the HBO & L'Oreal Beauty Suite...with a bright lip color and yellow flowy dress.

Here's some of the super blurry pictures I got:
Blurry, Chris Colfer from Glee
 Blurry, Lauren conrad, with Kim Kardashian in the background.
 Look how tiny Kim Kardash is, she's like a little doll.
 And my blurry, picture of her. She still looks pretty, I think.
 Blurry, Claire Danes, and I just watched some of, Brokedown Palace last night on tv!
 Blurry Kelsey Grammer, who won a Golden Globe, also announced he and his wife, Kayte (in the orange dress) were expecting twins.
 Blurry, Kathy Griffin in a pretty purple dress.
And a semi-blurry picture of the back of Tilda Swinton.

I was exciting for the girls I was with, that got their picture with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. My phone had not one picture of either of them, but I honestly think, Brad Pitt, is the one person that I would be a little nervous to ask about taking a picture with! Probably just because I've thought he's so cute, for years. They said he was really nice.

And I saw Kendra Wilkinson and Brad Goreski (from It's a Brad, Brad World), but they were getting mobbed by people!

Hope you likey the video! Huge hugs and I would truly be more honored to meet any one of you, than any celebrity there! Celebrities are just people that many people know their face and name, but your hearts mean more to me than a well known name or face. I love you.

"fame is fleeting, names get forgotten, but a person that has touched your heart will never fade away"

huge hugs, and  where ever you are today, I  am imagining a red carpet under your feet, your kandee


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My New Fragrance LOVE! (but still keeping my old love)

I have tried a million different perfumes.....
but I always go back to my "signature fragrance", that I've worn for about 10 years! Because it smells....A-to-the-May-Zing! My SUD PACIFIQUE Vanilla Extreme perfume!
It smells like a vanilla cake, and I always get 28 billion compliments (I just made that number up, but I do get a lot) when I wear it!

However, after a talk with my Vanilla Extreme, about how I will never replace her, I will always wear her first, I will just spray some extra spritzy-ness of the new gal on...she said ok. (And for all those that literally think I talk to my perfumes, it was just to be interesting...I really don't think my perfume has a brain.)

I NEVER like perfumes on me. I always think they:
*smell to musky
*smell too spicy
*smells to sickeningly sweet
*end result, I never find perfumes I like....so when I found this one, I was like "hey, it's not too powdery, too sweet, too floral, too this or that"...it's amazing.

It is by Costume National in SCENT GLOSS, it's light, fresh, slightly floral, orchid note but with hints of warmth so it isn't super sweet.

I spray the Vanilla Extreme, as usual on the back of neck and inner wrists. Then I spray the Scent Gloss on my clothes, or give an other spray to the sides of my neck...and sometimes I'll even spray it in my hair.

If you're looking for a good suggestion to tell anyone looking to buy you a Valentin's gift, this may a good one to add!

huge love and pretty bottles of perfume, your kandee


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Top 3 Tips from Celebrity Hairstylist: Johnny Lavoy

This was the awesome creation that celebrity hairstylist and hair expert for L'Oreal Paris, Johnny Lavoy, styled up with my ultra-thin hair when I gave him full creative control! I loved it and got so many compliments all night! (I wish he could do my hair all the time!)

So, while he was shaping and pinning my hair, which he did super fast and with hardly any hair pins!)...I asked him a few of his top tips for hair. So here they are:

#1. Always put in some sort of product, especially a root lift, like what he sprayed in my hair:
EverStyle Volume Root Lifting Spray, he sprayed it in my dry hair, and said it's great because there's no drying alcohol in it like most root lift sprays. (It's paraben-free, and 100% vegan)

#2. If you have curly hair, don't disturb the curl while it dries.
That is, don't scrunch it, smash it, fluff it, separate it while it's wet. He set to let it dry using a diffuser, then add your products and style once the curls have set in their natural curl shape.

#3. EVERYONE, no matter what their hair type, thin, oily, frizzy, thick, dry, must do a conditioning treatment in their hair once a week.
Johnny said this is the one thing people NEED to do. He recommended the EVER SLEEK Sulfate-Free Smoothing Deep Conditioner. He said 1-2 times a week and watch how different you're hair will be!

Reasons why I love Johnny:
Johnny made my hair look amazing in just a few minutes.
I found out he has some killer Michael Jackson dance moves.
And he had a really great blue steel face for pictures:
hope these tips help make your hair extra "love vs just love/hate with your hair"....
huge hugs and wishing Johnny was doing my hair today, your kandee


Monday, January 16, 2012

Kim Kardashian, The Golden Globes and Getting Ready...

So here was my final look....I hair pinned a brooch in my hair....but this is how I started....
 MORNING: I got to get m hair done by Stella Kae at the  L'Oreal Paris Beauty suite...we talked about being moms, hairstyles, and doing make-up...and she gave me a fun 40's inspired hair do.
I did my own make-up- bold hot-red-pink mouth, shimmery eye, heavy crease shading, and black gel liner and some demi-lashes. (I even filmed a tutorial of it while I put it on!)...I didn't end up liking the earrings I had though....

Now, half the time I couldn't get my camera ready fast enough to take pictures, or people would walk right in the way...or I was just too close that it would be embarrassing to take a picture...I wanted to tweet a picture of Paris Hilton, but since her sister was sitting next to me and she was about 1 inch from me, it felt a little too close! ha ha ha

Lots of either nude mouth and eyes, or black liner with and without wings and a bold red mouth.
The usual dose of smokey eyes, but mostly the nude look or bold lips and black liner.

75% of my pictures came out blurry or horrible and I got some really awesome pictures of eveyrone from behind...ha ha ha
My best pictures were of Kim Kardashian...who had beautiful make-up....and was also awkwardly close, but I took a picture anyway....(yes, all pictures were taken by me, pretty good eh!?! ha ha ha)
Her make-up was beautiful. Gold shimmery eyes, thick black eyeliner, lots of lashes and a red mouth to match her earrings.
Kim talking to the people from E!, but you can see more of her dress.
The back of Emma Stone (from The Help), Lanvin dress....

 my speeding picture of Claire Danes....

Lauren Conrad and her traditional side braided hair and black winged eyeliner.
Missi Pyle in her yellow-ish dress, and a bold mouth!

Me and Johnny Lavoy, celebrity hair stylist and L'Oreal hair expert, on the "blue" carpet at the InStyle and Warner Bros After Party....
(I had vintage earrings and bracelet that I got for Christmas, rhinestone handbag from Imoshion), I didn't even get any good pictures of my whole outfit, oh well!
 Matthew Lanter (from 90210) and his stunningly beautiful girlfriend who stopped me to tell me she loves my videos and get pictures! She was such a doll and totally made my night! She was such a sweetheart and so beautiful!
Seth Rogan
Me and celebrity hair stylist, Johnny Lavoy, who not only has amazing hair skills, but he had some amazing dance moves too!

I could have a huge list of all the people I saw but couldn't get a pictures of...ha ha ha ha
Here was the Godiva Chocolate Bar...which I visited a few times....hee hee hee
The best part was in the bathroom, they had vases full of L'Oreal lipglosses, mascara, eyeliners..everything for people to take. And 2 make-up artists that would touch up everyone's make-up for you!
And then you walked out of the bathroom 2 ladies would ask for you shoe size and and ask if you wanted a gold or black pair of "Rollasole" ballerina flats to wear home instead of your painful heels and it came with a free lipstick too! Great idea!
At the end of the night they were already rolling up the red carpet...Brad Goreski was busy taking pictures with tons of people.
And me, right before I washed my face...with my up-do' undone and free of all painful hair pins...ahhhhhh

I hope it felt like you got to go with me....because that's the only reason I was trying to take so many pictures!
huge hugs...the fanciest people I've ever met, have been you guys...and there wasn't any colored carpets around.....your kandee

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